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Started by hytiger at 16,Sep,09 11:45  other posts of hytiger
Are there any guy on here with Hypospadias?
If so, are there any in the UK?

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By mandlooking at 29,Sep,20 12:45 other posts of mandlooking 
I have one as well

By #623506 at 24,Sep,20 02:46
Yes I do
--------------------------------------- added after 24 minutes

By #143546 at 13,Aug,14 11:12
By hytiger at 15,Aug,14 07:41 other posts of hytiger 
very hot!

By #280720 at 08,Dec,12 04:13
Yes, I'm.
By hytiger at 09,Dec,12 04:54 other posts of hytiger 
And a beautiful one it is too!

By able2 at 08,Dec,11 11:57 other posts of able2 
Quite a few pictures of my Hypo cock on my page.

By #107983 at 25,Jan,11 15:54
I dont have it but my mates little lad had it, and he had to pee sitting down. Aged 6 he had an op to repair it,,It was so funny cos he was so proud of peeing like his dad, he would bring in a potty to the room and show anyone he could his new trick ... BLESS HIM

By pifad at 25,Jan,11 13:03 other posts of pifad 
I don't have it but am attracted to men who do. I find the hypo cock very sexy.

By #19000 at 17,Sep,09 00:43
there is same thread in this forum. but he dunno dissapear, or get deleted.

sorry dunno how to write the link
By #8288 at 18,Sep,09 03:19
It is fairly easy to copy and paste a link from somewhere else. It is functionally similar to when copying words in a text document.

1. Point your mouse cursor to the webpage address (URL) you want to copy.....usually starts "http:", but can be other types.
2. Drag your mouse cursor over the entire URL so that it is "highlighted".
3*. Right-click your mouse.
4*. Select *copy*
5. Go to where you want to place the copied link/URL.
6*. Right-click your mouse.
7*. Select *paste*.
8. Done.

* Alternatively, instead of "right-clicking" your mouse, you can also perform the same actions via the **EDIT** menu on your menu bar in your web browser (or most any other program).

URL = universal resource internet/web "address"
By #19000 at 19,Sep,09 01:20

ok here the link (the same topic)

By hytiger at 21,Sep,09 08:46 other posts of hytiger 
Thanks :)
Pity the member has deleted himself though.

By slipper at 27,Nov,10 01:48 other posts of slipper 
Or... Ctrl-c copies whatever is highlighted and Ctrl-v pastes whatever has been copied.

By #4162 at 16,Sep,09 12:34
Hypospadias is a birth defect of the urethra in the male that involves an abnormally placed urinary meatus (opening).

By #22008 at 16,Sep,09 12:37
By slipper at 27,Nov,10 01:46 other posts of slipper 
"No!" was simply a personal answer to the question... Duh!

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