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Ginger cocks

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Started by #184937 at 04,Jan,12 05:51
Ginger cock men really turn me on

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By johnnyxxx at 26,Feb,19 20:25 other posts of johnnyxxx 

By JustWill at 26,Feb,19 14:31 other posts of JustWill 
I've never encountered a cock that tasted like ginger.
I have had peanut butter, strawberry jam,whipped cream, and chocolate pudding (on different occasions), but that was because the penis in question had been covered in those substances prior to tasting.
Underneath, they were flavored.
By Dan242 at 26,Feb,19 19:42 other posts of Dan242 

By Dan242 at 26,Feb,19 03:21 other posts of Dan242 
Red haired guys are godlike! My first crush was one, I will never forget the way I felt about him. I was wondering if his pubes were red lol.

By S0bsynth at 23,Feb,19 02:00 other posts of S0bsynth 

By Redworm1963 at 16,Feb,19 18:03 other posts of Redworm1963 
A couple of mine...

By Ablaze at 16,Feb,19 17:57 other posts of Ablaze 
I had a ginger boyfriend, very horny bi-boy, we fucked and sucked many times each other, he always made a very big cum load with very thick sperm, I liked its smell and taste very much.

By freedy666 at 16,Feb,19 00:17 other posts of freedy666 

By johnnyxxx at 14,Feb,19 04:28 other posts of johnnyxxx 

By HotKouple8991 at 14,Nov,18 23:19 other posts of HotKouple8991 

By Earlybird at 29,Mar,18 16:29 other posts of Earlybird 
Some pics of my ginger cock. Comments are welcome!

Was extra-small this morning!

Starting to get back to normal!

Back to its usual soft state!


Fully erect:

By mobiusdick at 10,Dec,12 13:40 other posts of mobiusdick 
Ginger cocks rule. I think they're so hot.

By #102233 at 10,Dec,12 10:09
im ginger

By #147052 at 19,Mar,12 10:15
I love ginger and redheads from both sexes.

By #147052 at 04,Jan,12 10:21
enlighten me what is a ginger cock....other than one that belongs to ginger
By MoeJoe at 19,Mar,12 05:52 other posts of MoeJoe 
Ginger refers to color of or gingert colored...

By #230075 at 18,Mar,12 21:28
I'm also ginger

By derfel at 08,Jan,12 17:42 other posts of derfel 
Red is the best...xx

By coitus at 07,Jan,12 12:11 other posts of coitus 
I think it's about preferring cocks similar to one's own, isn't it?

By hytiger at 06,Jan,12 12:46 other posts of hytiger 
I'm ginger

By redpeener at 04,Jan,12 13:30 other posts of redpeener 
I agree.

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