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just a cock?

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Started by ivansoco at 29,Sep,22 02:52  other posts of ivansoco
Okay...I love showing myself naked, and chatting, and teasing. However, there is more to a man than just a cock, and more to a woman than a pussy. I respect anyone with the courage to display real naked pics for all to see, no matter what you look like nude. Don't get me wrong...I really like this site. How good does it feel to know you are turning someone on? I happen to like tiny peenies, big clitties, small boobs, etc..etc. Ask any woman if they tire of just dicpics. Hmmm, only a very few have asked me "how big is it?". Men, however (no matter penis size) are all about size. Just sayin guys, there is much more to a man than just his cock.

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