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Bikini briefs

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I always wear men's underwear made of nylon and spandex. Not only very comfortable, but they feel sexy as well. I can always feel my ass wiggling in them!

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I was sent this and found it a huge turn on. I got instantly hard knowing someone masturbated over my pic!

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Thank You!

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. I do too

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I like viewing cocks because I like pictures of naked people. People of both sexes.The human body is a beautiful thing.

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I was so young I don't remember. It's something I've always done. At one point I was so young I honestly didn't know everyone else's dick got hard too.

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I've always enjoyed it. In school locker rooms and showers I'd always get hard and nowadays at the doctor's. I think it's quite hot! Sometimes it could be a bit embarrassing, but that only seems to turn me on more.

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Yes I do. Mainly because of the idea other people might be too. It's a massive turn on. Especially hot comments.

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I love having my nipples played with. They're very sensitive. Touch them and I get an instant hard on. They always get hard by themselves when I'm turned on!

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Johnny Cash, Cold Lonesome Morning

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One of these cold lonesome mornings you're gonna kill me
I'm gonna lay there and I'm gonna die
You will soon give me pain enough to fill me
Cause I'm gone past doin' any good to cry
And the warm sunshine is like a stranger there's a cruel violation with the dawn
Lord my pain can't stand illumination
And one of these cold lonesome mornings I'll be gone
[ harmonica ]
One of these cold lonesome mornings dark and early
Before a wild bird sings I'm gonna fly
While it's still dark and I'm still reachin' for you I'll wake up and I can't cry
But I know my heart can't stand another tremor
How it's holding together I don't know
But just before the dawning's first glimmer
One of these cold lonesome mornings I'm gonna go

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Thank You