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Nude outdoors!

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Started by #622304 at 02,Mar,21 20:23
There have been other posts about nudism outdoors but I want to know what makes it so exciting! I mean, when I undress outside, my dick starts to swell almost immediately. Usually it will calm down after a few minutes but the thrill of being aunatural in the outdoors is so stimulating! For me it doesn’t matter if I’m in my back yard, at a nude beach, or out in the woods, it just feels amazing!! So tell me what you feel about being naked outdoors and leave a pic if you want!

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New Comment

By #710112 at 05,Feb,24 17:50
I love beinb nude outdoors!

By #591376 at 21,Aug,22 03:49
I juju if sing naked

By routemaster at 06,May,21 10:09 other posts of routemaster 
It feels WONDERFUL to walk around nude outdoors at a nudist club or nudist beach, I've done both and I live the nudist life at home too. And with other nudists too, so much the better. I really don't understand why so many people get offended by the human body, we've all got one. All men have dicks and balls and all ladies have tits and pussies and bums are common to everyone. So its not like we're showing anything unusual, yet on the other hand the fact that nudity is still frowned on by some people makes the practice of naturism all the more enjoyable by sticking two fingers up at those very people. Live life and have fun, its far too short and if you can do that in the nude too without any inhibitions, then bloody good luck to you.

By galaxy123 at 06,May,21 09:30 other posts of galaxy123 
my family were naturists when I was growing up, every summer we would go to france to the nude beaches down south. Sometimes as a teen, with so many nude people around and me being naked amongst them I would get erections and a little embarrassed. A friend of my parents suggested having a wank before going to the beach or go for a quick wank in the dunes near the back of the beach. So I would often go to the back of the beach, in the dunes and masturbate. Ejaculating would get rid of the erections for a while. Sometimes I was aware of people watching which I did not mind too much.

By #613564 at 06,May,21 05:51
Sometimes it's just free, and delightful, to have just shorts, and a T-shirt on, and walk to a near by lake, and then, at 2am, just take everything off, and just walk, free, in the early morning air, completely nude.

By #641797 at 05,May,21 15:51
I love being nude outside. Not completely nude in this one, but we were definitely fucking!

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

By tixHH at 01,May,21 09:23 other posts of tixHH 

By #641496 at 01,May,21 04:24
Love it. I used to have a place in a huge parkland that was very secluded. I loved taking my clothes off and taking photos and videos. Still have them and will probably end putting them here. It’s a risk but thats what i like. I’m not sure i could do a nudist area though. I would get too aroused and I’m not sure that preferred.

By #639396 at 30,Apr,21 14:12

I love nude outside

By #600792 at 12,Mar,21 18:41
/Users/fincasey/Desktop/untitled folder/Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 09.33.09.jpeg

By #121361 at 09,Mar,21 12:40
With a top Lady [deleted image]

By #121361 at 09,Mar,21 12:38
[deleted image]

By PoloFields at 08,Mar,21 22:00 other posts of PoloFields 
When I get naked outside, I feel like I'm shedding more than my clothes for a couple of hours. I shed a lot of bs. Love the feeling of the sun all over, splashing around naked and just talking with my fellow nudists unencumbered.

By #637638 at 06,Mar,21 20:34
Love being naked outside.
Any season.
I love seeing pix of people outside naked.

By german_guy at 03,Mar,21 22:14 other posts of german_guy 
Being nude is beautiful and I take every chance I can get. During summer I am always nude indoor or outdoor does not matter

By toohey at 03,Mar,21 08:15 other posts of toohey 
For me outdoor nudity is a mixture of freedom, connection with nature, and an exciting celebration of being alive. The erotic is an integral part of that, so I do enjoy a happy erection. Feeling the warm Sun on my body always feels good, whether I'm quietly reading a book, or vigorously enjoying a deep orgasm.

By cockforcock at 03,Mar,21 04:11 other posts of cockforcock 
There is no reason for me to wear clothes but society and laws forces one to cover up. I don't even own underwear and never wear any. For me there is nothing like being naked and love the sight of a beautiful human body and prefer nude men around me. When I was younger (early 20's), an erection was there just about every time I would see gorgeous penis but that faded with the age. Often go nude camping at a private little spot at Snipe lake with afriend and enjoy nudity in nature.

By #570308 at 02,Mar,21 23:08
I've always enjoyed being naked outdoors, usually with a group of men and or women. Cleaning my pool, beach, where ever I can. Just something about be out in the open, exposed I think.

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