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Double anal 21,Aug,18 09:46
Anal gape 15,Mar,16 17:56
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By Ablaze at 21,Mar,21 14:13
I don't know and I don't care. I just prefere my body and the bodies of my partners totaly shaved, a little bit pubis hair only. I don't feel this less masculine, only much more refinated as a body. The body hair is not what makes you man.

By Ablaze at 18,Feb,21 07:36

By Ablaze at 13,Sep,20 08:50
I will love to fuck your beautiful ass. I enjoy the both sides of the anal sex.

By Ablaze at 12,Sep,20 10:46
I'm bi and love getting fucked in the ass, specialy by big and thick cock, that makes me feel well filed.

By Ablaze at 10,Sep,20 05:41
To be licked gently and then fucked raw is fucking awesome!

By Ablaze at 09,Sep,20 07:20
Exactly. Very raw by big thick cock or double anal. The anal orgasm is very powerful.

By Ablaze at 09,Sep,20 07:18
I don't know. Just looking on beautiful cock turns me on. I want to suck it, fuck it, make it cum.

By Ablaze at 09,Sep,20 06:52
My hairy wide open cum hole

By Ablaze at 09,Sep,20 05:46
I'm uncut and I fuck with both, but I think I prefer suck cut cock. Sometimes the scar of circumsicion looks very hot.

By Ablaze at 03,Sep,20 16:08
Above 8 years old

By Ablaze at 03,Sep,20 16:06
Not so much of the cock here but balls and nice view to well fucked ass

By Ablaze at 03,Sep,20 16:04
I love watching other men cum and play with beautiful cocks to make them cum.

By Ablaze at 01,Sep,20 08:24

By Ablaze at 01,Sep,20 08:15

By Ablaze at 01,Sep,20 08:10

By Ablaze at 18,Jul,20 04:44
Thank you

By Ablaze at 11,Jul,20 05:25
I love watching my partners sucking other cocks. That definitely turns me on.

By Ablaze at 11,Jul,20 05:23

By Ablaze at 03,Jul,20 05:22

By Ablaze at 18,Jun,20 06:02
Turns me on even thinking about it. I prefere to have sex with dark schocolate cock, possible BBC, Latin, Indian or Arabic.

By Ablaze at 16,Jun,20 10:24
I'm uncut but love make sex with cut. May be because they are different.

By Ablaze at 16,Jun,20 10:03
Good enough to take it in my ass

By Ablaze at 14,Jun,20 05:08

By Ablaze at 11,Jun,20 08:54

By Ablaze at 07,Jun,20 09:32
Usually I use condom, but if the cock of my partner is too much thick and can't wear a condom, I let him fuck me without. It happened 2-3 times.

By Ablaze at 21,May,20 08:46

By Ablaze at 21,May,20 07:39
I like big areols.

By Ablaze at 21,May,20 07:38

By Ablaze at 21,May,20 06:55
As teenager I was forced to blowjob 2 guys in a abandoned building. They allured me there. I was skinny and shy kind of boy and they was older, bigger and stronger. I refused but they was gross, they hit me and they threated me that they will beat me. Anyway I had already homosexual experience I was very scared and started to suck them both. My fear made me suck them and made them cum very fast. They forced me to swallow the semen. They was very satisfied one of them even kissed me in the mouth and touched my cock. Not sure I like or not that anyway.

By Ablaze at 21,May,20 06:34
I enjoy smoke pot and snuff coke or crystals before, after, during sex. I like sex on drugs more, the feelings are stronger.

By Ablaze at 20,May,20 09:04
I always get hard as I watch other penis I like. Sometimes it is really disturbing.

By Ablaze at 19,May,20 14:12
About 20 years + and -

By Ablaze at 19,May,20 12:02
Will like to make you gape

By Ablaze at 19,May,20 06:07
I eat it or spread on my cock and asshole. I like the smell and feeling of fresh cum.

By Ablaze at 18,May,20 19:45

By Ablaze at 18,May,20 19:27

By Ablaze at 03,May,20 11:12
The first time anal fuck experience I had as a teenager. It was really painful and difficult but only in the begining. After some minutes I liked the felling to be filled a lot. The cock of my partner was not very long but thicker than my wrist. We was fucking each other regulary for months.

By Ablaze at 28,Apr,20 06:49
Wonderful gape

By Ablaze at 30,Mar,20 07:14
Definitely I get horny watching big cock.

By Ablaze at 15,Mar,20 08:37
A fuck buddy neighbor

By Ablaze at 15,Mar,20 08:36

By Ablaze at 08,Mar,20 08:29
Group sex orgies

By Ablaze at 31,Jan,20 11:26

By Ablaze at 24,Jan,20 14:51
No one is realy straight.

By Ablaze at 05,Dec,19 17:32

By Ablaze at 06,Nov,19 06:07
A boy wich was my neighbor. I taught him how to masturbate, to suck, fuck and have a dick in the ass. We share much pleasures together.

By Ablaze at 23,Sep,19 14:26
I'm loving it! I have nothing against people go totally naked in public.

By Ablaze at 23,Sep,19 14:01
To view beautiful big cocks, boobs and asses and to have new sexual partners all over the world.

By Ablaze at 23,Sep,19 13:53
I can but is very hard

By Ablaze at 12,Sep,19 11:24
I love it