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By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 10:32
Yup !

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 10:21
I think yours are great. Don't shave. Your cock is really nice looking. Keep the pubes

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 10:13
Mine hides too ... but you have more "undergrowth" than I do. Really looks great on you.

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 09:18
The kind of bush that never should be shaved

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 09:15

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

I started growing them in at age 12. The last thing I would do would be to shave them, although the hospital has done so. They grew back

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:56
One of the best on the site

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:56
Great hairy body

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:55
You look great 👍

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:53
Could I hold it ?

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:51
The way an adult male ought to look

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:50
Fully agree

By 3fdfd at 12,Jul,19 03:49
Great ... nice bush. Glad you don't shave

By 3fdfd at 11,Jul,19 06:13
That is a beautiful head

By 3fdfd at 11,Jul,19 06:06
Great head on your dick

By 3fdfd at 11,Jul,19 06:05
Nice large soft dick. He looks good hairy..

By 3fdfd at 06,Jul,19 05:59
Your bush is one of the better ones here in SYD

By 3fdfd at 04,Jul,19 08:27
You walk around outside like that all the time ?

By 3fdfd at 04,Jul,19 08:26
Nice chest hair

By 3fdfd at 04,Jul,19 08:25
Great looking guy

By 3fdfd at 04,Jul,19 08:20
Me ....I never did

By 3fdfd at 03,Jul,19 13:35
Glad you don't shave

By 3fdfd at 03,Jul,19 13:33
That is one nice hairy dick

By 3fdfd at 03,Jul,19 13:30

By 3fdfd at 03,Jul,19 13:28
Hairy guy with a big dick

By 3fdfd at 03,Jul,19 13:28
Woof !

By 3fdfd at 03,Jul,19 13:26
One of my long-time favorite hairy men

By 3fdfd at 24,Jun,19 07:13
The ideal penis that I would like to have mine look like is the penis of a good friend who lives in Upstate New York.

By 3fdfd at 14,Jun,19 15:54
That is really nice

By 3fdfd at 11,Jun,19 08:13
Actually I am glad it escaped

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 22:07
Glad to see an American guy close to my age uncut. There aren't all that many of us

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 22:04
Another reason not to cut cocks. Yours is beautiful

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 22:02
You are "exhibit #1" on why cocks should be left uncut

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 17:26
Nice & big

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 17:26
A bit bigger than anything I could do

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 17:25
This one is great

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 17:22
Great bulge

By 3fdfd at 08,Jun,19 23:58
Great chest hair

By 3fdfd at 07,Jun,19 17:55
Great balls too

By 3fdfd at 07,Jun,19 17:54

By 3fdfd at 05,Jun,19 07:18
Whatever they are, they are what I want if you share your cock with me.

By 3fdfd at 05,Jun,19 07:16
You look great. Don't shave

By 3fdfd at 31,May,19 08:07
Great pictures look really good hairy

By 3fdfd at 29,May,19 15:44
Love to see you with a full bush. You have a pics of you like that ?

By 3fdfd at 29,May,19 15:43
Me too

By 3fdfd at 29,May,19 06:56
Impressive ...nice large dick

By 3fdfd at 29,May,19 06:44
Nice big balls

By 3fdfd at 29,May,19 06:20
You know what I think of your dick

By 3fdfd at 26,May,19 22:31
You have a nice looking hard dick

By 3fdfd at 24,May,19 07:17
I'd make a list of 10/12 of my favorite guys I have on my friends list here. Put the names in a hat and draw out one. I'd love to suck whichever one who was drawn. Suck, jack off, play with whichever cock. All have cocks I am attracted to.

By 3fdfd at 23,May,19 16:13
That's one I really like