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Ladies your opinions please

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Started by #57759 at 21,Sep,15 19:41
what were your first thoughts when you saw your first cut or/and uncut penis?

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By #435701 at 29,Sep,15 17:12
Well, not a woman, (just bi) but I have always found it odd that when a person (me anyway) is not in the mood for sex and looks at photos of both cocks and pussies...they just look odd and even slightly ridiculous...But then, there is that magical change that happens when one is HORNY! Everything that was slightly ridiculous looking before, is just SO arousing! Perspective does a 180 and you just can't get enough...Guess that's why there is around 7 Billion of us on this overloaded Planet now?

By #57759 at 23,Sep,15 18:30
Can not believe our women are so sly
By *kmadeau* at 23,Sep,15 20:42 other posts of *kmadeau* 
they all are virgins!
By Arexa at 23,Sep,15 21:28 other posts of Arexa 

By Arexa at 23,Sep,15 21:29 other posts of Arexa 
Dicks just aren't all that fuckin interesting. Want us all to comment and yell ya we thought they were stupid looking? I remember seeing my first dick. First thing I thought was "Ew.". It wasn't all rock hard and shiny like in the movies... I didn't appreciate that thing til I got used to it....
By #452019 at 23,Sep,15 22:24
weird, your first thought was 'ew'. my first thought was yep that's a cock, mmmm, let's get that thing in and get this virginity thing out of the way! and 'stupid looking'? another odd comment are they any more odd to view than an open pussy? personally as long as it's clean and tidy and not all surrounded by mad curly fuzz than it's a definite 'mmmm' from me be that a cock or cunt.
By Arexa at 24,Sep,15 00:27 other posts of Arexa 
Well, Good for you. Unlike some, I was never eager to hop on a dick. And as far as looking as odd as a pussy, that's a matter of opinion. I've said many, many times before, there is rarely a cock that tickles my fancy....
By #452019 at 24,Sep,15 09:40
both male and female genitalia can be considered odd, especially when viewed out of context, i don't think it's that subjective. it's probably only thru our 'hard-wiring' that we find them attractive.

if there's rarely a cock that 'tickles your fancy' then this seems an odd thread to post on, don't you think?
By Arexa at 24,Sep,15 11:36 other posts of Arexa 
Nah, just because I don't care for many doesn't mean I'm not supposed to post.
But as with anything else... Opinions are like assholes...

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