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Shaved cock

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Started by horniperv at 17,Jun,16 14:17  other posts of horniperv
Just from the feed back I get I hear that girls prefer a guy with a shaved or at least well groomed package(def shave your balls guys). Most guys I have encountered seem to enjoy it too. Maybe its a generational thing (Im 46 and every girl I know thinks it gross), Idk. I myself prefer to be shaved and if I meet a guy to play around with I def prefer shaved. To each their own, Im just putting out the feed back.

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By Yando at 23,May,18 02:11 other posts of Yando 

By #555544 at 15,May,18 08:05

By ScottsCock at 04,May,18 23:28 other posts of ScottsCock 
By 3fdfd at 11,May,18 08:16 other posts of 3fdfd 
Yours is beautiful but I would love to see it hairy as well
By ScottsCock at 12,May,18 19:38 other posts of ScottsCock 
... there aren't any pictures of it hairy that I know of!

By lawrenceo at 15,May,18 02:42 other posts of lawrenceo 
That is a dream cock; a handful of lube and I would transport you to heaven

By lawrenceo at 15,May,18 02:42 other posts of lawrenceo 
I like my cock to be shaved but need someone to do it for me.

By Rob00 at 14,May,18 23:37 other posts of Rob00 
I do prefer a guy with a thick,neat bush,its great to sniff and bury ones face in Mmmm

By john3 at 14,May,18 22:41 other posts of john3 

By Ynottt at 12,May,18 09:29 other posts of Ynottt 
I love smooth dicks

By #551588 at 11,May,18 20:10

By #543348 at 11,May,18 07:44

By XXXKing808XXX at 10,May,18 18:50 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
As far as a women preference I wouldn't know and either way if they had a problem with it, it wouldn't make me want to shave either...I guess to each is own

By XXXKing808XXX at 10,May,18 18:49 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
I prefer either way...I love a smooth hairless pussy and then I love a full on bushy hairy pussy, to me it doesn't matter

By Smoothie71 at 10,May,18 12:09 other posts of Smoothie71 

Anyone like mine?

By ilovemydick at 04,May,18 23:36 other posts of ilovemydick 

By leatherman1963 at 03,May,18 18:30 other posts of leatherman1963 

My shaved cock and balls

By champstamp at 03,May,18 18:20 other posts of champstamp 
Here is mine.

By yellowman at 03,May,18 07:16 other posts of yellowman 
Mostly I'm shaved, much prefer it that way. I like men shaved too - actually I think women look better that way too....

By #553253 at 03,May,18 01:16

By pussyman at 25,Jun,16 02:18 other posts of pussyman 
Never have a problem getting blowjobs with my smooth cock. Girls and guys seem to love it smooth.

By aoneeyedmonster at 23,Jun,16 14:08 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 

By #506113 at 23,Jun,16 04:23

By CountryCouple54 at 22,Jun,16 11:55 other posts of CountryCouple54 

By jocstfr at 18,Jun,16 09:48 other posts of jocstfr 
I have noticed more and more guys either totally shaved or cut very trim in the past few years. I think its a fairly new trend

By #458505 at 18,Jun,16 07:30
my wife loves my cock shaved. i cant get rid of the red bums tho,ant suggestions??

By dura2000 at 17,Jun,16 15:15 other posts of dura2000 
I have been shaving my cock and balls for many years, have a look at my pics and let me know what you think.

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