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Men in Lingerie please...luv it3328,May,24 23:58
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Men: Where are you in this size scale?29128,May,24 20:29
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Illinois828,May,24 04:39
QUESTIONABLE STUFF 😵‍💫193727,May,24 21:43
Shaved cock7027,May,24 21:24
MMF, how common is this fantasy?2927,May,24 21:23
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It just a joke36327,May,24 07:52
Anyone do a 69 while the pussy your eating has a cock in it??3827,May,24 03:14
Favourite Wank Fantasy.6727,May,24 03:13
Any odd fetishes?4826,May,24 23:53
Who has jacked off at work or school.9226,May,24 16:18
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associate your real name with your real nude pic2026,May,24 04:28
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Thinking Cock and Always hard624,May,24 17:22
Has anyone ever fantasized about cutting off your penis and if you did what would you do with it?2424,May,24 16:58
If you were the opposite sex for 24hrs. what would you want to do first?2624,May,24 16:31
Extreme Cock torture ideas!!3524,May,24 16:24
Have you ever smelled a woman's panties without them knowing about it?3524,May,24 16:21
At what age were you when you sucked your first dick?12224,May,24 12:36
What Makes You hard3124,May,24 05:28
Sexual fantasy!!5424,May,24 01:40
Biggest sexual fantasy..5324,May,24 01:36
has your girlfriend or wife ever jacked our dick and how did it feel?5024,May,24 00:51
MALE BUMS/ASSES13723,May,24 23:07
Ladies, do you like to masturbate for men to watch?4723,May,24 22:47
Swallow his load, not kiss his face1923,May,24 22:42
wearing boxers after precumming in them423,May,24 22:36
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Bi guys - Prefer eating pussy, or sucking cock?6123,May,24 15:42
What would you do to my dick if you could do ANYTHING1623,May,24 01:04
Post your ass pic ...male or female or straight or gay( top or bot) or lesbian ...7223,May,24 00:54
Soft and Uncut1122,May,24 19:08
Ass sniffing.422,May,24 06:32
The Saggy Granny and Chuckles- The aftermath!822,May,24 02:52
My sexy busty submissive whore4921,May,24 15:01
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The democrats cannot define a woman until...Look below...41621,May,24 07:40
At what age are men the horniest?1821,May,24 06:33
Post a softie picture of yourself56820,May,24 22:13
FRANK IFIELD, R.I.P.320,May,24 15:20
girth measuring2220,May,24 10:52
Cloneboy620,May,24 06:10
Father and son - silimar dick?8320,May,24 02:32
Toilet times for the Liter Box Of KITKAT620,May,24 02:30
Hook up sites720,May,24 02:28
Shaved or not shaved3520,May,24 02:15
embarrassed to show small cock3920,May,24 02:14
SEX, POLITICS, GUNS, AND TROLLS—WHAT DO YOU THINK? 2nd edition819,May,24 22:44
The Saggy Granny- and her poor decisions on the site3219,May,24 12:32
Am I bisexual?1019,May,24 12:08
Are all men bicurious?4919,May,24 00:41
Foreskins up! (Heads covered)1418,May,24 14:04
Dick size vs. Shoe size15718,May,24 14:01
Some guys still ask about Morgasm517,May,24 23:06
Full body naked9117,May,24 22:17
What is the kinkiest dirtiest thing you have ever done817,May,24 21:02
Pissing1717,May,24 12:48
Deepthroating917,May,24 04:13
Boys cumming3617,May,24 01:50
public masturbation1015,May,24 18:27
Gay porn 3515,May,24 16:30
Have u finally seen the dick of a guy you always fantasized about (friend, work bud etc) ? Big dick ?1315,May,24 08:22
My Fantasy115,May,24 01:20
Cant Find True Real Bi men who swallow out here in Los Angeles215,May,24 00:20
Taboos in your sex-life?514,May,24 11:17
XL Condom Size313,May,24 07:56
Ding dong ding ding- Saggy Granny is gone!!3113,May,24 01:21
If you want to see what "unhinged" means check out the Public Messages on my page22212,May,24 11:48
Why women are no good to you?1412,May,24 03:16
"Turning" Gay?812,May,24 03:13
masturbation sites HELP!1311,May,24 21:54
Question for guys who suck cock4211,May,24 20:06
Is it weird for young men (like my selfe) to want to experiment with other guys911,May,24 15:26
Do you enjoy anal sex?6811,May,24 15:21
My cock is great for deepthroating, so I've been told. Comments?1311,May,24 04:04
Prefered places for masturbating3911,May,24 03:07
What kind of sex is your favorite?6711,May,24 03:00
Anyone let a stranger cum in your ass2910,May,24 20:36
suck or be face fucked ?5910,May,24 16:46
Blowjob Or Fuck?4810,May,24 16:17
Naked in school pool4010,May,24 13:04
When is Cat-2 leaving ?!5010,May,24 11:43
Measuring size in video209,May,24 15:39
Is this a measuring device ?609,May,24 15:36
Comparing with mates1109,May,24 15:27
Cerebral Palsy1309,May,24 10:55
i love to.fucked by strangers2509,May,24 08:48
Show me a hard-on sticking out of clothing leaking precum or not!3009,May,24 08:44
Who has the best tits here?7108,May,24 22:12
What direction is your COCK pointing ?1908,May,24 17:14
What is your favorite thing about your OWN cock?1808,May,24 16:15
The Saggy Granny being her true self- A racist pig!1208,May,24 02:07
Show a pic of your cock seen from balls side30307,May,24 04:21
Jacking w/ Str8 Friends1607,May,24 02:35
Women can now go topless in public1706,May,24 21:20
TWINS - ever been with one or both?1006,May,24 15:55
Your FAVORITE type of pics1906,May,24 11:04
Cum on my pics105,May,24 08:24
What do you remember most about the first time your cock entered pussy!10305,May,24 07:52
Has anyone else had sex with thier str8 best friend?1405,May,24 07:49
How do I tell my str8 friend that I want to give him head405,May,24 05:36
str8 lads805,May,24 05:33
Caught Wanking3605,May,24 05:13
wanking with a friend4605,May,24 05:11
Strip Poker1304,May,24 18:06
Cock-shy youngsters5004,May,24 15:17
guys who like wearing pantyhose & nylons! Not panties but pantyhose & nylon stockings! Also any gals who indulge a guy with thi1604,May,24 07:16
What kind of cock do you like black white Asian etc.5303,May,24 13:29
Flaccid, circumcised cocks19403,May,24 01:24
Dom/Sub/BDSM fantasies?1903,May,24 01:19
Pantyhose fetish3203,May,24 01:13
Who here has considered a career in Porn?3103,May,24 01:11
Local swinging clubs303,May,24 01:09
Prostate to ejaculate?1002,May,24 15:26
Who would travel to meet folks they get to know on this site?4902,May,24 14:54
Ever get off on Watching Yourself?6102,May,24 14:46
Looking to watch102,May,24 00:49
Thinking about sucking a dick12802,May,24 00:30
Unshakeable gay fantasy202,May,24 00:28
Shaved or hairy601,May,24 15:16
Suckable Head23701,May,24 13:49
Do you like to suck or being sucked5201,May,24 11:54
I want to suck cock11430,Apr,24 21:36
Mouth cumming vids330,Apr,24 06:05
What makes a great pic?2429,Apr,24 23:19
Getting fucked after cumming629,Apr,24 20:34
Describe an odd place you have masturbated before10929,Apr,24 18:15
Wanking1129,Apr,24 16:41
Photo contests2029,Apr,24 16:12
What kind of porn do you look at?34329,Apr,24 15:52
Women who prefer small dicks5629,Apr,24 15:20
Sex Stories729,Apr,24 15:14
Age when you first watched porn?3929,Apr,24 14:56
What brought you to this site18829,Apr,24 14:37
older flaccid cock30129,Apr,24 14:15
Bottoms looking for tops2329,Apr,24 13:56
Young dicks/Old dicks7929,Apr,24 13:47
recognizable on your photo's; yes or no?3029,Apr,24 13:36
Show Your Face and Cock2029,Apr,24 13:17
cant believed it worked 329,Apr,24 11:15
Age authentication in the UK from April 1st828,Apr,24 17:30
what shold i do to torture my dick628,Apr,24 17:28
Personal hygiene?1828,Apr,24 15:17
Big hands equals to Big One ?3028,Apr,24 14:53
Russia-Ukraine428,Apr,24 14:32
Silver pubes.928,Apr,24 02:11
Why Do Members Here Do This ....................... ???4128,Apr,24 02:05
Man died from penis enlargement surgery in Sweden!927,Apr,24 19:46
All these "first time I sucked a cock" threads627,Apr,24 09:14
Indian Uncut Dick3327,Apr,24 07:48
Show me your horny black dicks !1527,Apr,24 07:44
Do you like group sex, orgies etc. ? 1327,Apr,24 07:42
Brotherly Love327,Apr,24 07:27
Which motion: inward thrust, or outward pull?527,Apr,24 06:54
Bi/gay guy asks to suck straight mans cock.3827,Apr,24 06:44
Does race matter when hooking up?1327,Apr,24 02:34
I wanna fuck my wife and her friend 826,Apr,24 03:25
Do men prefer jerking off to fucking?3326,Apr,24 01:05
First pussy or dick2726,Apr,24 00:36
Blacklisters be aware....1725,Apr,24 11:41
Bulge14225,Apr,24 03:14
*I REMEMBER*9224,Apr,24 08:46
I did it!!724,Apr,24 04:59
I want to cum in your mouth.1023,Apr,24 21:55
Cock cages in public?123,Apr,24 15:51
If you could make ONLY ONE WISH9223,Apr,24 13:44
The first time you masturbated 9023,Apr,24 13:32
Erect Uncut Cocks48723,Apr,24 12:29
The New "Normal" Penis Size Has Been Announced After Lengthy Study8023,Apr,24 11:55
How many of us masturbate at work?5622,Apr,24 20:04
group masturbating4122,Apr,24 17:51
do you masturbate daily ?9022,Apr,24 17:13
what is your biggest sexual turn on?1822,Apr,24 15:30
Drinking frozen cum822,Apr,24 13:15
anyone ever eat his own sperm after masturbation?11122,Apr,24 12:59
Do you prefer to be naked or nude722,Apr,24 12:43
What age did you start puberty?7822,Apr,24 12:41
Masturbation3222,Apr,24 12:38
watching guys jerk there cock off10122,Apr,24 12:33
Public masturbation.10022,Apr,24 12:22
For old men like me, over 70 and never circumcised:1822,Apr,24 12:19
Where was the last odd or semi public place that you masturbated?5322,Apr,24 12:15
Stretching foreskin2222,Apr,24 05:35
Naked in house13422,Apr,24 05:34
Longest period of time without sex or wanking3021,Apr,24 19:23
When do you masturbate?6121,Apr,24 18:17
What if your spouse has no desire for anything intimate?2021,Apr,24 18:12
Jacking off at work4521,Apr,24 18:11
First time you ever had an orgasm......4921,Apr,24 18:05
Wrist-thick dick ?621,Apr,24 15:34
How many have seen you masturbate?18821,Apr,24 15:02
"Uncut" or "Intact" cock??1021,Apr,24 15:00
ever masturbate with a buddy12121,Apr,24 14:52
Always wanted to be in porn?2021,Apr,24 14:51
record masturbation9721,Apr,24 14:48
semen freezing any one else do this?821,Apr,24 14:45
Mastering Masturbation521,Apr,24 14:40
do you swallow your own cum?11721,Apr,24 14:34
naked guitar821,Apr,24 14:33
What is your favorite activity to do in the NUDE?7521,Apr,24 14:31
Ever been caught wanking?3421,Apr,24 14:29
A Question for those of you who are Gay/Lesbion?721,Apr,24 14:28
At what age did you discover your sexual preference? ie straight, gay, bi, etc.4721,Apr,24 14:25
Do I have a suckable/fuckable cock1021,Apr,24 14:22
cut vs. uncut ..What are you,, and what do you like?34821,Apr,24 14:21
Boys will be boys...1421,Apr,24 14:17
About a month and no ejaculation1621,Apr,24 14:16
age of first gay experience 27621,Apr,24 14:13
Age for pubic hair ?14921,Apr,24 14:07
Masturbate821,Apr,24 13:57
first sex experience821,Apr,24 13:51
Overhanging Foreskin39921,Apr,24 12:09
Where do you masterbate?921,Apr,24 11:21
Wife vs Girlfriend121,Apr,24 08:43
Eating cum2221,Apr,24 07:02
Baby oil jackin521,Apr,24 06:24
Older cocks more arousing4721,Apr,24 02:20
Cuckholding1620,Apr,24 14:57
Blowbang fantasies1220,Apr,24 11:44
I don't get shaved cocks...8320,Apr,24 11:35
Balls520,Apr,24 07:47
Fantasies that make you rock hard.11920,Apr,24 03:23
Your favorite sexual fantasy?12420,Apr,24 01:37
do u like x dresser sissies1719,Apr,24 11:04
Kik dick pics spam718,Apr,24 20:18
Is taking DIRTY something you do?3018,Apr,24 19:42
pubic hair for men7118,Apr,24 15:22
Most enjoyable time alone418,Apr,24 14:16
Do you masturbate when getting sex regularly?13318,Apr,24 14:11
When u r young1218,Apr,24 14:09
where do you like to shoot your load?4218,Apr,24 13:59
Public Sex - How Far Would You Go?4418,Apr,24 13:51
Watching someone cum?7218,Apr,24 13:44
Eating your own cum7418,Apr,24 13:39
Do you like sucking straight guy's cocks?2218,Apr,24 13:36
Having sex in a vehicle ???2518,Apr,24 13:30
Group sex with friends1318,Apr,24 13:28
being nude in public918,Apr,24 13:24
Brothers fucking eachother2918,Apr,24 13:20
Anyone else like masturbating on cam?5818,Apr,24 13:00
What about the small dick?4318,Apr,24 12:53
T bag318,Apr,24 10:42
Show me some soft cocks!33018,Apr,24 10:26
Show your cum in condoms1417,Apr,24 15:25
public flashing - exhibitionism6617,Apr,24 13:07
Global Warming... What do you Believe?145017,Apr,24 11:32
Mila :xsmE31216,Apr,24 23:33
Cock pointing towards camera pic3916,Apr,24 12:40
How meny?416,Apr,24 08:40
soft cocks4816,Apr,24 05:43
Do any of you guys or girls like to get gang banged?1616,Apr,24 03:27
Flaccid cut penis1416,Apr,24 01:12
most recent pic2416,Apr,24 00:51
Porn vid to watch while getting blowjob515,Apr,24 21:58
Soft/Flaccid Dick27815,Apr,24 15:03
Black Pussy14214,Apr,24 18:29
Side view cock pics5514,Apr,24 08:19
ginger pubes313,Apr,24 22:08
Show your erected circumcised cock!3113,Apr,24 10:18
Dick or pussy?1513,Apr,24 03:53
What is the biggest dick you have sucked?9312,Apr,24 23:06
Forcefull gay sex2112,Apr,24 23:04
Adult Theater1612,Apr,24 14:27
heads straight on view7412,Apr,24 05:03
Bbc lovers ! Lets have fun !611,Apr,24 18:34
female feet fetish ?1909,Apr,24 03:38
Fuck it I wont be back this time guys, have fun2708,Apr,24 18:35
Pics with your face14408,Apr,24 17:30
Sexual fantasies10108,Apr,24 04:58
# PLEASE EVERYONE HUMILIATE AND DEGRADE MY TINY DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!906,Apr,24 15:29
Having a small dick - any questions? 1206,Apr,24 14:16
do i have a small dick average dick or big dick just curious?1906,Apr,24 14:15
Old Dick1706,Apr,24 14:15
Let's see everyone in Oregon1006,Apr,24 06:25
Trannies2906,Apr,24 04:44
Talking Dirty1505,Apr,24 22:35
Los Angeles; Seek Bi Matiured Men There From Sissy Looking105,Apr,24 03:48
Cum is NOT stored in your balls!4104,Apr,24 21:03
Cut and Paste- The Saggy Granny and her Limp Knob Edition!6804,Apr,24 13:34
straight but like cock!1003,Apr,24 17:55
Anyone else???103,Apr,24 16:18
Gay foot fettish1203,Apr,24 13:52
most desired gay fantasies6403,Apr,24 05:24
What makes a great blowjob ?1503,Apr,24 03:25
Your favorite porn act (for straight men)6102,Apr,24 22:16
When giving blowjobs...7502,Apr,24 16:53
The Perfect Penis2102,Apr,24 14:37
any straight guys who love to suck cock9102,Apr,24 03:19
Show your front view26731,Mar,24 08:43
Size estimates from this one photo only529,Mar,24 18:04
Semi hard pics20029,Mar,24 06:40
shape of a cock1628,Mar,24 21:12
Big balls11428,Mar,24 19:54
Nipple pump128,Mar,24 13:11
Dicks poking out of boxers and briefs19628,Mar,24 10:17
Do bigger guys like looking at smaller dicks?2328,Mar,24 07:19
drugs and sex5528,Mar,24 03:08
Side view of your cock31528,Mar,24 00:14
What makes a person sexy?326,Mar,24 17:30
Penis envy1726,Mar,24 17:25
stuck up women1425,Mar,24 20:38
Naked In Public Stories825,Mar,24 12:31
Better BJ525,Mar,24 11:44
Curious in watching..3224,Mar,24 04:36
How many dicks do you have to suck before you are officially gay?34524,Mar,24 04:31
Who is with me1224,Mar,24 01:39
Balls!36023,Mar,24 17:47
No Underwear Pics Hard or Flaccid4823,Mar,24 17:43
Semi-Flaccid dicks please!15423,Mar,24 14:07
Working in the nude1623,Mar,24 07:32
Male silicone sex doll with bbc or suction cup bbc dildos323,Mar,24 03:36
tribute female pics123,Mar,24 00:31
Should I show full naked with face on this site?1721,Mar,24 13:36
Ear-worm songs...220,Mar,24 03:19
Sucking dicks1220,Mar,24 01:21
Biggest surprise during a BJ819,Mar,24 21:16
Do you enjoy being nude in public???10819,Mar,24 18:45
Does anyone have a graphic of gay sex positions and their names?119,Mar,24 17:48
Handjobs? Yay or nay?2619,Mar,24 08:51
Men wearing lingerie4019,Mar,24 02:41
Bisexual Porn :-)918,Mar,24 22:24
People over 30--Your porn access as a youngster3718,Mar,24 21:41
TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME analysis.35618,Mar,24 18:20
Whereby?318,Mar,24 10:01
advice please? hiring a prostitute1918,Mar,24 05:43
PENIS DEVELOPMENT: Early/ Normal/ Late Bloomer/ Still Waiting1118,Mar,24 05:18
Would you rather watch a guy or a girl masturbating5017,Mar,24 09:36
Poppers/amyl nitrate3016,Mar,24 06:58
Share something that your friends dont know about you3416,Mar,24 06:10
Need an artist!516,Mar,24 05:01
Small dicks9116,Mar,24 02:01
Sucking cock4115,Mar,24 22:23
Sucking: Cut or Uncut, preference6215,Mar,24 17:38
Jerking With A Eighteen Year Old Massise Dick Fantasy714,Mar,24 23:35
I’m single414,Mar,24 22:15
Daylight Savings2014,Mar,24 21:39
Verify314,Mar,24 15:34
Any feedback or customer reviews of Bathmate?313,Mar,24 07:33
Favorite person that's no longer on the site1513,Mar,24 06:59
Cocks I would Suck... Craving a Cock in my Mouth!27713,Mar,24 00:38
Paypigs and cash f@gs112,Mar,24 07:54
Hands free ejaculation, is it possible?411,Mar,24 18:18
Uncut vs cut how much better is it for guys with foreskin?2311,Mar,24 00:17
Should I whore myself on the street corner for money & drugs? :*2310,Mar,24 10:46
Do you retract the foreskin when taking a piss?9010,Mar,24 09:22
first time, fuckin a cuckolds wife509,Mar,24 18:58
Hairy or Shaven509,Mar,24 08:17
Nude help to feel better ?608,Mar,24 19:59
Asian cocks with little or no pubic hair908,Mar,24 06:44
Smell of a dirty cock.....807,Mar,24 09:27
Penis smell3607,Mar,24 09:16
One down, one to go!406,Mar,24 11:57
Do you guys find that you have a shy dick?606,Mar,24 04:34
Time spent sucking cock...2605,Mar,24 20:28
I LOVE SOFT CUT COCKS!505,Mar,24 12:11
Local gay hook ups503,Mar,24 13:00
Show your free-standing nude ass - NO cheeks spreading5002,Mar,24 16:11
Cam wank buddy / buddies wanted, for regular cam fun.102,Mar,24 13:42
Favourite shemales!5201,Mar,24 23:24
The Perfect Penis?2801,Mar,24 23:10
Male Feet, Legs and Cocks4129,Feb,24 23:59
Curious829,Feb,24 22:21
Sucked my first dick!!5229,Feb,24 12:58
Poppers1928,Feb,24 22:34
Halarious, Racy, Sarcastic T-shirts/ bumper stickers you've seen2828,Feb,24 20:06
Hard cocks pointing upward4928,Feb,24 08:08
First time with a girl928,Feb,24 01:34
Sex stories fantasies127,Feb,24 21:28
Ever Do Dom/Sub Sex?827,Feb,24 21:20
Masturbate before sex4127,Feb,24 21:01
Random Mid-Day Ejaculation While Soft?!!527,Feb,24 20:59
Watching porn together3627,Feb,24 20:14
Constructive criticism127,Feb,24 03:02
Suck my fucking cock2126,Feb,24 19:53
How small is too small?926,Feb,24 02:57
your partner ever talked about a bigger dick experience?3526,Feb,24 01:55
Guard your privacy and have some common sense!4125,Feb,24 16:50
Small boyfriend?1225,Feb,24 16:06
This sucks...1125,Feb,24 06:01
Finally sucked my first cock!5725,Feb,24 04:43
Cock Sucking Addiction6822,Feb,24 17:45
small? medium? large? average?3222,Feb,24 17:25
is my penis small? medium? large? or average? as soft422,Feb,24 17:24
Small vs Large, Soft vs Hard2022,Feb,24 17:23
How to tell if someone you meet is the type to let you 'use' their mouth?222,Feb,24 13:49
Do You like to Fuck in Mouth?622,Feb,24 13:36
Has anyone ever worn or considered wearing a chastity cage?3422,Feb,24 13:34
If youre straight and single hangn for release2422,Feb,24 13:24
I’m Needing my dick to be drained in Middle Tennessee522,Feb,24 12:49
Nude camping122,Feb,24 05:29
embarrassed of my unusually small dick need confidence boost please rate 1-102021,Feb,24 16:52
I'm back showing off321,Feb,24 16:12
Bigger or Smaller Game!2421,Feb,24 00:57
Does cock size matters?1620,Feb,24 12:12
Do woman like sending nudes?419,Feb,24 12:36
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