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What do women think about men that like wearing panties?

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Started by #186493 at 29,Apr,12 22:07
I've checked through the lists of previous topics, and I didn't see this posted before.

I'm wondering what women think, when a guy likes to wear soft, sexy panties, just for the feel and comfort of the soft, sensual fabrics.

Would you be upset if your boyfriend or husband told you that he liked women's panties, as daily underwear, just loving the soft, sensual feelings?

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By #551082 at 24,Feb,18 22:21
My wife loves me wearing panties. She has me paint my toes everyday to match my panties. And then i paint hers to match her panties. We both stay excited about it. Not to mention that it certainly keeps my attitude in check. Even the slightest hint of arrogance from me, she simply gives me "the look", and i know that means if im not careful that somebody other than us is about to know about my little sissyclit in my panties. Very good attitude adjuster to be intimidated with something like that !!!

By #136638 at 03,May,12 13:11
This is going to depend on the woman and how open minded she is. My wife is very open minded and has a fetish for panties herself so me wearing panties was really no big deal to her, in fact it was a huge turn on. Many woman fear if you are wearing womans panties you must like guys, why they have come to think this is confusing. Most men who wear panties are straight and either married or in a relationship with a woman. Our society is becoming more and more educated sexually and open minded sexually so thats helping many men who wear panties become accepted by the woman they are with. Also another thing is honestly, if you tell your wife or girlfriend its a lot different than being caught by her. Most woman appreciate a man being open and honest with them instead of hiding it for years and later finding out. I know I have talked with many other guys wearing panties and they hide it for years before telling there wife and to many they were surprised that she was totally fine with it, to think they could have been enjoying wearing all those years instead of hiding it from her. Telling a woman you like to wear panties can be very nerve racking for sure but be prepared for a discussion and don't just say you like wearing panties and then walk out of the room, talk to her and ease any worries she has about you wearing panties, be prepared for questions. There are many woman who do enjoy seeing a guy wearing panties, many woman have said that a guy who wears panties makes for a better lover and for much more playful and pleasureful times in the bedroom. And many have also said its brought there relationship much closer knowing that both can opening share what they enjoy and explore more things together without fear. Check out our profile for more about us.

By #164428 at 30,Apr,12 02:43
I wouldn't be upset. I like seeing men in sexy panties and stockings, but I didn't until coming here!
By dabs at 30,Apr,12 18:14 other posts of dabs 
Glad you've changed your mind

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