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By leopoldij at 07,Jul,20 18:46
I see, thanks.

By leopoldij at 07,Jul,20 15:51

By leopoldij at 07,Jul,20 15:43
Muchas gracias.

By leopoldij at 07,Jul,20 14:01
That's interesting. I certainly knew that the Harsh of Early Delights is in the Museo del Prado but I had no idea that they were all public. What were you trying to say in your last sentence? It's not complete...

By leopoldij at 06,Jul,20 18:19
Hieronymus Bosch is a famous painter. His most known work is only registered users can see external links The Garden of Earthly Delights. Very bizarre.

I'm sorry I thought you were angry. It was a reasonable deduction based on your response. Buy I apologise if I didn't understand that you were not angry.

By leopoldij at 06,Jul,20 06:35
Hi Sven, am I wrong that this is a painting by Hieronymus Bosch? Maybe it isn't and that's what's made this Scorps angry? I'm confused.

By leopoldij at 05,Jul,20 20:40
Masterbating I can do without. But masturbating and having sex I can't.

By leopoldij at 05,Jul,20 13:02
I think we need your input on music, maybe, once in a while, you can be suggesting something from your musical repertoire. Because your taste is diverse, ranging from pure fun to sophisticated.
You're like a good bookstore that brings quality books and not just dumps the whole Amazon catalog to you.

Suggestions please, suggestions.

By leopoldij at 05,Jul,20 13:00
This is wonderful!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing it out!

By leopoldij at 05,Jul,20 12:57
Hieronymus Bosch?

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 13:47
Is there anything equivalent?

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 10:41
I've met up with women through craigslist for discrete sexual encounter. But that was in the past before craigslist was made illegal.

Does anyone know if there's anything equivalent now? Please let me know.

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 10:06
All the time.

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 10:06
Yes, frequently.

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 10:04

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 09:39

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,20 09:36
As far as I'm concerned, Corona virus affects only humans or animals. But trump is neither. He's just a stone.

By leopoldij at 28,Jun,20 14:04
Donald president Trump retweeted a video showing one of his supporters loudly shouting "white power". But his spokesperson said that the presidente did not hear the "white power". And he deleted the video. So no harm done, stop arguing about it. It's all nice and cool.

By leopoldij at 25,Jun,20 16:45
I love it. Here's the proof

By leopoldij at 24,Jun,20 13:41
I've never fucked a pumped up pussy. I'm sad.

By leopoldij at 24,Jun,20 13:41
More pics please

By leopoldij at 14,Jun,20 22:53
I just did.

By leopoldij at 13,Jun,20 06:33
How old were you when this happened?

By leopoldij at 13,Jun,20 06:30
Chipotle pepper sauce works better.
Add a couple of Tabasco drops for an extra kick.

By leopoldij at 12,Jun,20 12:06
Even imbeciles, like dubbya, look geniuses these days.
It's all relative.
If, for example, if you get a president who defecates in public (and it's possible-everything is possible when the society collapses--see, e.g., Rome), you'll be glad that trump wasn't doing that.

By leopoldij at 12,Jun,20 07:28
That's president Trump's decision. He's the president. Therefore he knows best. He's the Law and Order of the country. He follows the bible. Maybe the bible told him who to invite. People got to trust him because he's the Presidente, he's the Law, he's the Bible

By leopoldij at 12,Jun,20 06:21
Trump isn't racist. He isn't against blacks. He's just pro-white. This is what the modern motto of KKK is.

By leopoldij at 10,Jun,20 03:13
I knew, I knew it would happen. How dare I, post boobs on a sex site, in the middle of a political discussion? Please do not report me to bella please. I implore you, execute me yourself, not bella, I'll be having nightmares for eternity.

By leopoldij at 09,Jun,20 13:47
My Asian fuck buddy a few years ago.

By leopoldij at 09,Jun,20 09:41
This is a great pic too!

By leopoldij at 09,Jun,20 09:33
Probably not.
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Here's your answer:

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In fact, even sexual orientation can be different:

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By leopoldij at 09,Jun,20 09:31
Too much politics, very little naughtiness in here.
Let me correct that.

(OK, shoot me now...)

By leopoldij at 08,Jun,20 13:30
btw, kat looks great! nice to have fuck buddy.

By leopoldij at 08,Jun,20 13:30
be able to convince every woman i fancy to fuck me right there and then

By leopoldij at 07,Jun,20 20:29
I love it!
Please post more!

By leopoldij at 07,Jun,20 20:08
Wish you'd invite me over. You could suck my cock and he could watch.

By leopoldij at 01,Jun,20 19:17
Some men hide them in their ass. Women have an extra hole to hide them in.

By leopoldij at 01,Jun,20 19:16
You get some help from a friend

By leopoldij at 01,Jun,20 19:07
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

By leopoldij at 30,May,20 15:22
He calls everyone who doesn't agree with him a Nazi. He claims that Israel is the greatest nation in the world and when you ask him what about Palestinians he calls you a jew hater and puts up an Israeli flag. He's not well. I've blacklisted him. He's here to spread hatred. And he's friends with all the usual trolls.

By leopoldij at 28,May,20 18:40

By leopoldij at 23,May,20 01:00
I wouldn't expect her to be, knowing her attitude towards sex....

By leopoldij at 22,May,20 22:01
Big big big
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By leopoldij at 22,May,20 22:00
Turn on!!

By leopoldij at 22,May,20 21:59
You should ask her to watch you

By leopoldij at 22,May,20 21:57
I just did that.

By leopoldij at 22,May,20 21:53
He's a total troll. I blocked him long ago.

By leopoldij at 21,May,20 16:49
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Cover of a sex book from 1677
"The School of Venus, or The Ladies Delight, Reduced into Rules of Practice"
by Michel Millot (French), translated into English soon thereafter (1680).
The 166-page manual aimed to elucidate the "this mysterie of fucking", and was so startlingly graphic
It was known to the Member of Parliament, Samuel Pepys only registered users can see external links who used it for his sexual pleasure. Pepys used to bring a telescope in the church to observe women's boobs and buttocks.
School Of Venus has been digitized by Google Books. You may enjoy it here: only registered users can see external links

FRANK: I must use the very words without Mincing, Cunt, Arse, Bollocks, &c.

KATY: I am contented.

FRANK: Then let me tell you, the Thing with which a Man Pisseth, is sometimes call'd a Prick, sometimes a Tarse, sometimes a Mans Yard, and other innumerable Names, it bangs down from the bottom of their Bellys like a Cows Teat, but much longer, and is about the place where the Slit of our Cunt is through which we Piss.

KATY: Oh strange!
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Here is one of the drawings of this 3-and-a-half-centuries old book:

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The woman is pleasing herself by sticking a wooden dildo in her cunt, pushing it in with her foot. See how big her cunt lips are. It also appears that she's shaved down there, something unusual in the past.

By leopoldij at 21,May,20 16:33
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Cover of a book containing poetry by Paul Verlaine.
Here is the first one, from 1890;
the rest can be found here only registered users can see external links

Je veux m’abstraire vers vos cuisses et vos fesses,
Putains, du seul vrai Dieu seules prêtresses vraies,
Beautés mûres ou non, novices et professes,
Ô ne vivre plus qu’en vos fentes et vos raies !

Vos pieds sont merveilleux, qui ne sont qu’à l’amant,
Ne reviennent qu’avec l’amant, n’ont de répit
Qu’au lit pendant l’amour, puis flattent gentiment
Ceux de l’amant qui las et soufflant se tapit.

Pressés, fleurés, baisés, léchés depuis les plantes
Jusqu’aux orteils sucés les uns après les autres,
Jusqu’aux chevilles, jusqu’aux lacs des veines lentes,
Pieds plus beaux que des pieds de héros et d’apôtres !

J’aime fort votre bouche et ses jeux gracieux,
Ceux de la langue et des lèvres et ceux des dents
Mordillant notre langue et parfois même mieux,
Truc presque aussi gentil que de mettre dedans ;

Et vos seins, double mont d’orgueil et de luxure
Entre quels mon orgueil viril parfois se guinde
Pour s’y gonfler à l’aise et s’y frotter la hure :
Tel un sanglier ès-vaux du Parnasse et du Pinde.

Vos bras, j’adore aussi vos bras si beaux, si blancs,
Tendres et durs, dodus, nerveux quand faut et beaux
Et blancs comme vos culs et presque aussi troublants,
Chauds dans l’amour, après frais comme des tombeaux.

Et les mains au bout de ces bras, que je les gobe !
La caresse et la paresse les ont bénies,
Rameneuses du gland transi qui se dérobe,
Branleuses aux sollicitudes infinies !

Mais quoi ? Tout ce n’est rien, Putains, aux prix de vos
Culs et cons dont la vue et le goût et l’odeur
Et le toucher font des élus de vos dévots,
Tabernacles et Saints des Saints de l’impudeur.

C’est pourquoi, mes sœurs, vers vos cuisses et vos fesses
Je veux m’abstraire tout, seules compagnes vraies,
Beautés mûres ou non, novices ou professes,
Et ne vivre plus qu’en vos fentes et vos raies.

By leopoldij at 20,May,20 17:46
It's 100% clear. If you don't have sex you'll end up being grumpy and that's not good
for either you. If you have sex you'll be cheating but you'll have solved your mood problem. You weigh the two alternatives, you choose the most sustainable one. That it's, the second alternative.