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when was the earliest you had sex with a guy...

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Started by #181371 at 20,Dec,11 02:21
when i was about 8 i fucked one of my cousins...then for 4 years i had sex with three more of my cousins and two friends and i enjoyed it a u have sex with them every other week.

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By lawrenceo at 07,Jan,19 09:09 other posts of lawrenceo 
11, when I was a boy scout

By 3fdfd at 10,Dec,18 18:23 other posts of 3fdfd 
Try 75 ... if you can believe that. Local guy I met on Silver Daddies

By cmsdude at 10,Dec,18 15:10 other posts of cmsdude 
I was 11 my freind about 14, we used to touch each other through our pants. We pashed a few times, then one day he started to rub my cock and then went down on me. I was too young to cum. I then sucked him for a while, he finished himself off. It was the first time id seen cum

By #568296 at 09,Dec,18 19:33
When 11 my 16 year old cousin got naked in bed with me. His hard cock poking me while he undressed me. He gagged me with socks and fucked me in my ass.

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 00:33
I remember when I was 14 i come to visit my friend.His mom was out so we started looking at her panties.We both found a panties and put them on.We were both hard and I liked how his ass looks in panties.I said I will fuck his sexy ass and my friend agrred.So I spit on my dick, pulled his panties to side and started sliding my cock.It wasn't going in well so I spit on his asshole as well and felt my dick head inside him.I pulled it out and slide it back in.He liked it.I started fu king him slowly.I blew my load on his ass.

By boc at 01,Jul,18 16:59 other posts of boc 
That would be the first time I masturbated.

By #188764 at 23,Dec,11 08:20
The first real sex (as opposed to just showing off dicks) was at age 12, with three similar-age boys in the neighborhood. Feeling up each others boners, rubbing them together in sword-fights, jacking ourselves and each other, tentative cock-sucking on dares.

There was one boy in particular that I got together with one-on-one. We would wrestle - usually naked - and the loser would have to suck the winner's cock. (I sometimes lost on purpose!)
By bil47 at 01,Jul,18 16:55 other posts of bil47 
I had a similar experience with naked wrestling with a couple friends. Such a great memory!

By thicknsmooth at 01,Jul,18 00:17 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I was 8 years old and so was he the whole story in detail is in my blog please read it and let me know what you think

By ThickBigDick at 30,Jun,18 16:40 other posts of ThickBigDick 
I was 12 my friend 17. Cum to my page and i will tell you the whole story. Jerked together for over a year. You can even call me about my jerk off buddies.

By 67malibu at 29,Jun,18 14:27 other posts of 67malibu 
touchin and strokin,13

By #551686 at 29,Jun,18 11:29
I was 13 he was 52, loved it.

By cody8789 at 25,Jun,18 11:08 other posts of cody8789 
I didn't even know what sex was at 10, at 14 I didn't care about having sex, too interested in playing with my friends, no, not that kind of playing

By lawrenceo at 25,Jun,18 02:20 other posts of lawrenceo 
11; but regularly with other boys from 13.

By CountryCouple54 at 23,Jun,18 16:09 other posts of CountryCouple54 
At 6 am

By #560220 at 23,Jun,18 14:45
i was 10 yrs old my best friend in 4th grade kissed me and i liked it, so we went to his room were we started sucking each other, we had lots of fun,then one day when we were around 12 we found out more came from our dicks then pee

By allin4oral at 23,Jun,18 13:50 other posts of allin4oral 
we were both 12 when we sucked each other.

By tinypeepee at 23,Jun,18 05:58 other posts of tinypeepee 
I didn't experience another guy's cock until I was 21. He told me he was 8.5 inches - I didn't believe him until we were in bed - despite the warning I was really shocked - I didn't know a penis could be that big...and so thick! I realised straight away that I was the passive receiver - it hurt so much that I ended up sucking him off - I loved it!

By #539358 at 23,Jun,18 04:16
Like most here, I was aged 11. Me and my best friend would go up to his room and started to talk about our dicks. We showed each other which then progressed to dry wanking each otherís and rubbing them together which always felt amazing. My abiding memory is that his was much longer than mine and he could pull his foreskin back and I couldnít. I was amazed when I found out there was a pink head underneath that skin!

By lawrenceo at 23,Jun,18 02:48 other posts of lawrenceo 
one way passive, 11; mutual 14

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 12:48
When I was 10 years old maybe 4 my cousins **** over at my house.We had a big bed so all of them including me got to **** together in there.So we were three boys all same age and a girl cousin one year older.So when parents left the room we weren't sleeping.Someone started touching one another and we felt somehow like adults in a big bed.Two my cousins acted like having anal sex.Another showed his small dick.But mostly interested I was in that girl as she joined us and pulled down her panties and first time I saw girls pussy from that close.It was little hairy and hot so it didn't smell nice, but I still touched her.

By liketoedge at 06,May,18 10:36 other posts of liketoedge 
i masturbated with a cousin spending the night when we were young. He ask if i knew how and lied and said no. Then ask him to show me how. Twice while growning up i liad about knowing how. once with a cousin and another time with a friend and then asked them to show me how. little did either of them know i had been reguarly masturbating since i was 8

By #149428 at 22,Dec,11 23:05
i used to suck my friend's dick quite often back in high school
By 3fdfd at 23,Dec,11 07:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
He suck you ? Was he as big as you ? You're really long.

By ghostfuck at 21,Dec,11 00:23 other posts of ghostfuck 
12. I started sucking & fucking & getting fucked by 3 neighbor boys. They didn"t know about each other. Did 1 of them about every other day for over a year.

By JeffinKS at 20,Dec,11 09:05 other posts of JeffinKS 
I was also 8 when I started to have sex with a close friend... we would suck on each others cock all day.

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