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By HelmetHead at 22,Feb,20 07:13
Mine is 7 inches in length:

By HelmetHead at 22,Feb,20 06:57
Looks perfect! I've always wanted mine to point upward like that. Mine only points slightly upward.

By HelmetHead at 11,Feb,20 17:43
Here is my penis, when erect it is 7 inches long:

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This is the funnest club I've ever been in.

By HelmetHead at 11,Feb,20 17:21
In that measurement looks like 5.5 inches. If you did it more bone pressed would be more like 5.75 inches. Definitely close to 6 inches.

By HelmetHead at 11,Feb,20 17:17
Here is my erect penis:

By HelmetHead at 11,Feb,20 17:07

If it's not 7 inches, it is very close.

By HelmetHead at 11,Feb,20 16:57

Definitely a long version of the Knob, mostly because it is big and rounded at the tip.
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Mine is an example of a Helmet shape.

By HelmetHead at 11,Feb,20 16:53

I think your's is more of a combination of 3 types: standard, knob and bullet, but mostly knob.

By HelmetHead at 10,Feb,20 07:58
All 7 of your inches look great, especially the last 1.5 or so because of your foreskin.

By HelmetHead at 10,Feb,20 07:53
First thing you notice about your cock is how big it is, so I guess 10 for both. It is very impressive!

By HelmetHead at 10,Feb,20 07:48
Definitely big!

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 06:27
Not really true with me. I'm cut and like looking at uncut ones. Also mine is 7 inches but I like looking at 4 to 6 inch penises, have always be intrigued by smaller ones.

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 06:18
I really like mine. Mainly the head shape and the size of mine. If I had a foreskin I would love it.

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 06:11
Nice head on it and nice big balls!

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 04:07
Looks like it's around the average girth. Actually looks like a nice overall size.

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 03:33
I think would all like extra girth. 5 inch girth isn't considered thin, plus you have your 7 inch length. Actually makes it look even longer.

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 03:01

So thick!

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:35
Great looking penis. Nice size and appearance! Can't go wrong with 7 inches.

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:31
Your dick looks very thick, very impressive!

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:29
I seen that chart before and have always wondered if it is accurate. It says only 1% have 7 inches. Mine is 7 inches and it seems many more than 1% do

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:23
Mine is 7 inches long and 6.25 inches of girth. If you are having problems satisfying a girl, I don't think it would have anything to do with your size.

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:17
It's a very impressive size!

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:13
Here is my penis, it is a bit over 7 inches:

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:08
That shaft seems like it goes on forever! Simply amazing!

By HelmetHead at 04,Feb,20 17:02
Looks amazing! Would love to have a foreskin like yours. Like how it has full coverage over your head even when erect.

By HelmetHead at 28,Jan,20 21:50
Probably one of the most common sizes. It's fine!

By HelmetHead at 20,Dec,19 07:24
Incredible 7 incher.

By HelmetHead at 20,Dec,19 07:17
I'm thinking it's probably a bit bigger than average. The appearance is very nice.

By HelmetHead at 20,Dec,19 07:12
Looks big!

By HelmetHead at 16,Dec,19 17:46
Your cock is a definite 10. Mine is also 7 inches and feel very lucky but wouldn't mind it being longer, but 8 inches is very rare. The appearance of yours is excellent. I am so jealous of your foreskin and your balls.

By HelmetHead at 16,Dec,19 17:35
It's a nice looking penis. Short but not too short. Really nice girth and nice head shape.

By HelmetHead at 16,Dec,19 17:20
Has a very nice appearance and has nice size.

By HelmetHead at 16,Dec,19 08:08

All 6 inches look nice. Great looking head shape. Nice overall appearance.

By HelmetHead at 16,Dec,19 08:05
Dick has nice appearance, nice balls, nicely groomed.

And oh yeah, the size is impressive. I can tell it's bigger than average.