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would you fuck me?

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Started by #218197 at 31,Dec,11 23:03
love to know.... this goes for the girls too

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New Comment

By young_dude at 01,Feb,18 06:37 other posts of young_dude 
Definitely no

By uturn67 at 21,Jan,18 12:05 other posts of uturn67 

By bigone21 at 27,Apr,12 19:18 other posts of bigone21 
please NO!
By #218197 at 29,Apr,12 23:21
, why not?
By bigone21 at 30,Apr,12 18:23 other posts of bigone21 
because i don't fuck guys with a belly! only slim guys for me!
By Austin at 20,Jan,18 02:07 other posts of Austin 

By #252751 at 26,Apr,12 18:50
nice ass to fuck

By kmauf at 24,Apr,12 23:37 other posts of kmauf 
In a minute. Would.you fuck me?

By Vita at 08,Apr,12 00:26 other posts of Vita 
yes peter gladly ... and you me ??!!
By #218197 at 08,Apr,12 23:36
, i'd love to so much. i'm mainly bottom though
By Vita at 09,Apr,12 00:59 other posts of Vita 
oookay no problem !!!
By #218197 at 09,Apr,12 23:07
By Vita at 11,Apr,12 12:51 other posts of Vita 

By #147052 at 19,Mar,12 10:21
how many times?

By dah1692 at 15,Mar,12 22:59 other posts of dah1692 
Nah srry

By ghostfuck at 07,Mar,12 20:42 other posts of ghostfuck 
I want fuck and be fucked by you

By #135959 at 04,Mar,12 00:03
Sure would
By #218197 at 04,Mar,12 21:49
mmmmmmm, will you be gentle with me?
By #135959 at 05,Mar,12 20:36
To start but I can't promise it won't get a little rough
By #218197 at 05,Mar,12 21:50
ohh god i could cum... would you make me beg?
By #135959 at 06,Mar,12 21:25
Yeah your going to beg but I wont let you cum yet
By #218197 at 06,Mar,12 22:01
ohh gosh, please let me cum??? please?
By #135959 at 07,Mar,12 16:56
OK you can cum but only if you cum in my mouth

By bigone21 at 01,Mar,12 14:09 other posts of bigone21 
no... belly!
By #218197 at 01,Mar,12 22:11
By bigone21 at 02,Mar,12 13:10 other posts of bigone21 
no, i would not like to fuck you, you have a belly..!
By pifad at 04,Mar,12 03:22 other posts of pifad 
peter, I like your belly. Get at me

By pifad at 02,Jan,12 01:44 other posts of pifad 
I'll fuck you. Anytime
By #218197 at 27,Feb,12 21:54
mmmmmm, did you find my ass arousing?
By pifad at 28,Feb,12 04:28 other posts of pifad 
Yes, I do.
By #218197 at 02,Mar,12 22:51
will u be gentle?
By pifad at 04,Mar,12 03:20 other posts of pifad 
I'll make sweet love to your ass

By aktfoto1 at 03,Mar,12 17:42 other posts of aktfoto1 

By #147052 at 28,Feb,12 10:06
Is the Pope catholic?
By #218197 at 28,Feb,12 22:21
do you want me?
By #147052 at 01,Mar,12 13:19
why not....but you are too far away!

By #218197 at 01,Jan,12 22:42
oh gosh Steffi, you are so hot. thankyou

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