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By t-rex at 27,Feb,21 09:16
Yes 😃

By t-rex at 17,Dec,20 19:45

By t-rex at 21,May,20 07:18
I love them all 😃

By t-rex at 03,Apr,20 07:47

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62 this month and still going strong

By t-rex at 30,Mar,20 18:29
Thank you buddy

By t-rex at 28,Mar,20 09:05
I say she is doing a 10 👍

By t-rex at 28,Mar,20 09:00
Nice 👍

By t-rex at 28,Mar,20 08:58

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62 next month

By t-rex at 28,Mar,20 08:51
Yes, wish I was there too 😃

By t-rex at 14,Mar,20 07:14
I love both

By t-rex at 12,Jan,20 06:01
Looks like great fun 👍

By t-rex at 04,Jan,20 00:21
Thanks, Iím not caught up on all the Marvel movies yet, so I canít watch the Endgame yet, I have heard tons of different things

By t-rex at 03,Jan,20 01:16
I havenít had time yet, any good recommendations ?

By t-rex at 30,Dec,19 19:41

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 16:52
Yes,, and they love wearing them, we donít even have to trick them into it 😃

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 12:23

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 09:35
I always sleep naked, I especially love when I have someone sleep over, I always snuggle up, I love a warm body against my naked cock 😃

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 09:18
Sorry, I know we all have some issues, Iíll hope the best for you, maybe one day she will change 😃

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 08:12
Does she eat your cum ?

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 08:06
But you are the one eating it, and she gets to enjoy the tongue lashing 😃

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 07:53
I would cum on them, but I canít shoot that far 😳

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 07:05
A reason I love to see yoga pants on women, I canít help but look down there

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 06:51
I have the same thing, and I had the same problem, lube that baby up, slip your cock in and the suction is amazing

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 06:48
Usually who Iím with sucks my cock every time, unless itís a quickie where I just pull her skirt or dress up and slip it in , the same as licking pussy, I love doing it, so it usually happens before or after

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 06:29
What does she have against it ?

By t-rex at 05,Oct,19 08:17
I had played with some pussies earlier, but it wasnít until 16 that I got to actually eat a pussy, it was awesome, we had plenty of time, so I didnít have to rush. We ended up in a 69, and when she sucked my cock, I went crazy on her pussy

By t-rex at 29,Sep,19 21:49

By t-rex at 29,Sep,19 16:27
I just love to eat pussy , shaved or not, I need one now 😃

By t-rex at 22,Sep,19 16:19
Yes, very messy, but tons of fun 😃

By t-rex at 22,Sep,19 16:17
Great cock

By t-rex at 22,Sep,19 16:08
How do you keep the damn thing in ??? Lol

By t-rex at 15,Sep,19 08:25

By t-rex at 15,Sep,19 08:21

By t-rex at 15,Sep,19 08:16
Shame on her

By t-rex at 15,Sep,19 08:03

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61 1/2

By t-rex at 15,Sep,19 07:51
That would be crazy to get blacklisted for giving someone a compliment, so sorry it happened, maybe it was by accident and the person didnít realize they did it and will undo it 👍

By t-rex at 02,Sep,19 21:51
Yes, it feels so great pounding up against an ass, you can smack it, or just enjoy your balls slapping against it

By t-rex at 31,Aug,19 21:04
Hand jobs can be fantastic, especially if the person giving it, loves it too . They really get into it, and it makes it so much better .

By t-rex at 21,Aug,19 04:21

By t-rex at 12,Aug,19 20:34

By t-rex at 11,Aug,19 07:50
I honestly love licking pussy so much I donít need instant gratification, I know I will get mine after they recover 😃

By t-rex at 03,Aug,19 05:46

By t-rex at 08,Jul,19 03:10

By t-rex at 07,Jul,19 19:21
It feels great no matter how big you are 😃

By t-rex at 07,Jul,19 19:20

By t-rex at 07,Jul,19 19:03
Exactly , why hurry 😃

By t-rex at 07,Jul,19 18:44
With there mouth 😂

By t-rex at 22,Jun,19 07:51
I once was on the phone with a friend as she walked into the ladies room at work and I talked to her as she played with herself and sent pictures as she did, she came quite quickly, it was awesome, I wished I could have been there 👍

By t-rex at 02,Jun,19 08:16

By t-rex at 18,May,19 07:56
I love when a warm mouth wraps around my soft cock, the warm wetness against my soft cock making it grow. The wet lips sucking my balls, sliding back up my cock, nibbling at the head, then swallowing my hard cock slowly. Working up faster and faster. Letting it pop out of their mouth as it flops around, sucking it back in as their hands caress my balls, working faster and faster towards making me cum . Alternating sucking with stroking, feeling my balls tighten, they get ready for my cum, feeling it shooting into their mouth, letting it roll back onto my cock and balls. Taking their time cleaning it all up as I go soft again, my cock still in their mouth, just as it started . Damn, I need a cigarette