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By 3fdfd at 28,Dec,19 22:03
Very nice

By 3fdfd at 28,Dec,19 22:02
Nice & thick soft

By 3fdfd at 28,Dec,19 21:48
Very tame ... enjoyed looking at the guys in the shower during high school. Nothing beyond just looking & later jacking off to a few I liked. No internet back in those days, so I had to remember what the guy's cock looked like. Saw a few really large ones when I went to college a few years later. A couple of those I still remember all these years later.

By 3fdfd at 21,Dec,19 21:08
beautiful ,,, soft or semi ... either way

By 3fdfd at 21,Dec,19 21:07
You know me & your cock .... soft, large, in between

By 3fdfd at 21,Dec,19 18:48
Love your dick but it really does look better hairy - but that's just me.

By 3fdfd at 21,Dec,19 18:45
You know I am hoping that you come down & we could go for a walk in the woods

By 3fdfd at 20,Dec,19 08:14
Foreskin coverage looks great.

By 3fdfd at 19,Dec,19 19:08
Me too ... if I'm that lucky

By 3fdfd at 19,Dec,19 19:07
Uncircumcised is hot

By 3fdfd at 19,Dec,19 19:06
A favorite cock belonging to a real nice guy

By 3fdfd at 19,Dec,19 19:05
A large soft cock is always attractive

By 3fdfd at 19,Dec,19 19:01
What makes your cock so attractive is its pubic hair. Nice bush.

By 3fdfd at 11,Dec,19 01:02
Not only the cock but also the hair

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,19 11:02
Jayman - you know I love your cock but no way are you "average."

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,19 11:01
"Average" guy would trade cocks with you at the "drop of a hat."

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,19 10:58
Large than average. Certainly thicker than average.

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,19 10:57
7" is way above "average" 4.75" - 6.5" is more like it; isn't average about 5.25/5.5 ?

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,19 10:54
Jeff, my friend. You ain't average ! You have a lot more than the "average" guy.

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,19 10:51
I've never used lube. Never heard of lube when I was 14 and never knew I needed it at 14. Worked just fine. Still works fine without lube

By 3fdfd at 26,Nov,19 00:17
I guess that lets me out

By 3fdfd at 19,Nov,19 09:11
A guy got killed at a Popeye's in Prince George's County, Maryland, a week for so ago. All over a chicken sandwich.

By 3fdfd at 19,Nov,19 09:08
Nice big cockhead

By 3fdfd at 19,Nov,19 09:05
That one sure fits the requirements

By 3fdfd at 18,Nov,19 08:51
One time I got to suck an uncut guy who was about 7" Beautiful cock but it really was too big for me. I guess I am not skilled enough to take on larger cocks.

By 3fdfd at 16,Nov,19 17:39
Nice hairy chest

By 3fdfd at 05,Nov,19 07:00
Your hairy contribution is always welcome

By 3fdfd at 05,Nov,19 06:52
Decent size dick !

By 3fdfd at 05,Nov,19 06:48
Nice !

By 3fdfd at 05,Nov,19 06:47
Sure does !

By 3fdfd at 03,Nov,19 15:03
And nice balls too

By 3fdfd at 27,Oct,19 05:05
That's a great looking uncut dick

By 3fdfd at 22,Oct,19 08:34
At birth - it was what was done when I was born. My Dad wasn't circumcised however.

By 3fdfd at 22,Oct,19 01:31
Great bush & a really nice looking uncut dick

By 3fdfd at 20,Oct,19 20:19
Not all that small plus you are one hairy guy

By 3fdfd at 20,Oct,19 20:18
Far more guys have small dicks than have big dicks.

By 3fdfd at 16,Oct,19 22:27
Your model is about the same age as my model but there's quite a bit more of your model than there is of mine

By 3fdfd at 11,Oct,19 17:08
For me it's been over 2 months. My friend & I haven't been able to match schedules. Last time we sat naked next to one another in the sofa. Nice to reach out and get to hold his cock.

By 3fdfd at 11,Oct,19 07:33
Really nice. You look great hairy.

By 3fdfd at 10,Oct,19 17:35
That is an impressive dick

By 3fdfd at 09,Oct,19 05:59
I think I am smaller than you.

By 3fdfd at 05,Oct,19 08:15
May be one of the largest erections of any of the guys at your work place

By 3fdfd at 04,Oct,19 09:40
This one is really nice

By 3fdfd at 01,Oct,19 23:41

By 3fdfd at 01,Oct,19 14:07
I agree

By 3fdfd at 01,Oct,19 07:01
Nice thick cock

By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,19 13:58
Nice to see your hairy balls hanging out

By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,19 13:56
Yup ... we really can see your dick

By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,19 13:52
I like it when a guy keeps things natural.

By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,19 13:49
Some but not much in my case.