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Started by #110740 at 19,Nov,11 13:05
im a guy and i like to watch shemale porn does that make me bi since i still like girls?

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By ErosUrge at 20,Dec,12 00:54 other posts of ErosUrge 
to answer the original question...being bi depends on how you feel about it...being turned on by shemales doesn't necessarily make you by, but then again you probably wonder since they do have cocks and balls...many of them with very very nice cocks and balls and beautiful to boot. I'm bi for sure...I love cock but am not always turned on by a guy's body; it depends. I must admit that the more androgynous looking guys appeal to me more. But I appreciate some of the more masculine looking guys too. Even though I adore women, I can't resist sex with a male...a hot hard cock is a good thing. But there is something extra about it being on a person that looks completely like a woman...especially when they're beautiful. Don't know how to answer you really...but if you enjoy cock at all whether on a shemale or male, then that would probably make you a candidate for being bi considering that you enjoy women too.
By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 09:42
Ditto on the shemale fuckin thing! they're hot!

By #210331 at 21,Dec,12 01:04
Not directly replying to ErosUrge, but just in general, after his post:

Why do you have to be one way, or another?? Why can't you just like what you like, and feel like you are totally 'Normal' for you??

It's ok to like seeing erect penises, and you can even touch them, and play with friends, and maybe even fantasize, about them!! You don't 'turn gay' liking seeing a penis, or even having some playful, drunken fun, with a friend, in college!

Why is it so arousing, and exciting, for most homo-phobe mostly 'straight' guys, to like it when girls talk about playing with other girls?? Why is it so 'wrong' or socially unacceptable for guys to do the same things, with other, curious, consenting guys??

Why is there the double standard?? Shemales are more toward the 'acceptable' end of the spectrum, as they act like women, and usually have breasts, and wear women's clothes, but they still have a penis. . .

Enjoy what you like, and don't be worried about what others are thinking, or saying.

I think that the 'shemales' or 'Tranny Girls' or whatever they want to be called, shouldn't be singled out, or be unusual, as they are just looking for their place, their joy, and who are any of us, to tell another, how to feel??

Do what you do, and like what you like, and forget all the stereotypes, the guilt, and the labels!!
By 0-00 at 22,Dec,12 09:31 other posts of 0-00 

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 23:26 other posts of JackS 
Great post!! I'm not Bi, and don't want to have sexual contact with men, but Trans fantasies, and maybe, at the right time, with a tranny lady, but she identifies with 'she' and some may see that as a cop out, and say I'm gay or Bi, but I like what I like, and think that those labels are crap!
Just love who you love, and fuck whomever gets you off, and who cares!??
Why does someone have to be 'straight' or 'gay' or 'Bi'? Why can't we just love what we love in the moment, and have that joy without labels and stigmas?

By lovetolickyou at 15,Mar,20 02:20 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I've never really been that into romance when I'm with most guys. There's something really drawing me to the idea of romancing a really pretty cross-dresser or trans. I'd do anything with the right person.

By James8989 at 14,Mar,20 23:38 other posts of James8989 
Kik me jamfid89 for shemale pics

By 0-00 at 22,Dec,12 09:44 other posts of 0-00 
I am totally turned on by feminine shemales and would love to have a sexual relation with one. Just thinking of sucking a shemale cock always gives me a rock hard raging boner. I spend hours browsing shemale web sites and jacking off to hot ladyboys. I cannot say the same for a "normal" man though, thinking of a sexual relationship with a man is a turn off for me. Does this make me bi? - I would say so, but with limits.

By Ablaze at 21,Dec,12 07:54 other posts of Ablaze 
I like shemales, it is perfect for me - I turn on by a cock, but don't like male body and won't to have a gay relationship, and when I fuck with boys I prefere younger and looking very female. So, I even don't know if I'm a bisexual r not - I just like cocks and ass-holes and anal sex, but don't feel any attraction to men if I don't see their cocks.

By #176420 at 19,Nov,11 20:55
Not into them at all. Like real men.
By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 09:45
And real men will like you. That hing is nice!

By #180425 at 19,Nov,11 14:02
Shemales are hot! Love 'em too
By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 09:44
You have a very sexy cock.Thx for pix. Oh ya, I love shemales too!And crossdressers

By #6437 at 20,Dec,12 06:53
I love shemales, wish my wife was one

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