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sounding - which young guys like it

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Started by #130055 at 18,Feb,12 07:01
hi, which young guys in the age from 20 to 30 years are interested in cock sounding, peehole and urethral play.

Why mostly guys in the age up to 40 years are only interested in this play? Its difficult to find like-minded people in same age!

Do you have a statemant for that behavior?

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New Comment

By #609663 at 30,Jan,20 19:00
Agree....Iím 34 and love it mate!

By spermkiss at 15,Jun,15 11:05 other posts of spermkiss 
A lot of men must get some pleasure and satisfaction from this because there are photos of it not only on this site but all over the internet. But it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Perhaps this is because when I was eight years old I had a catheter inserted for medical reasons. That was a traumatic experience. The medical technician who inserted it had someone watching and supervising him and I strongly suspect that it was his first time. He was learning on me. Are there any medical professionals out there who care to comment?

By cumonme1 at 11,Jun,15 12:44 other posts of cumonme1 
I tried it today with a knitting needle cleaned it real well lubed it and the pee hole to, then laying I on my back and guided it very slowly in my cock hole I was able to take 6 inches in my cock.

By Lenatur at 05,Jun,15 00:59 other posts of Lenatur 

--------------------------------------- added after 312 hours

She do it verry slowly , GOOD FEELING !

By Vita at 25,Jun,12 00:07 other posts of Vita 

... it is pleasant - he like it
By #130055 at 27,Jun,12 07:44
nice pic, what type of sound is it?
By Vita at 27,Jun,12 14:44 other posts of Vita 
.... a china stick !
By #130055 at 28,Jun,12 04:08
you tried also other stuff, i guess many things can be used!
By Vita at 29,Jun,12 06:53 other posts of Vita 

By Vita at 02,Aug,12 13:45 other posts of Vita 

By #128703 at 28,Jun,12 20:31
yes, had it done several times by some Thai domes and I love it

By welshlad at 27,Jun,12 09:25 other posts of welshlad 
im 22 and love it there is a few pics on my page of me sounding

By #130055 at 20,Jun,12 04:25
had anyone ideas for homemade sounding stuff, dont like these normal stainless rods, some creative things???
By hytiger at 20,Jun,12 04:54 other posts of hytiger 
Knitting needles work well, are cheap, & come in different thicknesses

By #261269 at 26,Jun,12 03:29
You can get an artist's paint brush, nice smooth shaft,and many thicknesses

By Thalio at 29,Apr,12 05:31 other posts of Thalio 
I love it

By ghostfuck at 20,Feb,12 21:18 other posts of ghostfuck 
I'm not in the age group you asked for but it is great fun!! Do be VERY careful start small & slow. Always use clean stuff.

By bigone21 at 20,Feb,12 17:01 other posts of bigone21 
i love sounding! but be carefull, don't be rough!! get used to it before you take it a step further! sterilize the stuff and use sterile lube! have fun!!

By #187578 at 19,Feb,12 01:53
What is cock sounding
By #130055 at 19,Feb,12 05:16
its stuffing things into the peehole!

for doing this you can use special rods called urethral sounds.
By #187578 at 19,Feb,12 19:16
Ouch that sounds like it hurts
By Lenatur at 20,Feb,12 06:26 other posts of Lenatur 
Be carefully its a good Feeling Check my Pic's by Lady doing !

By wilddude13579 at 19,Feb,12 23:21 other posts of wilddude13579 
love it!

By Lenatur at 18,Feb,12 07:18 other posts of Lenatur 
I love it

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