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By t-rex at 22,Jun,19 07:51
I once was on the phone with a friend as she walked into the ladies room at work and I talked to her as she played with herself and sent pictures as she did, she came quite quickly, it was awesome, I wished I could have been there 👍

By t-rex at 02,Jun,19 08:16

By t-rex at 18,May,19 07:56
I love when a warm mouth wraps around my soft cock, the warm wetness against my soft cock making it grow. The wet lips sucking my balls, sliding back up my cock, nibbling at the head, then swallowing my hard cock slowly. Working up faster and faster. Letting it pop out of their mouth as it flops around, sucking it back in as their hands caress my balls, working faster and faster towards making me cum . Alternating sucking with stroking, feeling my balls tighten, they get ready for my cum, feeling it shooting into their mouth, letting it roll back onto my cock and balls. Taking their time cleaning it all up as I go soft again, my cock still in their mouth, just as it started . Damn, I need a cigarette

By t-rex at 08,May,19 04:51

By t-rex at 14,Apr,19 11:53
So many variables, but I would if I could

By t-rex at 13,Apr,19 04:12

By t-rex at 13,Apr,19 04:11

By t-rex at 13,Apr,19 04:09

By t-rex at 08,Apr,19 16:35

By t-rex at 07,Apr,19 09:23
Mine also was Debbie does Dallas, must have been a famous flick

By t-rex at 07,Apr,19 06:28
It doesn’t seem to be easy to find one anywhere.

By t-rex at 30,Mar,19 07:25
It is nice 👍

By t-rex at 23,Mar,19 17:19
9.5 👍

By t-rex at 17,Mar,19 08:25

By t-rex at 10,Mar,19 18:29

By t-rex at 09,Mar,19 21:33
You are lucky he didn’t get pissed about you stepping on him

By t-rex at 09,Mar,19 21:08
I get more copperheads, I think because I have water close by, I have always heard they like to be near water, but I don’t know that this is true

By t-rex at 09,Mar,19 21:04
While you were still standing on him ?

By t-rex at 27,Feb,19 23:54

By t-rex at 23,Feb,19 06:46
I remember playing doctor many times at a younger age, I think it is common couriosity 😃

By t-rex at 23,Feb,19 06:42
I love watching men and women cum 😃

By t-rex at 23,Feb,19 06:39

By t-rex at 23,Feb,19 06:30

By t-rex at 20,Feb,19 09:37
Tell some of the best 😃

By t-rex at 20,Feb,19 08:46

By t-rex at 20,Feb,19 08:42
mine erected also

By t-rex at 17,Feb,19 07:33
Both outstanding people and deserve the title no matter what 👍

By t-rex at 16,Feb,19 18:06

By t-rex at 16,Feb,19 18:04

By t-rex at 16,Feb,19 18:02

By t-rex at 16,Feb,19 17:56

By t-rex at 16,Feb,19 08:43

By t-rex at 09,Feb,19 23:11

By t-rex at 09,Feb,19 14:14

By t-rex at 09,Feb,19 14:08
Not an option, but I love it 😘

By t-rex at 09,Feb,19 12:13
Taco 😃

By t-rex at 09,Feb,19 03:19
Beyoncé 😃

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 22:58
Very hot 😃

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 22:54

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 22:51
Very nice 👍

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 22:51
Looking good

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 22:50
Nice cock

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 22:50

By t-rex at 02,Feb,19 09:51
Beautiful 😃

By t-rex at 30,Jan,19 00:58
You are correct, Ms. Pelas is smokin, and with those boobs and those lips, how can you go wrong 👍

By t-rex at 19,Jan,19 12:07

By t-rex at 12,Jan,19 09:54

By t-rex at 06,Jan,19 23:49

By t-rex at 06,Jan,19 23:47
Lucky man 😃

By t-rex at 06,Jan,19 18:53