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By spermkiss at 05,Jul,20 18:41
OK, I'll give you an offer. I just went to your page and had a look at your cock and it looks good. I'll give you a no-strings-attached blow job any time any place you wish. You need not do anything but lean back, relax and enjoy it. The only thing I ask is that you climax in my mouth. I want to eat your sperm.

By spermkiss at 30,Jun,20 15:04
Some further thoughts on sucking cock.

In most of society the word "cocksucker" is used as an insult term. But I wear that label proudly as a badge of honor. After all, what do we cocksuckers do? We give sexual pleasure and a satisfying orgasmic release to our fellow men. What is more noble and honorable than that?

Others say that a cocksucker is subservient to the man being sucked, but I disagree. One, the man is trusting the cocksucker with his favorite body part. Most cocksuckers have teeth which could inflict a nasty wound if the cocksucker were so inclined. And two, the cocksucker is very much in control. He determines how much stimulation the man's dick gets. Generally he determines when or even if the man climaxes. He could bring the man to the brink and then stop, leaving the man frustrated and begging for more.

A third point is that it takes a man with total confidence in his own masculinity to orally service another man. This is especially true for straight men as gay and bisexual men usually do not have a problem putting another man's satisfaction ahead of their own. Real men suck cocks.

Which brings me to another point. A man does not have to turn in his Straight Membership Card just because he likes to suck cock. Hell, I've been with a couple of dozen men who identified as straight but were really good at sucking. One married guy in particular was an extreme example. He kept his clothes on for our entire encounter and didn't even like my feeling his dick thru his pants. His dick was for his wife. When he was with a man, he wanted to suck cock. And did he ever. He took out his upper plate and gave me a mind blowing gum job. Real men suck cocks.

By spermkiss at 30,Jun,20 14:32
Made your day, didn't it.

By spermkiss at 30,Jun,20 14:29
An interesting train of thought. My guess is that the answer is yes. Guys who crave cock but have limited access to it, either because they are bi living as straight or deeply closeted gay, will sometimes jump thru flaming hoops to get it.

On a related subject, I seem to be the "go to" member here at SYD for guys who are living straight but crave a bit of cock on the down low. My advice to them is to make it happen in a safe and controlled way. If this desire is not satisfied it will only get stronger and it could drive the man to do risky things. A prime example is Senator Larry Craig who was arrested for soliciting a plain clothes policeman in an airport men's room.

By spermkiss at 30,Jun,20 14:16
Every straight man has his price.

This reminds me of an old joke. A man as hitting on a woman in a bar and asked her if she'd go to bed with him for a million dollars. She replied that yes, she probably would. He then asked her if she'd go to bed with him for two dollars. She became very indignant asking "What do you think I am?" He replied "We settled that, what we're discussing now is the price."

By spermkiss at 29,Jun,20 11:25
Yes, you are worrying too much. Sure, there is risk in this, but there is risk in life. Have your first meeting in a public place and keep your wits about you.

By spermkiss at 29,Jun,20 11:19
No, it ain't normal. When a man sends photos of his cock to someone he's trying to interest that person in his dick. He wants to fuck you or have you suck him off. It's as simple as that. That's not to say that he isn't straight, though it's possible he's not. More likely is that he is indeed straight but is open to do a bit of switch hitting. Most straight men are.

More important questions are: Do you like what you see? Do you want his cock? If so, go for it. Volunteer to be his fuck buddy and/or his cocksucker. The next question almost always is: Will it spoil our friendship? My own experience is that it will not. I've had several straight friends over the years and with most of them we eventually ended up having sex. In no case did it spoil our friendship. Indeed, it brought us closer together.
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After I wrote that I went to your page and saw that you identify as straight. Hey, that ain't no big thing. A lot of straight guys fool around with their buddies.

By spermkiss at 28,Jun,20 14:15
"...give head for a living..." Would that be a dream job or what? Just imagine that you report to work, punch the clock, put on your knee pads and then spend the work day giving men oral service.

By spermkiss at 28,Jun,20 11:43
Don't you love his convertible briefs, shown here with the top down? So handy for easy access.

By spermkiss at 28,Jun,20 11:32
ME, ME, ME!!! I, too, am an avid cocksucker and the orgasmic climax when the sperm surges into my mouth is the piece de resistance of the entire cocksucking experience. Like you I like to roll the sperm around in my mouth to savor the flavor like a connoisseur savoring the flavor of a fine wine. I, too, have noticed a difference in flavor from practically flavorless to slightly to moderately salty or slightly to moderately bitter or some combination. But it never tastes bad. And like you, I always swallow. ALWAYS! Of the thousands of loads I have taken in my mouth I swallowed every one.

There is an interesting back story about swallowing. I was twenty-three years old when I first took a man to climax. He was nineteen and even though he was four years younger, he was a LOT more experienced, having sucked guys off since he was sixteen. He knew it was my first time and when I took his load and swallowed it, he was blown away. "Damn!" he said, "I've been sucking guys off for three years and I still haven't swallowed and you do it on your first time."

By spermkiss at 27,Jun,20 13:01
Are there any oldtimers here on SYD who remember jumpramp? He had a huge wardrobe of underpants, from basic tighty whities to the tiniest of g-strings with everything in between. I called him the Underpants King. He was kind enough to model them for us. He also looked really good nude.

By spermkiss at 27,Jun,20 12:54
Only millions of other men, worldwide. I'm as gay as they come, but in my personal life I've known a dozen or more men who identified as straight who liked to suck cock. One of these men was an extreme example. He kept his clothes on and he didn't even like it when I felt his dick thru his pants. His dick was for his girlfriend. When he was with a man he wanted to suck. And yes, he swallowed.

By spermkiss at 23,Jun,20 19:13
Erections in fine art? Sure, why not.

There are many postings on this very site that I think qualify as fine art and I've said so.

By spermkiss at 23,Jun,20 19:10
I've been to nude beaches hundreds of times and have seen hundreds of erections there. I whole heartedly agree with you that there is nothing wrong with an erection at a nude beach with some caveats. It depends on the character of the beach.

There are family nude beaches that are similar to nudist colonies as mentioned by ontheloose. Even at a beach like this an erection is not a faux pas. If a man is reclining on his towel and he gets an erection many choose to cover it up or roll over, but this in not mandatory. So long as he does not call attention to it he has not committed a breach of etiquette. Getting up and walking around with an erection is in the grey area, but I've seen it done, even at a beach like this.

Then there are adult nude beaches that are pretty much anything goes. At a beach like this sex is de rigueur and the beach is pretty much an open air sex club. I've had sex on beaches like this dozens of times, sometimes when there were people on nearby beach towels only a foot away.

So you have my blessing to get an erection at any nude beach you wish and you need not cover it up. And if you want to stroke out a load or have partnered sex on the beach, find the right beach and do it.

By spermkiss at 19,Jun,20 13:56
I was 7.

By spermkiss at 19,Jun,20 13:55
That's really unfortunate. Sucking off a total stranger is something every cocksucker should experience at least once in his life. It's trashy and slutty and oh so much fun. I think because it's pure sex without any baggage. The man being sucked just wants to get his nut off and he doesn't care how or with whom. The cocksucker just wants to suck and be rewarded with a load of jizz and he doesn't care who's cock it is. If it' done thru a glory hole that adds another dimension a the two men cannot even see each other.

As you might guess, I've done glory hole sex, both as sucker and as suckee, numerous times. Best wishes that you, too, will soon have that pleasure.

By spermkiss at 16,Jun,20 11:50

By spermkiss at 14,Jun,20 12:03
Right on! The orgasmic climax during which the warm, creamy man juice surges into my mouth is indeed the piece de resistance of the entire cocksucking experience. I view the sperm as a thank you gift that the man has given me for giving him good oral service. And what a fine gift it is. It's a living product of the man's body as there are live sperm cells swimming in the semen. That semen will go down into my gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in my body. Part of him will become part of me. That feels really good.

Real men suck cocks.

By spermkiss at 14,Jun,20 11:36
Who isn't?

By spermkiss at 13,Jun,20 17:02
So do I. Did you read his profile on his page? It sounds like he's a dedicated cocksucker who delights in giving other men pleasure. My kinda guy.

By spermkiss at 10,Jun,20 14:39

By spermkiss at 06,Jun,20 19:13
And I'll bet you did more than look.

By spermkiss at 06,Jun,20 11:40
Just about everyone. So get a standing up and throbbing hard-on in the locker room and walk around and show it off. See what attention it gets.

By spermkiss at 03,Jun,20 13:43
If only...

By spermkiss at 01,Jun,20 11:32
Hide them in your ass.

By spermkiss at 01,Jun,20 11:27
The right-off-the-top-of-my-head reply is that both of you should get medical attention right away. This presumes that both you and she want a child.

Which leads to my second thought that perhaps she does not want a child and is using birth control. Have you discussed a child and pregnancy with her?

A third thought is you you need not feel unmanly if you cannot sire children. Many men cannot. See a urologist to find out what's going on.
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'Just went to your page and had a look at your photos. Wow! You should definitely NOT feel unmanly.

By spermkiss at 31,May,20 12:43
In much of society the word "cocksucker" is an insult term. But I wear that label proudly as a badge of honor. After all, what do we cocksuckers do? We give sexual pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction to our fellow men. What is more noble than that? And there is a special bond between a man and his cocksucker and a cocksucker and his man. Or men. At that park I mentioned more than once I had men watching me as I gave oral service to one man while they waited their turn. And of course putting on a sex show at the baths was one of the real pleasures of going there.

Isn't it a delight to have another man's dick in your mouth?

By spermkiss at 28,May,20 16:01
You identify as straight, but you let a stranger you met in a bar cum in your ass? Hey, I ain't being judgmental as I've done the same thing hundreds of times. But not recently. And I've fucked a lot of straight guys in the ass.

By spermkiss at 21,May,20 15:44
Reminds me of a joke I heard about a lecture being given to freshman women at a women's college. The lecturer stressed the importance of remaining chaste. She said "Don't accept a lifetime of regret for an hour of pleasure." A voice from the back of the room asked "How do you make it last an hour?"

By spermkiss at 21,May,20 15:37
Is that a chicken joke?
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Is anyone else here old enough to remember Ruth Buzzi and Laugh In?

By spermkiss at 20,May,20 16:10
How do you and she make a blowjob last for 30 Minutes?

By spermkiss at 20,May,20 12:41
So, is she good at it?

By spermkiss at 18,May,20 17:40
This is a fantasy that can very easily be turned into a reality. Walk around the locker room fully nude and fully erect then stroke out a load in the showers. Do it.

By spermkiss at 16,May,20 17:51
It's been my experience that this is not at all uncommon.

By spermkiss at 16,May,20 15:25
Interesting. Viewers might want to take a look at my Forum post "The Gay Nineties and the Meaning of Gay".

By spermkiss at 09,May,20 12:34
Man, he wanted you. When a guy looks at you and smiles while he's got his dick out he wants you. At the very least he wanted you to have a good look, but probably more. He wanted that jumbo dick to be in your hand or in your mouth. Too bad you were in a hurry.

By spermkiss at 03,May,20 12:38
It's interesting to note that you self identify as straight. With the general public, wearing women's attire is considered a gay thing. But in actuality, at least where undergarments are concerned, far more straight men wear lady's undergarments than gay men. I'm a gay man who has been with thousands of other, mostly gay, men. Not once have I encountered a man wearing woman's underpants. And if I did, that would have been an immediate deal killer, no matter how hot the guy was. Yes, it's that much of a turn off.

By spermkiss at 01,May,20 20:59
A further comment here is that sucking a guy off is my all time favorite sex act. The main reason is that I can do it more often. Let's face it, sure it feels good to get a nut off, but there is a limited number of times it can happen in one day. So there is a finite number of blow jobs a man can receive. But there is no limit to the number of blow jobs one can give. I've sucked off as many as twelve guys in one evening. Yes, when I was younger, wilder and single I was a real cocksucker slut. But think how much pleasure I gave to other men.

By spermkiss at 01,May,20 12:34
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cocksuckers all over the world join me in thanking you for making your dick available for sucking and for writing this to encourage other straight men to do the same.

As you so wisely put it, we cocksuckers really enjoy sucking cock ("...their main sexual goal") and our satisfaction is to give satisfaction ("...amazing head and exquisite orgasms"). And reciprocation is NEVER required and rarely even expected. Indeed, there are a substantial number who do not want reciprocation ("...hotter to suck a straight guy's dick").

And it's totally a win/win situation. The straight guy gets satisfying oral service and he gets his nut off and the cocksucker gets the satisfaction of having brought another man to climax. Plus, he gets a mouthful of man juice. So all you straight guys reading this, go out there and drop your pants for a cocksucker. You'll be glad you did and so will the cocksucker.

By spermkiss at 30,Apr,20 13:04
There are some old words of wisdom:

Grant me the power to change what I can, the serenity to accept what I cannot change and the wisdom to tell the difference.

You've been circumcised and that cannot be changed very easily if at all. Accept it and get on with your life. And stop thinking of your penis as ugly. It's not.

By spermkiss at 30,Apr,20 12:58
I agree.

By spermkiss at 29,Apr,20 12:06
Very well put. In most of society the word "cocksucker" is an insult term. But I wear that label as a badge of honor. Look at what we cocksuckers do. We give sexual pleasure and orgasmic release to our fellow men. What is more noble and honorable than that? And it's a total win/win situation. The man being sucked gets sexual satisfaction with orgasmic climax. The cocksucker gets the pleasure and the feeling of accomplishment of having brought another man to climax. And he is rewarded with a mouthful of sperm.

"Giving pleasure is itself pleasurable."

By spermkiss at 21,Apr,20 12:10
If that were the case, then there wouldn't be any straight men. Men like looking at other men's dicks. ALL men do.

By spermkiss at 20,Apr,20 13:10
Oh, where to begin? I suppose the things I've learned could be broken down into the sexual and the non-sexual.

First concerning the sexual, perhaps the biggest thing I've learned is how widespread is the interest in dicks among straight men. As a practicing gay man who has hooked up over the years with numerous men who self identify as straight, I knew this interest existed. But I didn't fully appreciate how pervasive it is. Men like dicks. All men do. Looking at dicks and liking dicks is almost universal among men. It's a guy thing.

And for many men the interest goes beyond looking. I seem to have become the "go to" member here at SYD for straight men who want to do a bit of switch hitting. I've lost track of the number of messages I've gotten from members who consider themselves straight but want to suck cock. I advise them to make it happen in a safe and controlled way, because this desire will not go away. If not satisfied it could drive them to do risky things. And they don't have to stop considering themselves as straight just because they've sucked a cock. I've even coined a name for these men: straight cocksuckers. Many embrace this description.

As for the non-sexual, the sky is the limit. Anything and everything including science, technology, politics, the arts, you name it.

By spermkiss at 20,Apr,20 12:07
It ain't necessarily so.

Since you're a woman you might not realize that men like to look at other men's dicks. It's a guy thing that almost all men do.

By spermkiss at 19,Apr,20 16:06
I came for the pictures of the dicks and I still enjoy them.

But I stay for the exchange of thoughts and ideas here on the Forum. I've learned a lot from other members and I hope others have learned from me.

By spermkiss at 14,Apr,20 11:44
Real men suck cock.

By spermkiss at 13,Apr,20 15:04
This reminds me of a lovely passage in Amistead Maupin's novels about life in San Francisco called "Tales of the City".

It seems in an office, management caught a mail boy xeroxing his privates. He was known as the xerox flasher because he'd leave them on secretary's desks. It was an advertising agency and one manager commented that he was probably the only one in the office who wasn't guilty of false advertising. He was corrected when it was pointed out that he was using the enlarger.

By spermkiss at 13,Apr,20 14:53
I see on your page that you were circumcised in adulthood. For what it's worth, I once had an intimate encounter with a gentleman who also had it done as an adult. He preferred circumcised penises and that's what he wanted for himself. I was his first sexual encounter after a six week recovery period following the surgery. Needless to say, he was raring to go.

I'm curious about if your reason for getting the surgery was the same as his and how long was your recovery?

By spermkiss at 13,Apr,20 12:31
Wouldn't that be fun!!!? Both for the men in the line up and for those viewing.