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Questions for Bi guys and girls regarding same sex attraction.

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Started by #449850 at 22,Mar,14 04:43
Are you honest with your partner, if you have one, about your same sex attraction, if so are they cool with it?
Also does anyone have a greater preference to have sex with same sex, or opposite, or is it pretty much 50/50. I know that will depend on the person, but would love to hear some peoples stories.
And last questions Do you find it just as easy to find same sex partners as opposite sex partners and where do you go to find your same sex partners.
I'm being nosey, but really just curious as to how it all works out juggling bi attraction. I'm gay, I met my partner in a gay bar, it was easy as we made eye contact and eighteen years later here we are. But it surely can't be easy juggling same sex and opposite sex attraction, or is it? Do some people who are Bi never fulfil their sexual attraction to people of the same sex?

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By #311947 at 04,May,14 14:21
My partner knows. We have talked about it many times. She is fine with it. I do prefer women tho. My attraction is more an attraction and appreciation for a nice cock than being attracted to the actual guy. Me and her have yet to service a cock together but we are working on making that happen

By #376736 at 27,Mar,14 13:19
My guy and I 'discovered' together that we are bi. We do comment to each other when we see an attractive woman, or a potential 'guy' play-partner. We never play with others 'solo' (although I have been thinking about having him do that very thing with another man, and to bring home some pics, and then I'll have to discipline him for doing that ).
By #449850 at 28,Mar,14 05:05
Thanks for the input. So you hadn't informed each other beforehand? It would be nice to share and be comfortable to talk with each other about potential partners. Does it enhance your whole relationship to be able to share this part of your sexuality, I guess it must, you look very happy together in your pictures. Do you gravitate towards FFM encounters or MMF encounters.
By #376736 at 31,Mar,14 13:20
The attraction to either FFM or MMF is about equal for both of us.
By #455374 at 31,Mar,14 13:48
You are two lucky bastards to be in such a relationship

By #449850 at 24,Mar,14 13:19
We have many Bi people on this site anyone of you like to offer any insight. Also another question, any curious people who when they got to have a same sex encounter decide that it was the way to go, or no it wasn't enjoyable at all?
--------------------------------------- added after 449 hours

I'm still interested to find out other peoples experiences, anyone, let's open it up to transsexuals, transvestites, curious, gay. Do you have partners? Do you have open relationships. What age were you when you realised you were not straight, or are you straight and just curious but wouldn't go there, and if not why? Come on your intelligent people tell me about your experiences and sexuality. I'm a curious human being.
By #292354 at 26,Mar,14 15:15
No, I have not told my partner about my same sex attraction. I think she would understand and accept it given time to think about it, but I don't think that it's something that needs to be talked about because I chose her over any other female/male.
I think that as far as my preference goes, I think I prefer women over men. I never really look at men when I'm out in public. This may be due to the fact that they're all wearing pants, so the part that I find most attractive is not visible. Which leads into your next question about finding partners. I've never really tried to pick up men, but I don't think it would be hard to do. I have been given pickup lines before, bought drinks, etc, by men.
I think that maybe a lot of Bi people may not ever fulfil their attraction just due to the fact that they think it's different to pick up someone of the same sex. I've only had one experience with same sex, and in the end I don't it was any more or less enjoyable than with a woman; cumming is cumming regardless of who it's with.
By #449850 at 27,Mar,14 12:46
I know people who have never told their partners about their same sex attraction, one friend who is now in his late eighties and has been married for many years, I met when he tried to pick me up in our local library many years ago, we never had sex but he has had sex with men all his married life, his wife doesn't know. My cousin also, his the same age as myself. I've not met a guy who has told his female partner about his same sex attraction, I know of course their would be some couples that negotiate this into their relationship, I just haven't met any.
I find it so interesting that some guys are just attracted to cock, nothing else about the guy attracts them, probably or maybe because I am attracted to the whole package, so it makes it hard for me to get my head around this. I think there must be something that leads you to that guy to make you want to suck his cock, some sort of attraction, you wouldn't just suck anyone's cock surely. Although I agree with these guys that cock is pretty much a turn on. But like I say I love guys, I can see beauty in the whole masculine package. I can look at a guy and find them handsome. I love to kiss, cuddle and not just go straight for the cock alone. Maybe that's the difference in being Gay instead of Bi or curious.
Cumming isn't just cumming for me as I couldn't see myself cumming with a women, although I have in the distant past. It's all so interesting to me this gamut of sexual attraction.
By #292354 at 28,Mar,14 08:00
It is very interesting indeed. I heard someone say at one time that there's no such thing as bi or curious, one is either gay or not and that people who say they are bi are just not being honest with themselves. I disagree with that. I know I'm being honest when I say that I'm bi. I find women much more attractive than men. If there was an attractive woman standing next to a handsome man I'd pick the woman every time. Which probably partly explains why I've only had one sexual encounter with a dude; there was always women around! You're right though, I wouldn't fuck just any dude or suck just any cock,same as a woman. There is a small amount of attraction there. It's not just the cock that i like, it's like 90% of it though. I'm an artist and I find I look for uniqueness; and as such, since most people look unique I find more attractiveness in men and women than most people.

By #358797 at 26,Mar,14 18:21
I'll just answer in order. Lol.
I'm open about it, most of my partners didn't care.... I had one who absolutely hated it though...
Preference? I've often said I'm 90% gay. I much prefer females. Only certain men tickle my fancy, so to speak...
And it's easier for me to "pick up chicks"... I'm more comfortable hitting on ladies.... As far as where I find them... Uhm... All kinds of places? I've been courting females since I was 13. Lol.
By #449850 at 27,Mar,14 12:23
Thanks Arexa52, so did the one that hated you being Bi want you all to themselves? Did they know you were attracted to females/males when you got together, and then thought that you may change your desires for just them? Why do some partners even though they are attracted to you after awhile want to change the way you are?
The guys that you are attracted to, what do they have that attracts you considering you say you are attracted to women 90% of the time?
I think it would be harder being Bi and negotiating a relationship with a person of one sex that allows you to still have sexual contact with persons of the other sex. But I suppose no harder then negotiating an open relationship. Sexuality and sexual attraction is a pretty amazing part of being human really. It would be nice if we could all just be accepting of each other's sexual attractions and it was no big deal, as long as it's between consenting adults I don't see why it has to be so influenced by religious, political, sociological, cultural beliefs. But unfortunately it is. In your opinion do you think it's becoming more accepted if you are not straight? I've heard rumblings lately about Gay Pride and how some straight people think it is to in your face but hell gay, bi, lesbian, transgender people have fought hard to become accepted as part of the greater community. I would love to see young people not have to care that their sexual preference, attraction is something they have to be ashamed off, it has got better but it has a long way to go.
By #358797 at 27,Mar,14 12:43
Gonna try to answer in order again so I don't miss anything....

Yes, the fella did want me all to himself. He was extremely abusive both physically and mentally... He knew I liked females, but absolutely loathed the fact my tongue had touched lady parts... He thought he was some kind of superior being and I should change to be just like him, which I resisted. And why people want to change others? Because they're too much of a selfish dick to realise when someone isn't right for them personality wise, and they decide instead of finding someone who is, they'll stroke their own ego and try to mold said person into what they want.
I'd like to throw in a bit of change on that second paragraph... I'm loyal as fuck when it comes to relationships. I don't give a hoot who it is with. When. I am with someone, I am with them. I must say I prefer to be with men long term, but I do enjoy finding a willing female at my own discretion to bring home and 'share' on occasion... I have my terms and conditions with that as well.. I'm greedy with my men. But anyways, yeah, bisexuality is more common and more accepted... As for gay rights, I'll probably open a can on worms by saying this... But I do not believe in gay marriage... I do not believe in straight marriage either... Gay pride is fine and dandy... Doesn't bug me a bit, but don't stick any marriage petitions in my face. Lol..

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