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In the minority as 'cut or 'uncut' 28,Nov,19 11:09


By new2day at 02,Jun,20 08:38
Hanging out naked at home

By new2day at 02,Jun,20 07:28
Spending a lot more time naked during lockdown, especially while it's warm weather. I just slip on shirt/shorts/shoes when I need to go shopping.

Naked while I'm typing this

By new2day at 02,Jun,20 07:26
I used to worry, but there's no point as you can't really do much about it. Most men are in the same boat, we shrivel up when cold, anxious, tired etc so why care? I go to nude beaches and clubs, seen all shapes and sizes, mostly quite average.

I took a pic of myself after leaving a nude beach and walking through woods, that's how I look often

By new2day at 02,Jun,20 07:20

By new2day at 30,May,20 11:59
Recent pic looking down

By new2day at 30,May,20 11:55
I'm a medium, or average size, a little under 6 inches in length although I am also quite thick.

By new2day at 19,Apr,20 08:55

By new2day at 19,Apr,20 08:54

By new2day at 18,Apr,20 13:11
Found a selfie of me walking in the woods, it was cool in there lol.

By new2day at 18,Apr,20 08:38
Commando mostly at the moment, naked when it's warmer. Best way to stay cool and comfortable.

By new2day at 15,Apr,20 06:44

By new2day at 14,Apr,20 05:14
Spring shave

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 10:59
I usually keep a pair of shorts handy to slip into. I did run downstairs once in boxer shorts to answer door to a female friend... didn't realise that my cock head had slipped out of the slit at the front.

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 10:55
I've always loved being naked when I can. Love to go to nude beaches and clubs in summertime. Warm weather is returning finally, so I'm naked right now at home.

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 10:51
Hanging low in the sunshine

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 10:50
Not every morning now that I'm older, but usually 4 or 5 days a week. Annoying when you wake and need to pee!

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 10:30
Old school exhibitionism!

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 10:29

By new2day at 13,Apr,20 08:49

By new2day at 15,Mar,20 17:52
I agree, open showers are the norm at naturist clubs and nobody bats an eye, it's just so normal in that environment. I've often showered next to male, female, young & old. Used to be same in male changing rooms/showers, kind of miss that feeling of freedom and being uninhibited.

By new2day at 12,Mar,20 11:57
I'd say 3 for length, 4 for girth

By new2day at 07,Mar,20 15:20
Always nice to get morning wood

By new2day at 04,Mar,20 09:05
As a teen, just turning a teen at school I was one of the youngest in the class, and at that age, every month seemed to count! So I avoided post gym showers and went straight home since it was always the final class of the day.

College and uni days, never had any issues, it was common to share gang style showers with friends and strangers alike. My previous workplace gave subsidised gym membership, so I saw many friends and work colleagues naked, and them me of course.

Looking back it was entirely natural to strip off and shower, wouldn't bother wrapping a towel around myself to/from the showers either. These days its all shyness and shower cubicles, too many grow up being ashamed of their bodies.

By new2day at 21,Feb,20 12:30

By new2day at 16,Feb,20 07:39
Haven't there been a number of televangelists caught in compromising positions? Not exactly practicing what they preach.

By new2day at 16,Feb,20 07:29

By new2day at 15,Feb,20 14:46
Sadly this old wives tale isn't true sob... Size 11 feet, just under 6" hard

By new2day at 13,Feb,20 09:43
Not a movie, Band of Brothers

2nd Lt. George Rice:
Looks like you guys are going to be surrounded.

Richard Winters:
We're paratroopers, Lieutenant. We're supposed to be surrounded.

By new2day at 13,Feb,20 07:37
I like to trim for most of the time, I tend to sweat heavily when exercising (running, cycling, gym) so a low maintenance cut with beard trimmers once a week does the job.

This is the most hair I have in winter

Like this after a trim

By new2day at 12,Feb,20 10:41
I prefer to be trimmed or smooth in summer, sometimes I'm a bit more hairy in winter

By new2day at 10,Feb,20 10:39
Most changing rooms have private shower cubicles now, so its rare to see anyone naked, at least that's my experience over the past decade or so. About 20 years ago my regular gym had gang showers, so it was common to see people wander about naked.

I quite enjoy the freedom, so I'm happy to be naked and use the showers, but often find myself conforming to the masses and covering up with a towel.

By new2day at 10,Feb,20 10:34
Recent pic

By new2day at 09,Feb,20 06:58
Sometimes you just got to let it out

By new2day at 06,Feb,20 13:49
I'm a little under

By new2day at 05,Feb,20 11:47
Great pic, very nice pussy

By new2day at 05,Feb,20 11:47
Depends how you arrange your penis in your speedos lol. Facing forward the glans corona is quite prominent for me. I didn't realise that regular exposue to chlorinated water seems to make the fabric a little more translucent.

By new2day at 04,Feb,20 19:47
If its cold, I'm nervous or after exercise I get extreme shrinkage. This is the only pic I have here, but I do get even smaller and more wrinkly

By new2day at 04,Feb,20 08:52
Side view

By new2day at 04,Feb,20 08:51
I didn't have the choice, but I'd say leave well alone if everything is working fine, you look fine uncut. I'm happy with how mine looks, and I've had several compliments.

By new2day at 04,Feb,20 08:47
It depends on what type of swimming... if it's a water park or pool with slides etc, then a lot choose to wear swim shorts. I used to wear speedos when I used to swim a few miles each week as they are just more comfortable.

Used to go regularly with a female friend, we were chatting while showering and I'd commented that her swimsuit was a little see through when wet, and she said speedos don't hide much either, she could see I was was circumcised.

By new2day at 11,Jan,20 13:40
Took this pic when I got out of a warm bed, so hanging nicely

By new2day at 05,Jan,20 13:48
Good looking thick cock

By new2day at 04,Jan,20 06:02
There is a weekly swim near the British Museum, although I haven't been for years.

By new2day at 04,Jan,20 06:01
Depends what I'm wearing and where my cock is pointing... One of my friends has pointed it out to me, we used to hang out after gym/sauna and said she could see outline through my shorts. She always has hard nips which often show through her clothing, so it came from a discussion about that.

By new2day at 03,Jan,20 14:49
I shave in summer, close trim in winter months to keep things neat. I prefer being smooth especially when going to nude beaches and clubs.

By new2day at 02,Jan,20 12:12
I've read this was commonplace at the YMCA for many years. In many ways it's the perfect and natural way to swim. Sadly we're heading back towards Victorian levels of prudeness and it doesn't happen anymore.

I've been to many swims where you are nude in the pool, naturist/nudist so it's both sexes. Being cicumcised in the UK is fairly uncommon, so I've seen both men and women taking a good look! Once you've swum nude, there's no going back to heavy, clingy swim suits.

By new2day at 02,Jan,20 12:08
Commando today, as most days. Wearing jeans so people can't see my glans pressing through.

By new2day at 01,Jan,20 20:00
It's making pubic lice go extinct

By new2day at 01,Jan,20 15:28
From the balls side, and yes, it's cold today

By new2day at 01,Jan,20 12:12
Most of my pics are top side or side on, this one shows the underside