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Why women are no good to you?1325,Jun,22 09:02
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How many dicks do you have to suck before you are officially gay?32025,Jun,22 01:12
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A Forum Topic15723,Jun,22 19:14
neller323,Jun,22 18:57
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LOVE and SEX1623,Jun,22 09:04
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What kind of porn do you look at?31022,Jun,22 23:15
Thinking about sucking a dick11122,Jun,22 22:05
Puffy pussy lips3222,Jun,22 18:46
Smooth Pussy!5121,Jun,22 19:15
For women: who has the biggest nipples?11321,Jun,22 19:13
SOILED panties7821,Jun,22 19:12
Shaved Pussy2821,Jun,22 19:10
Merton ?421,Jun,22 18:57
precum drooling from ur dick...421,Jun,22 18:47
My very large breasts321,Jun,22 18:17
Straight men2721,Jun,22 17:28
Lots of precum3321,Jun,22 16:31
Precum on cocks1721,Jun,22 14:22
I LOVE watching cocks cum!1920,Jun,22 22:34
How long was your longest edging session?420,Jun,22 21:53
have you ever had a prostate orgasm?1020,Jun,22 21:37
So fucking horny!!320,Jun,22 15:05
Tearing off clothes2020,Jun,22 15:02
When do you masturbate?4120,Jun,22 10:09
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Want to be watched so badly!3420,Jun,22 07:22
Guys... who wishes they were born a girl?4720,Jun,22 06:40
Why so many Ancient topics?3320,Jun,22 00:45
"Turning" Gay?718,Jun,22 17:57
Names for our cocks2718,Jun,22 08:18
Masterbating with toilets?1318,Jun,22 05:05
What kind of sex is your favorite?4718,Jun,22 03:34
What do you think about my japanese dick and balls?1217,Jun,22 22:57
Fakes and flakes5017,Jun,22 21:03
Copy,edit and paste here48417,Jun,22 14:39
What is your perfect cock preference4217,Jun,22 03:51
Jerking off to your own pics2017,Jun,22 00:36
JUST ASK JustWill!64916,Jun,22 21:45
First time sucking cock...5616,Jun,22 19:14
How do you meet uncircumcised guys?1016,Jun,22 19:10
What type of pics do you come to the site to see?316,Jun,22 11:34
Pussy Pump Recommendation316,Jun,22 11:31
Would you fuck my gf516,Jun,22 11:28
Wife516,Jun,22 11:28
I **** it when that happens!416,Jun,22 11:27
Sex in the car!1216,Jun,22 10:57
eating pussy 4816,Jun,22 04:26
straight guys who like men to see there cocks5916,Jun,22 01:55
Masturbating buddy2815,Jun,22 19:23
where do you like to shoot your load?4015,Jun,22 17:25
Would you rather watch a guy or a girl masturbating2914,Jun,22 16:40
"Straight" guys checking out other guys pages4914,Jun,22 16:18
What style or type of pics are your favorite?314,Jun,22 11:14
Masturbating in your car1713,Jun,22 17:26
Anybody who dye their pubic hair?2213,Jun,22 13:29
Being sucked off by a guy in a wheelchair2913,Jun,22 01:26
Anybody else cum in their own mouth?11312,Jun,22 14:30
Guys Has anyone ever paid you to let them suck ur cock.?3612,Jun,22 13:35
Different items used to wank.1812,Jun,22 09:09
mirror masturbation9211,Jun,22 23:29
Full body pic with face!15711,Jun,22 23:26
Are you Submissive or Dominant?6911,Jun,22 23:00
Ever get off on Watching Yourself?5611,Jun,22 14:02
sauna1611,Jun,22 08:11
getting erection in front of doctor4311,Jun,22 07:18
"Sorry this member accepts messages from friends only"4811,Jun,22 00:05
Wet Dreams1210,Jun,22 19:16
Show your front view18610,Jun,22 10:26
do men like to see other men wearing womens lingerie16910,Jun,22 08:41
What underwear do you wear?3410,Jun,22 03:02
At what age did you have your first gay experience ?3109,Jun,22 15:15
Public urinals fun8409,Jun,22 12:20
Jerk off buddies9309,Jun,22 10:34
Are kids today figuring out sexuality at a much younger age?509,Jun,22 10:32
At what age did you start to masturbate?26709,Jun,22 10:26
ever masturbate with a buddy11909,Jun,22 10:25
Straight and interested in men and women?2009,Jun,22 05:02
Does Anybody Else Find Oldmen Dressing In Women's Clothes Unattractive?3209,Jun,22 02:01
White socks or bare feet509,Jun,22 00:23
turned on by your own pics1409,Jun,22 00:19
Have you like ever, you know just sat in a circle and braided some pubes?2409,Jun,22 00:08
The Evolution of Gay Sex1509,Jun,22 00:06
Ever Had Interracial Sex?13409,Jun,22 00:04
bi-curious is a stupid term2009,Jun,22 00:02
why white ppl r crazy for uncut cocks??7708,Jun,22 23:59
Ever drink sperm from a condom ??1808,Jun,22 23:57
Drinking frozen cum708,Jun,22 23:56
indian or arabic?808,Jun,22 23:54
Chest Hair ?8108,Jun,22 23:49
show your handsome face ,guys2208,Jun,22 23:43
been sucked by a dude?5708,Jun,22 22:25
My craving for cock is growing908,Jun,22 21:46
Curious guys?2308,Jun,22 21:29
Question to gay guys........1408,Jun,22 21:25
Are all men bicurious?4608,Jun,22 21:22
Best time of day to masturbate7008,Jun,22 21:20
You like hairy or groomed??3708,Jun,22 21:20
Uncut or cut1008,Jun,22 21:18
Anyone met a local from this site?3408,Jun,22 21:17
do you get turned on by guys that dress up ??3608,Jun,22 21:07
Who can't retract their foreskin?808,Jun,22 21:03
group masturbating3608,Jun,22 21:01
Tendency to be gay1608,Jun,22 20:57
What kind of pics do you like to look at? Girls and guys2308,Jun,22 20:54
Everhad sex in church1708,Jun,22 20:54
Anyone into furry stuff?808,Jun,22 20:52
Head too big for anal?1608,Jun,22 20:50
Men's nipples1408,Jun,22 18:17
Light touch finger tip massage408,Jun,22 18:01
Do you really sleep when you sleep with someone?608,Jun,22 12:06
Fun voting game108,Jun,22 07:53
A question for straight guys.... 5908,Jun,22 06:36
What is straight808,Jun,22 05:46
Which way does your penis's curve2908,Jun,22 00:45
Mushroom heads...and MORE mushroom heads...9407,Jun,22 20:20
What do you think of men and painted toenails ( and finger nails) ? Yes or no?307,Jun,22 15:06
Is cyber fun cheating?1307,Jun,22 14:08
Chaturbate?907,Jun,22 14:01
anyone gay that doesn't do or like anal.?1107,Jun,22 13:24
Small dicks7407,Jun,22 06:46
Nude Driving!2907,Jun,22 04:24
Lets talk sack and egg size balls. I've got em, Lets see em.107,Jun,22 03:56
Rate my cock107,Jun,22 02:06
How many others mastubated with a friend growing up10706,Jun,22 17:57
This site is too addictive!806,Jun,22 15:59
Masturbating the shaft of the penis2906,Jun,22 13:30
Do you swallow or spit the sperm?10706,Jun,22 13:27
mirror pix !!!5406,Jun,22 12:52
What is your favorite activity to do in the NUDE?5506,Jun,22 11:05
Asian Cock1406,Jun,22 10:43
Do you have a shorty?1506,Jun,22 10:40
mixed races3106,Jun,22 03:50
Forcefull gay sex1506,Jun,22 03:49
Homoerotic straight guys906,Jun,22 03:47
Do you like watching guys cum?19706,Jun,22 03:46
watching guys jerk there cock off306,Jun,22 02:53
What age did you start puberty?6605,Jun,22 22:46
Why do guys shave their pubes ? 18705,Jun,22 22:46
Do bra causes breast cancer?305,Jun,22 21:25
Who else wishes they were uncut1705,Jun,22 18:48
Where to go to shoot my load?705,Jun,22 18:41
Who here has considered a career in Porn?505,Jun,22 18:38
Bath houses2105,Jun,22 18:33
Have you ever sucked up anyone on this site??905,Jun,22 18:32
First fleshlight305,Jun,22 18:30
Mutual masterbation405,Jun,22 18:28
ever been offered...1905,Jun,22 18:27
Would U be my hippo? xD605,Jun,22 18:26
Do female armpits excite you?1405,Jun,22 18:24
weirdest place you've masturbated?2605,Jun,22 17:13
First same sex encounter1705,Jun,22 17:04
cut - vs - uncut2205,Jun,22 16:36
'cut' and 'uncut'1205,Jun,22 14:50
Straight but Bi-Curious2705,Jun,22 13:20
Smooth male ass9005,Jun,22 09:34
Drop your pants9605,Jun,22 08:52
What's the longest you've masturbated?9005,Jun,22 07:15
Talking about masturbation1505,Jun,22 06:32
How do I get past the discomfort of taking dick?605,Jun,22 06:23
Driving and masturbating6304,Jun,22 21:19
Legs open or closed when having/getting a wank?5804,Jun,22 13:51
Flaccid Over 4.5 inches!?1304,Jun,22 07:36
Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs?2404,Jun,22 07:24
Fucking sister-in-law104,Jun,22 06:27
BO HOPKINS RIP204,Jun,22 03:02
Beating off in risky places7404,Jun,22 02:19
Testosterone1104,Jun,22 02:11
Who love belly buttons? ♡604,Jun,22 01:26
When did you First become a member here ???3103,Jun,22 22:44
Do you like hot loads of cum???2203,Jun,22 22:40
Belly Buttons903,Jun,22 22:37
Hairy MEN8203,Jun,22 22:34
Hairy men2603,Jun,22 22:33
Does anyone own a Fleshlight?2303,Jun,22 22:31
How much do you cum?503,Jun,22 22:13
Men: Where are you in this size scale?25903,Jun,22 20:54
Converse Baseball Boots103,Jun,22 17:42
Commando today?2203,Jun,22 16:49
Is 7 inches big enough?1103,Jun,22 04:04
Do you remember the first time you came1902,Jun,22 09:22
uncut and small cocks turn me on. guys drop your pants and pics here please1102,Jun,22 06:35
Micropenises in locker rooms1101,Jun,22 20:02
First Gay Experience?14501,Jun,22 18:21
Gay saunas2901,Jun,22 16:29
Growing up701,Jun,22 16:26
Any hot curious guys near Greensboro North carolina301,Jun,22 16:20
how many fingers can you get in your ass? do you like anal play?2701,Jun,22 16:14
Who's ever masturbated with toothpaste, Deep Heat, or Tabasco sauce?2101,Jun,22 16:09
Downward curved dick301,Jun,22 10:50
Are bi guys more cock horny than gay guys?831,May,22 15:37
What other amateur websites do you like?1331,May,22 09:33
What happened to men being men? Seriously.2931,May,22 04:52
Jerk parties1731,May,22 01:22
Mirror Maturbate1230,May,22 14:40
Do you think your cock is big?4330,May,22 14:13
What is your size??12330,May,22 12:43
masturbating630,May,22 06:41
would you give up 2 inches in length for more girth?330,May,22 03:03
Shaved or hairy2230,May,22 01:45
Have you ever had fun with roommates329,May,22 21:50
HOW BIG is ur cock REALLY?2729,May,22 21:46
Question for gay or bisexual men.6929,May,22 21:31
Do straight guys like cocks.?5629,May,22 21:29
I don't get shaved cocks...8129,May,22 21:22
Identical Twin Brother = Identical Cock?729,May,22 21:09
Edging1129,May,22 21:06
Who has phimosis?629,May,22 20:59
First time you ever had an orgasm......4229,May,22 20:51
Horniest time of the day?1029,May,22 20:30
Guys with hairy chest AND shaved cock!1329,May,22 20:25
Do you consider yourself ... Small , Average or Well Endowed59429,May,22 20:08
Jacking off to yourself?1529,May,22 20:04
Ever had a seemingly normal conversation with someone, and then boom out of no where they want to lick your armpit?929,May,22 20:01
nude infront of mirror6929,May,22 19:56
8 inches club1529,May,22 19:52
Bearded guys329,May,22 19:50
age of first gay experience 22729,May,22 19:48
Straight guys and giving head?1729,May,22 19:43
Precum1529,May,22 19:40
TWINS - ever been with one or both?729,May,22 19:38
dont know if i'm gay or curious429,May,22 19:36
What age was you when you touched or sucked your first dick?22729,May,22 17:46
Show one pic of your softie and one pic of your erection8329,May,22 13:20
Poppers/amyl nitrate2129,May,22 03:04
Do you regularly masturbate while standing up?4329,May,22 03:02
Granny sex6528,May,22 18:02
Being naked outdoors5728,May,22 09:33
First time with a man8228,May,22 08:27
Lets play truth or dare!!!828,May,22 07:35
Cut or Uncut Cocks3528,May,22 01:44
have you ever drank your own sperm?11328,May,22 01:40
do u prefer cut or uncut?12628,May,22 01:38
Licking Ass Holes1828,May,22 01:05
piss fantasy1228,May,22 00:51
kinkiest sexual experiences or fantasies7127,May,22 22:04
Watching guys piss!!!!427,May,22 21:46
⬆⬆*Reasons for being blacklisted/blocked*⬆⬆1827,May,22 20:13
One Word To Describe You?15927,May,22 19:11
Small balls to humiliate427,May,22 19:05
Happens Every Time!427,May,22 19:04
"Can't log out"1627,May,22 16:18
black pubic hair3127,May,22 16:16
Cumming Handsfree1127,May,22 13:25
Jerk off to yourself?7027,May,22 13:24
Anyone may help me to upload my ass pics to popular site , like Google search pics ?327,May,22 12:14
Nude family1626,May,22 23:46
Cock rings6926,May,22 21:01
Cock honesty - smallest / normal flaccid size7526,May,22 15:01
Suggest me places to get naked426,May,22 03:45
Would you?126,May,22 00:19
Being forced to swallow a dude's load. HOT or not?4425,May,22 17:46
Underwear Swap125,May,22 17:09
Post your close-up anus pic here...5825,May,22 14:41
A Transgender too far?3625,May,22 13:02
Getting Verified325,May,22 10:54
have you ever masturbated in public places9025,May,22 10:47
older flaccid cock24825,May,22 10:36
Artistic pics30625,May,22 10:35
Ejaculation during sleep5625,May,22 10:14
Pics with your face13925,May,22 05:29
The CAUSE of SCHOOL SHOOTINGS in the US has finally been found.8824,May,22 23:34
Guys, which hand do you use to wank. and what is your favourite grip5724,May,22 22:33
Have all guys or most guys played with a cock at sometime in their life?8224,May,22 20:55
what is your opinion about tasty fruits?2224,May,22 19:43
Straight but looking to play424,May,22 18:12
I'm fascinated by those who show their face on a site like this.2623,May,22 23:28
Getting caught by parents2823,May,22 20:43
men kissing men2323,May,22 16:31
Face pics2923,May,22 13:07
Who has gotten a prominent erection in a yoga class223,May,22 13:05
Who love Uncut Cock?..........Who has Uncut Cock?26723,May,22 12:48
Precum2823,May,22 12:29
Do you prefer a hairy or shaved asshole ?1423,May,22 12:21
Anyone from canada?2023,May,22 11:46
Thick ones....5123,May,22 09:21
Side view of your cock26922,May,22 19:29
Dick in your hand5422,May,22 13:06
Shaved cock6922,May,22 08:13
who is masturbating now14822,May,22 08:05
Semi erect cocks6322,May,22 08:02
Side view cock pics2622,May,22 07:51
Who has a big flared helmet cockhead with a thick ridge (corona)?14422,May,22 07:19
Uncut vs cut how much better is it for guys with foreskin?2222,May,22 06:13
Guys, show balls underneath. Who elder loves it?621,May,22 14:59
Curved cocks6321,May,22 09:30
Your first time.6121,May,22 07:13
Happy return1620,May,22 21:32
How many of you guys are married?1420,May,22 21:31
Swallow his load, not kiss his face1519,May,22 22:35
Want my girl to be used419,May,22 16:41
Threesomes2619,May,22 16:00
Does using Viagra make women feel insecure ? 😘619,May,22 15:51
wife and I want to see and rate some nice mushroom cockheads!28619,May,22 14:25
Most humiliating3419,May,22 13:54
big uncut cocks27518,May,22 10:32
When at the urinal1918,May,22 07:02
How often do U Masturbate2418,May,22 05:05
Who the first person to see you masturbate?19417,May,22 23:30
Upload permission1017,May,22 20:13
Has anyone successfully met up with another guy for a discreet sexual encounter before?3417,May,22 17:11
Embarrassing moments8517,May,22 17:02
Smooth Ass or Hairy Ass?1817,May,22 13:38
Full body naked4917,May,22 13:33
Do you "French Kiss" guys?2117,May,22 06:32
What Knd of underwear do you wear?27617,May,22 04:59
Should I shave all of my pubic hair off?2517,May,22 01:34
Sexual Preference2317,May,22 01:25
At what age are men the horniest?517,May,22 01:20
do you masturbate daily ?7117,May,22 01:17
Straight guys; What's your price?917,May,22 01:15
Bear cubs... (Young hairy guys)616,May,22 23:46
Should I keep my cock unshaved, trimmed or smooth?4016,May,22 23:45
Tell about your sexual fantasies4116,May,22 16:36
Describe an odd place you have masturbated before9916,May,22 16:29
How young is too young?9816,May,22 04:58
Anyone write erotica?1916,May,22 01:21
Anyone else's wife or gf have big aereolas?116,May,22 00:50
How many have never had a wet dream3615,May,22 15:49
Shaved or natural4815,May,22 12:31
shave or hairy1015,May,22 12:31
Who was the first person you saw masturbate?17915,May,22 12:28
Foreskin2515,May,22 12:20
Iowa215,May,22 12:17
Foreplay315,May,22 12:14
What underwear do you like to see men in?7515,May,22 12:12
Have you ever let someone shave your cock?2815,May,22 11:35
How often do you masturbate.2015,May,22 11:02
cut vs. uncut ..What are you,, and what do you like?33615,May,22 10:59
How small is your flaccid cock?6914,May,22 19:19
Who is Hotter214,May,22 14:31
Chem sex514,May,22 00:46
penis addiction3613,May,22 03:54
Share something that your friends dont know about you2912,May,22 15:27
OLDER WOMEN5512,May,22 13:35
Have you ever smelled a woman's panties without them knowing about it?1011,May,22 14:38
Cum overflow111,May,22 13:43
Is my cock small?311,May,22 12:41
Wife vs Friend - who is hotter111,May,22 11:23
masturbation with circumcised penis13311,May,22 05:37
Are men with small cocks more into submissive sex?4211,May,22 05:33
trade pics or vids411,May,22 00:47
poppers2210,May,22 19:48
Dildo vid610,May,22 05:12
First time use of Viagra910,May,22 01:57
DENNIS WATERMAN, R.I.P.610,May,22 00:24
MY TUBE FAVORITES11508,May,22 16:19
What you think308,May,22 16:08
older men408,May,22 14:49
SMALLDICK CLUB10008,May,22 06:38
##-Conspiracy-##12607,May,22 13:59
Gun **** in America39107,May,22 09:35
Cum swallowing survey8307,May,22 04:51
Men with painted nails607,May,22 03:02
BJ or full sex4906,May,22 23:57
does anyone sawllow there own cum?7006,May,22 21:58
Circumcised penis cum pics please! ;)6606,May,22 14:34
Time travel do yourself1305,May,22 22:29
Are you a 'slut'?16505,May,22 16:41
Girth4005,May,22 14:24
Ball spanking205,May,22 14:21
Poppers1605,May,22 12:46
anyone use a dildo to cum2505,May,22 09:42
Show me a close-up of your mushroom head with precum!10605,May,22 09:38
Bukakke and Gangbang905,May,22 09:36
first time sucking a cock6405,May,22 06:28
Eating your own cum6304,May,22 18:56
Pics of shaved hard cocks1804,May,22 02:10
"Are You Spamming" ?4303,May,22 22:05
Turn Wife Into A Slut...Advice Needed1103,May,22 21:31
cum addiction1603,May,22 13:42
Women who want to Skype603,May,22 00:07
Uk group jerk off group301,May,22 16:25
WHO HAS A GOOD CUM VIDEO9201,May,22 10:27
Guys using vibrators401,May,22 09:18
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