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Started by #51914 at 19,Feb,10 23:23
My wife was out of town on business when I decided to have some fun. Not knowing how out of control this would get I thought I?d be fun if I had some fun online. I jumped into a chat room with intentions of setting up a threesome for my wife and I once she returned. Being a stranger to all this, I eased my way into the topic and before I knew it I was having a conversation about sex with a guy named Carl. He typed all sorts of nasty things about how he?d love to fuck me and my wife. My dick got so hard and wet talking about it and I started rubbing myself. Carl asked if I?d like to see what he looked like, I said sure.

He then turned on his webcam and to my surprise he was completely naked. In no time at all I had my cock out, stroking it and licking my fingers looking at his hot body on the screen. He jacked off for me then got on his bed on all fours and slapped his ass for me to see. I was very excited and very close to cumming, then he grabbed a dildo from the side of the bed and began fucking himself with it. With that, I shot my load all over my hand. After cleaning up we continued chatting and he said he wanted to visit me. I agreed, and a few days later he was knocking on my door. We greeted, he proved to be a handsome guy, even better looking in person. He had dark blonde hair with gray eyes and an athletic build. I made us some drinks and we sat down on the couch to get to know each other better. Did you like the show I put on, he asked with a smile. I sure did, I have to admit, I replied. Did you cum? He asked now moving closer to me.

All over my hand, I said. Really, he beamed, so this would be your first time huh? It is, I said, I?ve never done anything like this but im sure my wife would love it. Well, he said, how about a warm up trial. He then moved closer to me and took the glass from my hand to set it on the coffee table. He took my hand and drew it to his mouth and sucked my fingers. I gasped and felt a tingle in my cock. I willingly then let him guide my hand inside his shirt and down his chest. ?I bet you loved my ass, didn?t you? He asked. Bet you wanted to fuck me then and there. ?Mmm!? I hummed, I did, im guilty, you?re a hot guy.

He then stood me up and took off my shirt and he took off his. Sit back, he said, you just enjoy it, let me start this off, he said laying me back on the couch. I laid back and watched him un-clip my belt and pull my zipper down. He didn?t take my pants off just yet, but made his way up my stomach to my chest, which he kissed softly. Soft moans gave away my excitement, as I felt my cock getting hard. Suddenly he was at my neck, working his way up to my face. Then, he kissed me and I kissed him back. I felt his tongue insert my mouth and I massaged it with mine. This sent chills down my body that made my cock so hard. I was making out with this sexy man on our living room couch and I loved it. If my wife would have walked in she would have immediately dropped her panties if she saw what came next. Carl laid back and brought me with him, keeping me on top of him.

We made out as I had my hands all over his body, gripping his muscles. Just then he slipped his hands down my pants and cupped my ass. He began pulling my pants down and had both of his hands, grasping my ass cheeks. His fingers found themselves moving inward towards my asshole, and I let him rub me there. I moaned as he slid his middle finger in and began fingering me with me on top of him, our lips still clenched together. I loved the feeling of his fingers working my asshole, getting me nice and loose. He then began pushing my head down and I kissed and licked my way down to his belt. I then took it off and pulled his pants down, leaving him in his briefs. His cock pointed straight up and I could only sit there and stare at it. He moved my head down again and told me to kiss it. I did as I was told and began pecking his cock through his briefs. I licked and kissed all over his crotch, increasing the moistness in his penis. He then moved me up and said ?come now, your going to get your first taste of dick?. With one move, he slipped down his briefs and now lay there naked. I licked my lips and looked at his big 8inch cock in my hands.

My tongue met the tip and suddenly I had his entire cock in my mouth as I jacked him off. I sucked his delicious cock for what seemed like forever. Licking the head, going up and down his shaft with my tongue, swallowing all his pre-cum juices. ?Mmm? I hummed, your cock taste so delicious, I love your dick?. You like that don?t you? He asked while holding my head down. Oh yeah, I said, I cant believe I never sucked a dick before, I didn?t know what I was missing?. Well, he said, there?s more in store, now come here. He moved me up to his lips again and again we French kissed. Then he sat up and told me to stand up, which I did. He dropped my pants to the floor, boxers and all. My cock flung in his face which he accepted with his mouth. With his hands clenched to my ass cheeks he sucked my hard dick. This was the best blow job I had ever experienced.

I watched and held his head as he savored my cock and sucked in all the juices it protruded. He began laying back but kept my cock in his mouth. Suddenly he slipped out and was behind me. I looked back and he pushed me towards the couch and told me to relax. I knew what came next so I did as he said and waited for him to fuck me. He pulled some lube out of his pant pocket and rubbed it on his hard cock. Then he spread my legs and held open my ass cheeks with his hands as he slid the tip of his cock in. ?Oooh Carl, I moaned, give it to me all, give me all your cock?. His cock felt so good inside of my ass, the more inches he slid inside the more I moaned and loved it. Before I knew it he had fully penetrated me and was now pumping me from behind. I took all his cock and talked nasty to him ?fuck me Carl, that?s right, fuck me in my tight little ass?.

He fucked me harder and harder, slapping my ass, making it jiggle with each pump. The tight pressure of his cock in my ass made me want to cum but I withheld. After a few minutes of fucking me he stopped and told me it was my turn to get some. I turned around and sat on the couch as he straddled with his back towards me. He held my cock in place as he lowered his sweet ass on it. My cock felt so warm and tight inside of his nice ass. I held Carl by his hips as he was bouncing his ass up and down on my hard throbbing cock. He moaned and said ?I love how you?re fucking me, I love your cock in my ass?. My panting and moaning was out of control, I was fighting the urge of shooting my cum deep into his ass. Then Carl got off and got on all fours on the couch. He slapped his ass and spread his cheeks telling me to come fuck his asshole. I got behind him and slid my cock and began pounding Carl?s magnificent ass.

In and out my cock went, sliding so smoothly with the help of the lube. Fuck me, that?s it, fuck me nice and hard, that?s how I like it, he whispered. After a few more minutes of intense ass fucking I blew my load deep inside his asshole. My body jerked as my cock unloaded every drop of sperm inside of him. ?Now? he said, I want you to suck me good cause I want to cum in your mouth. Your going to get a lesson in swallowing cum. He stood up and told me to stay on the couch on my hands and knees. I took his hard wet cock in my hands and began sucking it. My ass was in the air and Carl began rubbing it while I sucked his dick.

He then inserted two fingers inside of my ass and was finger fucking me. I moaned in so much pleasure, feeling his fingers deep inside of me while I sucked his delicious dick. With his other hand he slapped my ass and then he shot his load. My entire mouth was filled with his thick, tasty cum. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking his dick until it went limp in my mouth. We collapsed on the couch naked and then headed to my bedroom. After we washed up we crawled under the covers together, still naked, where we laid, facing one another with our dicks rubbing together. This aroused him so that his cock got hard again.

He asked me to turn around and I did. He then grabbed my leg and lifted it while I felt him slip his hard cock inside of me yet again. He fucked me for a few more minutes, before cuming in my ass. I could feel the pulsing of his cock as he shot his load deep inside of me. We fell asleep in this position, him with his dick on my ass and me filled with cum. My wife walked in the next morning , thus sparking the beginning of a new life for us.

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By slipper at 21,Feb,10 05:15 other posts of slipper 
No problem in "sharing," just be fair and honest, reporting where you got it and don't let others believe it's your "story."
By #51914 at 22,Feb,10 08:53
Got it in an email from a friend
By #53643 at 22,Feb,10 15:41
A hot read indeed, but you shoulda said upfront that you were merely passing along a good story and this way there is no confusion in that you might be representing it as your own experience. um, just sayin'.
By #3997 at 22,Feb,10 18:17
Did this friend that sent you the email have ytou messed around with him or did he send you this hoping that you would

By #3997 at 22,Feb,10 18:16
I agree doesnt matter where it came from its not a copied pic but its a great story, thanks for sharing

By boy at 20,Feb,10 00:49 other posts of boy 
Well, this is a story copied from an other page, but it is hot. Your profile says you are straight, so I'm just wondering why you posted it.

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