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By spermkiss at 25,May,19 22:31
Is there such a thing as un-natural nudity?

By spermkiss at 20,May,19 12:43
Way to go, man.

By spermkiss at 20,May,19 12:43
This topic has come up numerous time before. Yes, an erection is a sign of sexual arousal, but as every man knows, the penis has a mind of its own and spontaneous erections can and do occur. So what does a man do if he gets one in a semi-public place like the changing room, locker room or showers at a swimming pool or gym? The answer is what you do: Just keep on doing whatever you'd be doing if one didn't have an erection. In all likelihood, everyone will pretend not to notice. But, of course they do, which is part of the guilty pleasure of having an erection.

What should one do in the unlikely event that someone comments on the erection? Act surprised and say "Oh, do I?" Then look down at your penis and say "You're right, so I do. Thanks for noticing." Then change the subject. Start talking about the news, or the weather, or a movie you recently saw. If he should attempt to steer the conversation back to your erection, look him right in the eye and ask him why your penis is so fascinating to him.

I'll add that getting an erection in public was every boy's and young man's worst fear, but when one gets to be my age, one discovers that there are a lot of things in life that are worse than having an erection. One of them is not having an erection. It's one of the cruel ironies of life that we men spend the first forty years of our lives trying to keep our dicks soft and the rest of our lives trying to get them hard.

By spermkiss at 20,May,19 12:12
No doubt about it: Sex in public with people watching, the more the better.

By spermkiss at 16,May,19 11:49
Do it, man. I can tell from the photos and videos you have posted on your page that you get real pleasure and satisfaction from showing off your body, your genitals and your sexuality. My kinda guy. So push the limit of what you can get away with. I know you want to.

By spermkiss at 15,May,19 12:40
Then cut that lining out RIGHT NOW. If your glans outline shows this well with the lining in place, think about how well it will show without it.

By spermkiss at 01,May,19 11:17
Whoops, my bad. That's what happens when I read things too quickly.

By spermkiss at 30,Apr,19 14:31
Who doesn't like sex shows? Sex is the universally loved form of entertainment, both for the performers and the viewers.

By spermkiss at 30,Apr,19 11:19
Better still. It's nice that you have a g-string in your wardrobe for special occasions with special people. Or just to wear to the beach or pool.

By spermkiss at 29,Apr,19 10:56
My kinda guy.

By spermkiss at 28,Apr,19 20:57
This covers way too much. I like your wolf briefs a lot more.

By spermkiss at 28,Apr,19 20:55
You should wear one in the winter. In the summer you should go commando, especially with short pants.

By spermkiss at 28,Apr,19 20:53
It's mostly gay, after all, we gay men are known to be sex pigs. But one does see heterosexual couples sucking and fucking in public.

And before anyone gets upset about me referring to gay men as sex pigs, first of all, keep in mind that I'm gay myself. Secondly, gay men are sex pigs not because we're gay, but because we're men. Most heterosexual men would be as big sex pigs as we are if they could. But women are harder to get in the sack. But men are easy. Just say the word "sex" to a man and he'll start opening his pants.

By spermkiss at 28,Apr,19 11:29
Dozens, maybe hundreds, of times. There are parks and nude beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area where public sex is not only tolerated, but is almost de rigueur. If police or park rangers observe sex, about all they'll do is tell those doing it to stop, and often not even that. There are rarely arrests. I've had sex on the beach when there were people on neighboring beach towels only a foot away. Invigorating.

By spermkiss at 23,Apr,19 11:09
I wish basketball players would go back to wearing only a jock under very short snug fitting shorts. Those long line underpants and long baggy shorts they wear today are dreadful. And some wear leggins that go all the way to their ankles. Come on guys, show more skin.

By spermkiss at 23,Apr,19 11:01
There is nothing as exciting as spur-of-the-moment sex with a total stranger, someone you have never seen before and will never see again, without any words being spoken. Just give and/or get oral service and move on. It's fulfilling and rewarding because it's pure sex without the baggage of a "meaningful relationship".

By spermkiss at 23,Apr,19 10:51
I pretty much feel the same way. I was cut as an infant, I don't remember the process, it's all I've known and I like being cut. And I generally prefer cut men as sex partners.

However (you knew that was coming, didn't you?), an intact man with a nice fully formed "helmet head" glans that is fully covered by his foreskin which ends in a nice nipple tip with the outline of his glans showing thru is really sexy. It's nice to slip my tongue inside that foreskin to savor his man juice.

By spermkiss at 21,Apr,19 19:23
With a woman, no. With men, lots of times.

By spermkiss at 21,Apr,19 19:22
Some quick thoughts:

"...might prove to be life altering..." For you or for him?

"...Something he is not prepared for..." He's prepared. If he weren't, he wouldn't have made this post.

" life at home is pretty bland..." So he wants to spice things up with some man-on-man action. Many men regard sex with another woman as being unfaithful but can pass off sex with another man. Many women feel the same way. They'd be upset if their husband were to have sex with a woman, but another man ain't no big thing. Indeed, it might even be a turn-on.

Go for it, buddy.
--------------------------------------- added after 571 hours

OK, some further thoughts from the perspective of three weeks later:

First of all, a few words of advice. Don't let this crush you. He took a walk on the wild side, he found it fun and exciting and he enjoyed it. But now, he's had some second and third thoughts about pursuing this matter. This sort of thing happens all the time. So savor the fond memory of the one encounter you did have and be prepared to accept the fact that this might be all you'll have with this gentleman.

"...might prove to be life altering..." Yes, indeed. If things were to proceed, he could end up falling in love with you and you with him. You could end up leaving your wives for each other. Hey, stranger things have happened. I'm not saying that this would necessarily be a bad thing, but it sure would be life altering. And as you probably recall, in private messages we have exchanged I have long advocated that you leave your wife.

"...something he is not prepared for..." Well, he might have been prepared when he made this post, but as I said earlier, he's had second thoughts and now he ain't. Accept that.

By spermkiss at 20,Apr,19 12:14
You're quite the fox, aren't you? Or is it a wolf?

By spermkiss at 20,Apr,19 12:10
I hope you gave him your load.

By spermkiss at 13,Apr,19 14:28
What man doesn't want to do that?

By spermkiss at 11,Apr,19 15:29
Don't remember the movie, but I do remember the ticket seller saying "There's no smoking or jacking off in there."

By spermkiss at 11,Apr,19 15:28
My very first sex partner commented in it. He was uncircumcised.

By spermkiss at 11,Apr,19 15:26
Better penises thru surgery. And you do indeed have a really fine penis with a stunningly attractive glans.

By spermkiss at 11,Apr,19 12:00
This is called thinking with your small head instead of with your big head, and most men do it. Indeed, practically all men have done it at least a few times.

By spermkiss at 08,Apr,19 11:36
He's trying to tell us that he lives as straight (perhaps is married), presents himself to the world as straight, but wants to have a fling with man-on-man sex on the down low.

By spermkiss at 06,Apr,19 12:13
Exactly. It's often been said that dicks are either "showers" or "growers". Of course there are exceptions, but micros when soft then to be growers in that they grow to a reasonable size when hard. And the big guys don't get much bigger when erect, they just get hard.

By spermkiss at 03,Apr,19 19:18
Pal, do you need an engraved invitation? He winked at you, he got a hard-on which he made sure you could see and he stroked himself, again in full view.

By spermkiss at 26,Mar,19 19:45
Yes, of course we do. I cannot say that all gay men have straight fantasies, but I certainly do.

It's a little known fact that straight men having gay fantasies and vice versa is so commonplace that it's well within the range of what's normal.

By spermkiss at 26,Mar,19 15:22
Dozens of times, and partnered sex hundreds of times. When I lived in San Francisco there were nude beaches where sex on the beach was de rigueur and parks were gay men would routinely have sex.

By spermkiss at 26,Mar,19 12:03
Go for it! There is nothing like having a living, breathing man mount you, penetrate you, pump in and out and reach his orgasmic climax inside you.

By spermkiss at 24,Mar,19 12:19
Good for you, man. This is something every man should do at least once in his life. Regular shaving is something of a bother, but please keep at it at least until you've had partnered sex, preferably with someone who is also hairless. As you have discovered, being hairless puts jacking off in a different dimension. The same goes for partnered sex. The skin on skin contact without hair is spectacular.

If you find you really like being hairless, consider permanent hair removal.

By spermkiss at 17,Mar,19 15:23
No, you're not off in fantasy land. While triad relationships are somewhat unusual, they do happen, many times successfully.

My own experience might be useful. I'm an out gay man, but when I was in my early thirties and had been out for more than a decade I had an affair with a woman. This lasted for nearly a year and in our circle of friends we were regarded as a couple. I never stopped thinking of myself as a gay man while it was happening and it was always an open relationship. As I was fond of saying "She's fucking other men and so am I."

In any event, she and I had numerous three way sexual encounters, all with another man. Mostly these men were straight (a couple might be called bi) and mostly they wanted her and were willing to take me as part of the deal. Indeed, many were eager as it was kind of an adventure. In every case, once the ball got rolling, so to speak, they were quite active with both of us.

So if a triad is something both you and your wife want, go for it and good luck.

By spermkiss at 06,Mar,19 11:48
Do you mean, for example, at a nude beach? Some guys get all coy and roll over on their bellies when they get an erection. More brazen guys get up and walk around to show it off.

By spermkiss at 06,Mar,19 11:45
As the old saying goes "When in doubt, whip it out!"

By spermkiss at 05,Mar,19 18:54
And we all want a load of jizz.

By spermkiss at 28,Feb,19 11:19
Before what?

By spermkiss at 22,Feb,19 12:01
Damn! I got a hard-on reading that! A group of buddies getting together for a cocksucking party is a dream come true.

OK, a few more points.

First of all you deserve congratulations, a gold star and a pat on the head for taking the man all the way to climax, accepting his load and swallowing it on your very first time sucking cock. You truly deserve to be awarded a Boy Scout Merit Badge for Cocksucking.

Secondly, you have discovered the real joy of sex shows, both as a viewer and a showman. Sure, sex in private is fun. But it is enormously more fun in front of an audience. Knowing that others are watching and enjoying the sex along with you makes it so much more pleasurable.

Thirdly, you have also discovered that we men can indeed give sexual pleasure and satisfaction to each other. And a man need not be gay or even bisexual to participate. Straight men can and do have man-on-man sex. It happens all the time.

By spermkiss at 21,Feb,19 17:56
A few points on cocksucking etiquette:

(1) It's nice that you gave your cocksucker a heads up that you were about to climax, but it's not really necessary. Any cocksucker worth his salt WANTS that load of sperm. I view the sperm as a thank you gift that the man has given me for giving him good oral service. And what a fine gift it is. It's a living product of his body as there are live sperm cells swimming around in that seminal fluid. That sperm will go down into my gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in my body. Part of him will become part of me. That feels really good.

(2) You don't say if you reciprocate, but if you do, spitting out the sperm is a faux pas. As I said above, the man has given his cocksucker a living product of his body. To reject that gift by spitting it out is bad form.

(3) That brings me to my third point in that reciprocation is NEVER required. If I suck a guy off and he wants to reciprocate, that's fine, and if he does not, that's fine too. There are also a substantial number of cocksuckers who do not want reciprocation. Sucking off a man who is so totally straight that he wouldn't dream of sucking a cock himself is a Major Fantasy for a lot of cocksuckers. If the man then reciprocates it destroys that fantasy.

By spermkiss at 21,Feb,19 11:07
We had our ways. There's an old saying that one gay guy can always spot another, and by-and-large, it's true. We seem to have a sixth sense called our "gaydar" that tunes into vibrations from other gay men. You say on your page that you're straight and if indeed that is the case, then you probably don't have gaydar. And if you are straight, why are you asking? 'Just wondering.

You say that you grew up in a small town. If that's the case, then there might not have been a large enough gay population for there have been much of a gay scene. After all, we're only about three or four per cent of the population, though when you add in the nominally straight guys open to a bit of switch hitting there are considerably more. But any reasonably large urban area is going to have certain streets and neighborhoods that are notorious gay hook-up areas.

Then there is the bar scene. Fifty thousand people is about the threshold level for a city to be able to support a gay bar. Any city that large or larger is going to have one. In large urban areas there will be dozens.

Finally, there were gay guide books. I don't know if it's still being published in this internet age, but "Bob Dameron's Address Book" was the Bible for traveling gay men. It listed the names and addresses of gay bars and restaurants and even cruisey areas of all major cities. There was even an international edition for foreign travel. There is a lovely passage in Dan Savage's book "American Savage" about how he spent 24 hours in a major European city, Amsterdam I think. He met a local gentleman in a gay bar, spent the night with him and the next day went sightseeing with him. Being with a local he went places and saw things that the casual tourist would never see.

Well, I've kind of blabbed on here, but there was indeed life before the internet and there is still life today without it.

By spermkiss at 17,Feb,19 11:30
Totally normal and very common. The old "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" is part of growing up.

By spermkiss at 12,Feb,19 19:17
Bella! has given you good advice.

I'll add that you should pay attention to the quality of your posts. Post only the pictures that turn out well, not every picture you take. If a photo is fuzzy and out of focus, if the lighting is poor, if it's poorly composed, DON'T POST IT. A good artist never shows his mistakes.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Looking over the ten photos in your portfolio I'd say most are good but not spectacular. In one blue underpants photo you have cut off the tip of your dick and in the white underpants your balls touch the edge of the photo. Not good composition. Generally your pictures are fuzzy and grainy. Were they taken with a cellular telephone? Get yourself a better camera. Your dick is worth it.

These remarks are intended in the spirit of constructive critique and no offense is intended.

By spermkiss at 12,Feb,19 19:08
And you're still a man. So you know how good it feels and how it relieves tension to get a nut off. The knowledge that you have given that pleasure to another man is enormously exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying. Plus you are rewarded with his man juice, a living product of his body. There are live sperm cells swimming around in the seminal fluid. The fluid will go down into your gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in your body. Part of him will become part of you. Doesn't that feel good?

By spermkiss at 09,Feb,19 20:13
My kinda guy.

By spermkiss at 09,Feb,19 18:54
I hope that you lick it off his face and then give each other a nice sperm kiss. [Hey, spermkiss. That would be a great SYD name!]

By spermkiss at 09,Feb,19 18:50
At 23 you're way too young to remember the sixties, but those were the days when sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll were the Holy Trinity. And I did a LOT of all three. There was nothing like dropping a hit of acid and/or speed and going to the gay bathhouse and sucking cocks all nite.

By spermkiss at 05,Feb,19 12:19
Such lovely childhood memories. Fooling around with other boys is so normal and is part of growing up.

By spermkiss at 31,Jan,19 15:26
It's unfortunate that your first two attempts at anal sex did not turn out well. You lost your erection when you tried to be the inserter and you found that just could not the larger than average dick of the man who attempted to penetrate you. But look on the bright side. He was charmed that you offered him your ass cherry, he did try to make it work for you and he did satisfy you with a blow job.

There are a couple of ways you can view this. If receptive anal intercourse is something you really want to do, start with a guy with a micro and work up. With experience, practice and stretching eventually you'll be able to take even a super jumbo in your ass with ease. Perhaps even you'll move on to being fisted.

Or satisfy yourself with sucking and being sucked. Not all man-on-man sex is ass fucking. Not by any means, though present day attitudes seem to indicate that. You might want to pull up my Forum post "The Evolution of Gay Sex" and have a look. [An easy way to do this is to clock on the "other posts" next to my name.]


By spermkiss at 28,Jan,19 12:09
Over the years I've had many straight friends. With most of them we eventually had sex and in no case did it spoil our friendship. Indeed, we became not just friends, but fuck buddies.

However (you knew that was coming, didn't you), you cannot ask your friend for sex. If you do, you will scare him off and it will never happen. What you can do is subtly let him know that you find him attractive and that you'd be open to a deeper relationship. Then wait for him to come on to you. If it is meant to be, it will happen. But you've got to let him think it was his idea.