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Upside down low (gay bi and DL men only)

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Started by #187578 at 08,Oct,11 07:29
Why is it that DL and or bisexual tops feel that they aren't as equally as gay as the DL and or bisexual bottom...I've been talking to this guy who says he will fuck a guy but refuses to claim gay or bisexual because he doesn't bottom and predominately has sex with women

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By 78chevy at 22,Mar,21 22:38 other posts of 78chevy 
I'm a DL guy i love it and my girlfriend doesn't know that i meet guy's on grinder on the down low

By #170472 at 22,Oct,11 05:00
i am staright as can be in my life but wouldnt mind fucking or being fucked by another guy.
By #316057 at 20,Jul,14 16:04
Me to

By bigone21 at 14,Apr,13 13:31 other posts of bigone21 
it's all ok by me, put the label you like to put upon yourself. or NO label at all! freedom for all!!

but, don't suck my dick or fuck my ass, and after that vote that i'm NOT qualified to raise or adopt c h i l d r e n and have the same legal rights in (and out of) my relationship!

because i'm man enough to be out and open: i'm gay!

sure, there was no escape for me, i couldn't live a lie anymore at age 27.

but being "straight" and sucking cock and having all kinds of male/male sex, and being DL about it, is a coward way to deal with the political consequenses of what everyone can see is what gays and lesbians have to live up to!

fact is: you do the same things we do, suck cock and fuck ass, we are called faggots, and faggots are denied the same rights because it's down and dirty.

be brave, cocksucker or assfucker!! come out!

By bigone21 at 14,Apr,13 12:26 other posts of bigone21 
what does DL stand for??
By JeffinKS at 14,Apr,13 12:50 other posts of JeffinKS 
DL = on the down low (urban slang)
it means you are hiding what you are doing
By bigone21 at 14,Apr,13 12:55 other posts of bigone21 
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

so it is the same as: "being in the closet"
By spermkiss at 14,Apr,13 13:17 other posts of spermkiss 
It's kinda/sorta the same, but there are different nuances in the meanings of the terms. "Down low" means being sexually active with other men but keeping it a ****. "In the closet" implies not being sexually active, perhaps even not being aware of having a gay inclination.
By JeffinKS at 14,Apr,13 13:24 other posts of JeffinKS 
if you are married and have kids.... but go out and suck cock and maybe fuck, with other men....and you go out of your way to make sure no one knows about this.... you are on the DL. to me doing things on the DL and being in the closet are one and the same. you are doing something that you would rather no one know about

By #195321 at 13,Oct,11 12:50
Not attracted to guys, and don't want to b in a relationship with one, but sucking cock and swallowing is something I fantasize about alot. To me it seems more of a fetish. What does that make me? Don't know and don't care. The labels just aren't important, it's not like guys like me r trying to act like they are better than u by saying we aren't gay or bi, there is no definitive norm for bi's and gays in society, everyone has differing views on what is and isn't. Many people feel u r either gay or straight, like dice clay said " u either suck dick, or u do not suck dick!" . But it really isn't that simple, nothing ever is. I can tell u that I am definitely not gay because only a relationship with a woman feels natural to me, they distract me with their looks, their smell, and I often nut just eating pussy without anything stimulating my genitals. Guys kissing or buttfucking turns me off completely,I can't even watch, but cock (soft or hard) just posing, or being jerked and/or sucked gets me hard. So if we r going to label everyone where do I fit in with your views?
By #187578 at 13,Oct,11 21:40
Bisexual is were you would fit in with me because you like sexually interacting with both so far I've never been with or attracted to a woman however studs butch dike woman( girls who look like boys) turn me on so I consider myself bisexual just because you don't like fucking men or being in a relationship with men didn't make you any different from someone who does society looks at you in the same have a dick in your mouth and claim straight however like I said I don't like to label either and I believe each LGBT person have more colors to them then the rainbow but at they end of the day it's black and white I'm open with who I am and just because I don't consider myself to be "gay" that didn't stop the world from placing me in that category all I'm saying is that it is what it is
By #62531 at 14,Oct,11 12:29
Lol were like the oppisets of each other. The type of men I'm atracted to are the feminine type. Or ambiguous men or women. I think everyone is gay just to varing degrees. Its like Ron white said it best.

"I told him, "We're all gay, buddy. It's just to what extent are you gay." He says,"That's bullshit, man, I ain't gay at all!" I said, "Yes, you are and I'll prove it." He says, "Fine, prove it." I said to him, "All right- do you like porn?" He says,"Yeah, I love porn, you know that." I said, "Do you only watch two women together?" He said, "Naw, I watch a man and a woman make love." I said, "OK do you want the guy to have a tiny, half-flaccid penis?" He said, "Naw, man, I ike big, hard, throbbing co- (stunned pause) ...I did not know that about myself.""
By #187578 at 15,Oct,11 22:12
Lol lmao trust and believe I'm definately going to say this to somebody

By #195321 at 14,Oct,11 12:43
It seems that u r really hung up on what people think about u. Life is more enjoyable if u liberate yourself from those concerns, and forget about where everybody falls in the order of things. By your definition everyone who looks at someone of the same sex and finds something appealing about them is bisexual. I personally have never been with a guy, they r just thoughts. Psychiatry will tell u that u can have sex with your own sex and still b straight. The dictionary will tell u bisexual is being sexually attracted to both sexes. I have never been sexually attracted to another guy, (which explains y I have never had the opportunity to suck cock),so by their definition I am not bisexual. If I had to label myself I would say I am bi-curious, but I don't think that is completely accurate. U seem to be the type that thinks everyone in the grey area are in denial. If that puts order into your world, which appears to b what your striving for, then just label the .0000000000000006 percent who haven't considered it as straight, and the rest of us r all gay and be done with it. I can't imagine ever feeling that any of this is important though. What effect does it have on anything? The people who don't like u because of it can go fuck themselves. Y would u want to spend any of your valuable time with close-minded stuck in the 18th century dipshits?
By #187578 at 15,Oct,11 23:25
I honestly don't care what other people think of me I just don't understand why this guy I liked look at me as if I was a whole nother breed because I said I bottom he said he would fuck me but he would never be penetrated by another man because he wasnt gay and that he didn't like men and he doesn't have relationships with I felt like he was implying that I was gay and he wasn't because I bottom and he isn't the first man I've meet that thinks this was I think worded my questions wrong because all I want to know is what makes me more or less gay than half
By #187578 at 15,Oct,11 23:27
Then him

By #196304 at 20,Oct,11 09:30
Balls Deep....what really matters is what you think of yourself, not what others think of you. Labels aren't inportant. No one has right to pass judgememt. Being kind and caring towards others is what we all should strive to do. So whatever males you happy, thats what you should do. Don't be concerned about labels or what brings you pleasure may be wrong in your thoughts. Enjoy your life, we only go around once.
My Best To You Buddy
By #187578 at 20,Oct,11 14:29

By #187578 at 20,Oct,11 23:52
Thank you

By #196304 at 15,Oct,11 21:49
Fooling yourself is where you fit. It takes a man to stand up to society an say yea Im attracted to men....what of it. The open gay man is out there fighting against the close minded society. It takes balls to stand proud of who you are an after 29 years with my partner COMPLETLY open... I am a MAN. 95% of my contacts asking to hookup to blow me come from "STRAIGHT" MEN....who admit prefer cock but afraid to come out an disappoint family an friends. So heres to the Men who list thier profiles as GAY for you are the ones fighting for the right to Love an you are the true REAL MEN !!!!!
By #187578 at 15,Oct,11 22:15
That was poetic

By BushPilot at 14,Oct,11 21:26 other posts of BushPilot 
A historical point. During the Dark Ages through the Renaissance, male sexuality was clearly divided into two types based on who's doing what to whom. A male who had sex with men wasn't anything unusual in that period however, men who were "Tops" were considered perfectly healthy, normal, masculine men.Those on the "bottom" however, were considered effeminate and sissy. It sounds like not much has changed.
By #187578 at 15,Oct,11 22:19
Yeah I agree

By #62531 at 13,Oct,11 16:49
I like men in a sexual aspect... but I wouldn't call myself gay because I don't have relationships whith men. I don't like kissing men but on the same note I don't kiss women I'm not emotionaly envolved with eather.
By #187578 at 13,Oct,11 21:22
Maybe your bi idk because I don't really like to label myself either but just because you don't have relationships with men that doesn't make you not gay or bi but personally I would consider you to be bisexual
By #62531 at 14,Oct,11 12:14
Bi works. Lables are pretty dumb. I just like to make sure I make my intentions known before starting anything.
By #187578 at 15,Oct,11 22:16

By #157110 at 13,Oct,11 06:25
im marrid but still love cock to suck and i love my ass fuckd , and love swollwing cum but dont fancy men , im i gay or just love cum
By #187578 at 13,Oct,11 21:44
I would consider it is it not?

By #195321 at 09,Oct,11 03:59
Who cares about all the labels, as long as everyone is getting what they want?
By #187578 at 13,Oct,11 01:38
it's attitudes like that that make it hard for gay couples I care it irritates me that some guys especially black ones are ashamed to admit to themselves that they are gay or bisexual and feel like it's only sex and they aren't a"fag" because their not being penetrated how can we expect society to accept us when we refuse to accept ourselves..."but who cares as long as everybody gets what they want"

By #187578 at 09,Oct,11 01:18
It means down low (in the closet)

By hytiger at 08,Oct,11 09:56 other posts of hytiger 

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