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Could you deepthroat mine?

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Started by #190275 at 31,Aug,11 20:07
Hi! One of my biggest turn-ons is getting deep throated. I have been with a couple of girls and none of them have been able to take it all yet(as most of my relationships lasted over 1 year i havent had that many)so as the title says: Could you deepthroat my dick? its 8 inches or 20 cm. I just love the feel and looks, dont know why. Anyways, so my question is: can you deepthroat and what is the biggest you can size you can deepthroat if so!

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By 67malibu at 02,Apr,13 14:26 other posts of 67malibu 
Happy to

By #358284 at 02,Apr,13 11:44
8 Inches? Not a problem. I have taken 14.25 Inches in length, by almost 8 Inches in girth Balls Deep!!

By #301038 at 31,Dec,12 20:56
easily, 9.5 inches...
By #315268 at 01,Jan,13 02:42
9.5? damn! your my hero

By #5532 at 01,Sep,11 01:18
Without a doubt. Take a peek at our page
By #190275 at 01,Sep,11 05:15
Fuck thats hot! Great pictures
By #5532 at 01,Sep,11 10:08
Thanks. I can sometimes do our big dildo "Pauly", he is 10 inches and fat. I think there is a pic of him on our page.
By #190275 at 01,Sep,11 14:58
id like to see you take him on!
By #5532 at 02,Sep,11 07:55
We'll put that on the must get a pic of list
By #190275 at 02,Sep,11 09:39
that would be sweet

By #2331 at 31,Aug,11 20:18
You need a guy to deepthroat you.
That would be no problem to handle.
By #190275 at 31,Aug,11 21:58
Oh Yeah? Might just do it i you could take all of me
By #190275 at 02,Sep,11 06:07

By pifad at 01,Sep,11 10:04 other posts of pifad 
Sure. I could trhoat your big cock. And it woud be a real pleasure for YOU and for me
By #190275 at 01,Sep,11 14:54
Sounds good, but you guys have no proof so far luvmyclit is the only one ^^

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