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full body measurements, it will be fun !!!

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Started by #237193 at 01,Jul,12 12:02
Lets share our full body measurements :
calculate your body size and arrange them as follows :

1. Hieght

2. Weight

3. Figure:
¤ chest/boobs
¤ belly
¤ ass

-If dick:
¤ length
¤ thickness
-If pussy
¤ length
¤ hollowness (if it can be measured :p )

5. Shape:
-If dick, then choose your body shape:
¤ ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph
-If pussy, then choose your body shape:
¤ apple, pear, hourglass or banana.

6. Others:
¤ skin color (white/tan/medium/black)
¤ pierced (dick/pussy)
¤ bouncy or tight ass
¤ hairy body(full/some/countable/no hairs)
¤ pubic hair quantity (high/medium/low/none)
¤ ass hole (tight/loose)
¤ pussy shape (hypolabial/epilabial)
¤ dick (cut/uncut)
¤ dick head (big/normal/small)
¤ dick ring color (dark/medium/light) for cut dicks
¤ dick foreskin (loose/tight) for uncut dicks
¤ dick (curve/straight)
¤ balls (tight/loose/hang low)

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New Comment

By #59855 at 03,Jul,12 17:33
From Matt's Wife: Why would it matter to you??

By #89828 at 01,Jul,12 23:25
I am most curious about the "hollowness" of the pussy measurement. How is that calculated? Do you shout into it and then hippopotamus, two hippopotamus...until you hear the echo?
By #237193 at 02,Jul,12 03:28

By #68656 at 01,Jul,12 12:13
His "member`s recent comments" tend to indicate he really only requires female comments so I will be brief.
My build is a 50/50 ratio, legs and upper body of equal length.
By #237193 at 01,Jul,12 14:45
By #68656 at 01,Jul,12 15:51
The hot little man is waving to me and telling us he has only one finger. We can speculate on what his body shape could be, is he fat, skinny and seeing he is a little devil does he have red, leathery skin.??
Seeing I received just a little red head and hand for being brief and concise, what would I have received had I been comprehensive, the mind boggles at the possibilities, would I have received a gigantic red image of the Hulk.?
No-one laugh as this is serious business and lots of academic fun.!!!
By #237193 at 01,Jul,12 17:25
Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!

By #237193 at 01,Jul,12 12:04
my body details

hieght 6ft/183cms
weight 158pounds/72kgs
chest 40inchs/101cms
belly 30inchs/76cms
ass 38inchs/96cms
length 7.5inchs/19cms
thickness 6.5inchs/16.5cms
tan color
pierced dick
bouncy ass
countable hairs
some hairs
tight asshole
cut dick
big dickhead
medium ring color
straight dick
loose balls

for more chek my profile, enjoy

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