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What's the use of clothes ????

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Prostate is a mans g-spot. And that means: That spot is very sensitive. Touching it wothout preparation may feel uncomfortable or even cause more pain than lust. You should be aroused when trying a prostate stimulation. And You should relax, making everything fine for You. You should start slowly, using a finger to stimulate the anus region, sliding in carefully. Take a lot of oil or lube. When it feels fine, try to find the prostate with Your finger. It is not very deep inside; touch it carefully and find out what feels good. When it comes to prostate orgasm it may feel like You have to go to the mens room ... try it. It is a great experience!

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Using a butplug all day long is great. Even better is the use of love balls, the heavy ones made of steel. They give the prostate a massage whenever You move. Not easy to go to work with a nonstop erection, but it is worth to try. To finish (for a while) I use a tiny dildo with vibration, pointing it on the prostate. It gives me an inredible orgasm.

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Mhhhhhhhh I love it!

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Freedom for that hot cock!

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Looks so tasty!

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Very hot!

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Thank You so much for all that lovely pics ! Great to see so many beautiful cockheads here. Wished I could taste them all !

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Unsafer sex when You do it while driving.

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WHAT exactly is the meaning of that word: underwear?

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Manchmal bekommt er richtige NiesanfÐīlle.

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Always nude. In the house, in the garden, at the lale, in the woods, where ever und when ever possible.

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Nothing hotter than this - but now as I am old my flexibility does not allow to do such artistic yoga .... when I was much younger I could get my cock into my mouth and I prtaticed it. At first I could not get closer as to touch the foreskin with the tip of my tongue, but it went better. When I was best in this excercise, I was able to suck the glans with my lips, sliding my tongue under the foreskin, lick the peehole ... in this position I had a lot of explosive orgasms, swallowing big load of cum. And more than one time I drank my pee before cumming. The perfect menu.

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Some years ago I had a GF who loved to use the sauna. She had two sisters. My GF was 35, the sisters were 32 and 27. When You looked in te faces of these ladies, You could not have any doubt that they were sisters. But when we went to the sauna and the pool, they looked like strangers: My GF was quit tall and slim ... their boobs were different and mostly the pussies. My GF used to shave so that one could see everything, but the hairy or trimmend cunts of her sisters showed a totally different heavens gate with long pussy lips, different colours, and the youngest of the ladies had an astonishing big clit. If aroused, she might have been able to fuck a guy. I loved to go to the sauna with that trio.

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That is easy: THE BODY. Because the female body is nothing but a sexual organ from the tip of the hair to the nail of the toe. A sexual and erogenous organ.
And so is a mans body too.

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It is great to play with it. Stimulating the prostate produces plenty of juice, not always, but mostly, and I love to cream my cock with it or taste it. I have been working a lot on ruined orgasms too. So I am able to "cum" without orgasm with sperm runnig out of my cock, into my hand or into a glass or on a spoon. Great taste !

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Many many times. Never took any care about it.

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WHAT the is underwear ?????