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By HelmetHead at 12,Oct,20 15:57

By HelmetHead at 08,Oct,20 00:41
I think mine is Helmet or maybe a mix of 1.Helmet and 5.Elongated Helmet.

By HelmetHead at 28,Sep,20 11:38
Your dick has an amazing appearance. Very jealous of your foreskin.

By HelmetHead at 28,Sep,20 11:30
I enjoyed watching you stroke it!

By HelmetHead at 16,Sep,20 07:11
Well Endowed but at the lower end for length. My girth is definitely well endowed:

By HelmetHead at 16,Sep,20 06:55
10 for the thickness and the amazing foreskin!

By HelmetHead at 16,Sep,20 06:51

It's a 10 from me. So thick and your foreskin is amazing!

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 05:34
I'd give it a 8 or 9 based on size and appearance.

Looks super thick!

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 05:27
Looks great trimmed natural.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 05:22
Looks huge!

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 05:21
Looks amazing!

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 05:18
Definitely looks long! It has a great appearance also.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 04:48
I agree, it does look mighty thick!

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 04:34
It's a great looking penis. Exactly the average size.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 03:29
Your dick's appearance is very nice. Size looks nice also. 6 or 7 out of 10. I always add one point for foreskins.
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By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 03:01
I agree, big mushroom heads give the appearance of a thinner shaft. Shaft is probable very normal.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 02:26
Here is my penises length:

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 02:17
Mine is about the same either way since I don't have extra body fat. Scientific studies use bone pressed method mainly for consistency.

This one is non-bone pressed by the way.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 02:12
The penis size studies that are on the internet all use the bone-pressed method for consistency, since some guys have extra fat.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 02:09
Here is a video of me measuring my girth:

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 02:07
I think 7 inches is the perfect length. Your size is very impressive and even though I am straight watching you play with your large penis makes mine stand straight up. Please show a girth measurement if you get a chance or send a private pic to me.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 01:42
I know you are already proud of it and I'm telling you that you have ever right to be proud. That is an amazing uncut penis, I am so jealous of your foreskin.

By HelmetHead at 14,Sep,20 01:30
That is truly an amazing dick! I'd say a 9 or 10 just because of the size, but it also has a great appearance for many reasons. Usually deduct a point for no foreskin, but yours is outstanding!

By HelmetHead at 10,Sep,20 06:58

At 5.5 inches around you definitely have a thick penis. Nice that it stays pretty thick even though it tapers. With a thicker penis it's good you have a foreskin, wish I had one

By HelmetHead at 10,Sep,20 06:47
Honestly, 3.5. Nice overall appearance, nice head, nice length and girth. No doubt it is above average.

By HelmetHead at 10,Sep,20 06:43

Great overall appearance, perfect head shape, nice length and girth, nice skin texture, nice balls.

I think most people would have this opinion or close to it.

By HelmetHead at 10,Sep,20 06:32

They now say average girth is 4.59 inches, but I rarely see one measured on here that amount. Seems like 5 inch girth are fairly plentiful. A 6 inch long penis that is 5.5 around starts looking really big.

By HelmetHead at 02,Sep,20 14:54
Mine is the same as yours mid-shaft 16 cm. Gets thicker at the base though. I'm pretty satisfied with the thickness of mine.

By HelmetHead at 02,Sep,20 14:51
Yours is thinner, I think in cm mine is 16 cm in girth.

By HelmetHead at 31,Aug,20 11:32
Good Example of the Helmet Shaped Penis Head

By HelmetHead at 29,Aug,20 15:26

By HelmetHead at 10,Aug,20 15:00
Very impressive size and outstanding overall appearance! Yours looks to be a little longer than mine, thinner, but that's what makes them unique. The videos of you playing with your big penis are very nicely done.

By HelmetHead at 10,Aug,20 14:53
Don't think superior is the right word, but it does make me feel good about mine and very lucky. That doesn't mean that I thing small ones look bad, many have a better appearance than mine just smaller.

By HelmetHead at 10,Aug,20 14:48
First impression is that your best attributes are your girth and your head shape. Other notables are the longer than average length, foreskin and outstanding overall appearance.

By HelmetHead at 24,Jul,20 14:46
So jealous of your amazing foreskin!

By HelmetHead at 24,Jul,20 14:37
Nice looking dick. When erect looks around average with nice thickness. Nice looking head.

By HelmetHead at 24,Jul,20 14:31
Nice large cock and foreskin is a bonus!

By HelmetHead at 24,Jul,20 14:26
I'd give it a 7, with pubic hair an 8. Just think it looks better if it matches legs and stomach. Your penis appearance is outstanding, nice large size, nice shaped head and like your circumcision(no scar) is better than mine.

By HelmetHead at 07,Jul,20 11:52
The 7 inch length is very nice and impressive. Great looking head and having a foreskin is always a plus. Don't know about what you mean by 1 1/3 girth. 2 inches wide makes sense and by the looks I'd say you have 5.5 to 6.0 girth. Just know this by mine and others that most 7 inch dicks are going to be more than 5 inches of girth. Very nice dick overall.

By HelmetHead at 06,Jul,20 14:28
It's got the best length of 7 inches. Erection angle and foreskin are major pluses. Your thickness is super impressive!

By HelmetHead at 23,Jun,20 06:02
Great looking uncut cock!

By HelmetHead at 22,May,20 03:46
I'd say average!

By HelmetHead at 22,May,20 03:44
They say most are between 4.5 and 6 so right there at the lower end.

By HelmetHead at 22,May,20 03:38
It sure is big, but you already knew that.

By HelmetHead at 22,May,20 03:36
Give it a 10. Long, thick and uncut! So jealous of foreskins. How big would you want it to be?

By HelmetHead at 22,May,20 03:12
It's long, thick, has perfect head shape and it has a foreskin. I must give it a 10. There are dicks bigger, but few looks as good.

By HelmetHead at 30,Apr,20 16:15
It's a nice dick. Probably around 6 or 7. Nice size and nothing noticeably wrong with it is at least a 6.

By HelmetHead at 30,Apr,20 16:10
Would have to rate it a 10. There is no substitute for thickness, period!!! The thickness of your penis is going to determine how much stimulation her clitoris gets.

By HelmetHead at 26,Apr,20 03:26
Great thickness and foreskin coverage!

By HelmetHead at 22,Feb,20 07:13
Mine is 7 inches in length: