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By Cutie at 16,Feb,22 15:32
I miss Noballs… in which he has later came back with another name. But he has left the site afterwards. I am rather regretful because I don’t like to read private messages.. (I’m lazy and I don’t want canned responses, so I would always wait until I’m in the mood to respond. That translates to a decade later… sorry!) and somehow he must have left me something before the decision. I might have missed that all along. Maybe my wishful thinking, but he has been there for me since day 1, no matter what nickname change or account deleting and creating he has been there

By Cutie at 02,Feb,22 08:53

Used to have way more views… but I took it down cause I don’t like the lighting. Now the re-edit “ain’t shit”

By Cutie at 04,Oct,19 19:03
Aww thank you..

By Cutie at 04,Oct,19 05:59
Small potato here

[deleted image]

By Cutie at 14,Apr,19 07:20
Older and mature men ANYTIME.

By Cutie at 08,Nov,18 08:38