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exes huge cock

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Started by #255905 at 02,May,12 18:28
my ex had a 10in superthick cock fucking her everyday for a year and now its me 7x5
she says its a perfect fit and i make her cum a least once everytime but i do wonder what she really thinks sometimes
i stick it in and sometimes just not much of a reaction
i have to start fucking her good and hard for her to start moaning and then she gets going
what does she really think?

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By cupar at 03,May,12 10:17 other posts of cupar 
Cock size means little if its just pushed in and bang away till you cum. Sex should involve the whole of each others bodies. You can get a woman to reach orgasm with just your little finger

By #146804 at 02,May,12 20:55
10" is waaay to big hun. 7 to 8 is much better as with 10" it's more hassle and fun and not being able to be against a man's body is really crap.

So she's probably very happy with yours, if she wasn't she wouldn't have even mentioned the size of her ex in the first place.

As for not moaning straight away, try foreplay hun
By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 21:00 other posts of *kmadeau* 
im very, very happy some girl write to him, too

By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 20:16 other posts of *kmadeau* 
be quite! Her ex BF never used all 10in of his dick, but probably only 7 as you are. Your wife told to you the true, because the best feeling becomes when public bones stuck together, for sure. And in porno movies you can see how big dick guys never go all the way!!! It's not really a big blessing to have very long dick, NOT!!! Be happy with yours and keep good work!
By #255905 at 02,May,12 20:22
thanks i really appreciate that
By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 20:49 other posts of *kmadeau* 
i wrote to you w/o to see your pics, your dick is just for a good fuck!

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