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By sucksix at 17,Jan,22 19:52
Well We met last night and I ask him if he would want me to suck his cock and he smiled and said I have been hoping and praying that you would say that, upon hearing that I pulled down his pants and told him to strip and sit down. Then I looked at his handsome 3 inch penis and his huge balls. They are nearly twice as big as mine. I held his balls in my hand and slid his cock into my mouth and it instantly got hard as a rock I suck and sucked for about 5 minutes and he started to cum and boy did he cum. He kept shooting his massive load into my mouth.Those huge balls really produce a lot of cum. I kept it all in my mouth until he was done and then swallowed all of it after I swished it around in my mouth so I got a real good taste . He said it was fantastic. Sit down now it's your turn to enjoy!!! I loved it!!!

By sucksix at 17,Jan,22 01:18
I really want to and if he wants me to I am meeting him tonight and if he wants I will suck his cock because I want to!

By sucksix at 16,Jan,22 14:33
I love being naked in public, I have even had sex in public and it was really exciting.!!?

By sucksix at 15,Jan,22 04:20
Yes, with my tongue 😛😛

By sucksix at 15,Jan,22 03:20
Yes I have been fucking my sister in law for 45 years now, she will never eat you out and really loves a good fucking!!!