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Started by #173263 at 28,Nov,11 09:25
Would you like to be a sex slave tied up and fucked and forced to suck cock.

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By #580363 at 04,Apr,19 12:10
yes please I am a bondage slut I love being tied up and letting men give me their dicks wrapping their hands around my throat and choking me as they pounding my ass

By submissivemartyn at 11,Apr,18 01:04 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Love being tied up not knowing what the person has in store for me.

By #552520 at 10,Apr,18 19:26
Hell yes I am bondage slut love be used and abuse by men let them fuck my ass and choking on big dick

By submwmnh at 07,Apr,18 23:18 other posts of submwmnh 
It's a long time fantasy of mine.

By Lenatur at 05,Apr,18 05:59 other posts of Lenatur 
By t-rex at 07,Apr,18 19:56 other posts of t-rex 
Hot picture

By #553253 at 05,Apr,18 05:43
I love being tied up, and blindfolded. You never know whos going to fuck you! Love group parties! We have a sex club here, so being bound and being taken is a choice, but being forced is better!

By biandy at 03,Nov,17 11:13 other posts of biandy 
Love to be tied up flogged fucked and if forced suck cock

By licksipsuckit at 02,Nov,17 06:10 other posts of licksipsuckit 

some of aussiemans handy work at different times *lix*

By #542421 at 02,Nov,17 01:55
I love being tied up but the best bit is the foreplay. I get off on being tortured while restrained. It usually ends with me sucking and getting ducked in bondage before Iím allowed a really intense orgasm

By #525035 at 01,Nov,17 20:49
I have experimented, with light bondage, think I would like to try more.

By submissivemartyn at 29,Oct,17 05:55 other posts of submissivemartyn 
When me and my ex wife got into B.D.S.M she used to tie me up and use a dildo in my ass and later she bought a strap-on and used to fuck me with it!Much later we met a Master online. /blogs/33063.html

By #188764 at 28,Nov,11 19:03
I've found that BDSM - for me at least - is much better as fantasy than in reality. Maybe I gave up too soon, but I now keep my submissive inclinations confined to masturbation fantasies.
By stickyknickers at 29,Nov,11 01:17 other posts of stickyknickers 
Sorry to hear that. You must have had a bad experience?
By #188764 at 17,Dec,11 07:44
Not really a bad experience, just not as erotic as I hoped it would be. It basically didn't live up to my fantasies..

By #79498 at 17,Dec,11 12:34
I've found that sometimes it's hotter as fantasy. But sometimes, it's SOOO much hotter in reality. Some guys are better at inflicting pain and making their subs feel like they exist only to serve them than others. I've really only had one good bdsm experience. the others have been mediocre at best.

By #216929 at 17,Dec,11 07:53
non sense. what type of enjoyment anybody can get from bondage? Meaningless fantasy.
By #188764 at 17,Dec,11 08:03
The same could be said for any kind of kink... if you don't get off on the particular kink or fetish. You could just as easily ask what kind of enjoyment a man could get from licking and sucking a woman's feet. Foot-worship doesn't do anything for me, but it's undeniably arousing for some men. If a kink is intensely satisfying, then it certainly isn't "meaningless".

By stickyknickers at 28,Nov,11 12:13 other posts of stickyknickers 
If I knew and trusted the other person, then YES!!!!
By #164428 at 28,Nov,11 14:00
Hi, Sweetheart! Sorry I've been away so much. Now back to the subject: I agree with stickyknickers. If it's a known person I trust implicitly, then yes.

For the record, SK, I would totally let you do it.
By stickyknickers at 29,Nov,11 01:16 other posts of stickyknickers 
And I would let you use me, too!

By vebi at 28,Nov,11 22:37 other posts of vebi 

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