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By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:38
Oh hell yeah

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:36
Definitely big

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:35
Hot, thick cock.i rate you 10 for that

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:32
Hairy please

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:31
Your cock is perfect. Iíd enjoy sucking you

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:30

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:27

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 05:25
Full bush

By pifad at 18,Jan,21 02:37
I get it. Letís face it, younger guys fret about just about everything. With age comes acceptance. Iím glad you are no longer ashamed of the appearance of your beautiful cock.

By pifad at 17,Jan,21 22:43
I think they add to the attractiveness of a guys cock.

By pifad at 24,Oct,20 15:06
Looks good to me

By pifad at 13,Sep,20 15:19
Nice and big with a great pair of balls. The hair is an added bonus for me. I like how thick your dick is

By pifad at 30,May,20 02:41
Stayin in and stayin alive

By pifad at 17,May,20 22:52
I always sleep naked

By pifad at 18,Apr,20 01:29
All the time!!

By pifad at 02,Apr,20 12:52
Iím 71 and still get bone hard.

By pifad at 20,Mar,20 12:43
I do!!

By pifad at 11,Mar,20 23:35
I could only wish

By pifad at 03,Mar,20 11:37
I like it. I like piss play

By pifad at 03,Mar,20 11:34
Welcome back. Iíve missed your humor

By pifad at 20,Jan,20 00:28
It sure is.

By pifad at 30,Aug,19 17:00
Thanks buddy

By pifad at 30,Aug,19 07:42
I keep my bush full as well.

By pifad at 26,Aug,19 22:19
November 9, 2009. Iíve met so many wonderful people here.

By pifad at 04,Aug,19 15:20
You do not possess a thin pencil dick. In my humble opinion youíre quite thick.

By pifad at 04,Aug,19 14:21

By pifad at 04,Aug,19 04:47
I like the sound of that

By pifad at 03,Aug,19 13:49
I leave mine natural.

By pifad at 03,Aug,19 13:48
Youíve got a real nice cock.

By pifad at 03,Aug,19 13:47
I like a natural bush

By pifad at 03,Aug,19 13:46
I was 10.

By pifad at 04,Jul,19 00:32
I like it. Itís big, thick and sure dumps a lot of cum. Wish we were neighbors

By pifad at 02,Jul,19 11:59
Sure thing. I have a talented tongue 😛

By pifad at 02,Jul,19 11:49
Looks like a lot of fun. I like the size and how hard it gets. Those full balls are sure to fill me up

By pifad at 02,Jul,19 11:47
Big beautiful cock.

By pifad at 02,Jul,19 11:46
Curved cock, in my opinion, are a lot more fun

By pifad at 02,Jul,19 11:45
Sexy guy. Tight fit body. Solid, thick cock. A generous mouthful. Yes I would . I rate you 10

By pifad at 02,Jul,19 04:16
Well now, that would be me. Strictly men though

By pifad at 30,May,19 15:09
I sucked my first when I was 10. Iím now 70. I stopped counting when I reached 50 around age 30. And just so you know, I know plenty of str8t guys who love to suck cock so pay no mind to the haters.

By pifad at 29,May,19 08:21
I like it hairy

By pifad at 29,May,19 06:52

By pifad at 26,May,19 10:18
Gorgeous cock. Love the big pronounced head, thickness of the shaft, the upward curve, saggy balls and all that fur.

By pifad at 06,May,19 13:38
From the looks of your pics I can assure you if yours was hanging semi hard next to my face it would be hard very quick........and in my mouth!

By pifad at 13,Apr,19 23:49
Definitely a beautiful cock. Most desirable

By pifad at 13,Apr,19 23:47
Well, he didnít last long

By pifad at 13,Apr,19 23:46
I donít know of any trick to finding uncut guys. Let me know what you find out

By pifad at 18,Mar,19 11:57
I never use lube to masturbate

By pifad at 18,Mar,19 11:55

By pifad at 09,Mar,19 02:40
Me! Oh what a night

By pifad at 09,Mar,19 02:39
Me! Pick me