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Caught out in public wearing womens underwear.

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Started by delboy at 09,Sep,12 15:33  other posts of delboy
Are there any men here that have been caught out in public wearing womens panties by friends or someone you know.
A while ago I was having a drink at my local and was wearing a pair of white lacy panties under my jeans, little did I know the top of them were sticking out above the waistline at the back, there were a couple of girls behind me that I knew sniggering away, they didn,t say anything but was obvious what they seen. Just had to grin and bear it, embarrasing or what?

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By submissivemartyn at 30,Dec,20 03:32 other posts of submissivemartyn 
One day,before we split,my ex wife/Mistress made me wear a pair of her panties to work.

As I was crouching down to tidy a shelf of stuff one of my fellow workers came up behind me and told me he liked the look of my panties and wanted to see more(everyone knew he was gay).He said if I did not go to the staff changing room and show him he would tell everyone that I wore panties.Once in the changing room he led me into one of the toilet cubicles and told me to pull my trousers down.He looked at my panties and then grabbed my cock and started to rub it over my panties.When my cock was hard he pulled his trousers and underwear down showing me his erect cock.He then pushed me down to my knees and told me to suck him off.After he had cum in my mouth we both dressed and he told me next time he caught me wearing panties he was going to fuck me in the ass.The whole experience made me feel embarrassed,humiliated and turned on all at the same time.

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 08:12
I wore these sexy red thongs, under my jeans that day and I went shopping.In the city centre I met two my friends and we went for a walk. We talked, I felt tight thong between my ass cheeks and felt hot.Then I droped my phone accidentally and when I bent over they saw red panties I was wearing.One of him grabbed those panties and started giving me a wedge.I asked to stop and they told me to show how do I look in thosr panties.I pulled my pants down and posed for them ,bent over and showed my butt in red thongs.They looked aroused and turned on.My friend slapped my buttcheek and said to pull up my pants.They said my ass looked hotter than some of the girls they know.

By lahbr at 21,Aug,15 19:43 other posts of lahbr 

I was caught in dressingroom in a shop. I wanted to try on a new pant and I saw a man in the mirror who spy to me with a smile in his face
By licksipsuckit at 22,Aug,15 22:40 other posts of licksipsuckit 
was it the pair youre wearing here?? they'd of made him smile for sure *lix*

By 0-00 at 25,Feb,18 02:18 other posts of 0-00 
Underwear in my country may not be tried on for health reasons. Security staff prevent anyone from taking underwear into fitting rooms. Purchased underwear may also not be returned if the packaging seal is broken. I support this policy, some people have really bad hygiene habits and I sure dont want to be purchasing underwear that they may have tried on.

By #551082 at 24,Feb,18 22:34
Several years ago i wore panties to work one day. Then as i was going to the restroom and was about to go into the mens, i noticed noone was anywhere around so i went into the ladies bathroom. Just being in there was exciting but then as i went in a stall and sat down with my panties around my ankles, that really got me horny. You have to understand that there was only 1 lady that worked there so the chances of her coming in were slim to none. Well, slim to none maybe but the chance was still a possibility....and she did. These were small , two stall bathrooms. I sat so very still when i heard the door open. I knew who it was standing there snickering. Then i saw her shoes in the next stall. Then i saw3 her pants lower. Then i saw her panties around her ankles. Then i heard her call me by name & tell me that my panties were really precious and she would like to see what panties im wearing everyday from then on. I hurried up & tried to get out without her actually seeing me but she knew. Boy, did she know !!!

By #496073 at 21,Aug,15 09:38
was caught by my ex wife wearing a pink thong she was confused
By bella! at 19,May,17 04:57 other posts of bella! 
Sadly, I don't believe that Gingy23 will ever see my query to respond, but if he does and he's inclined to respond, I would like to ask what was your spouse's confusion?

By #455846 at 19,May,17 04:28
I have a friend that often looks to see what pants I m wearing, from the back above my jeans (like when I m playing pool). So apart from going comando I wear a few of my 'different' styles, just to give them that little thrill. If I noticed another guy wearing lacey or frilly stuff I would notice, unless I felt like making a complimant. ("Those look cool"... maybe) Each to his/her own.

By #412225 at 15,Sep,13 18:19
i have been caught in the mall while wearing pantyhose and different stores

By bicurious45 at 26,Feb,13 00:57 other posts of bicurious45 
Yes I was caught by my stpdad I was in my room playing n he walked in mmmmmm

By delboy at 11,Sep,12 19:34 other posts of delboy 
Come on guys must be someone here
By spermkiss at 14,Sep,12 12:08 other posts of spermkiss 
Never did it and never will, but isn't the thought that you might be caught part of the thrill of doing it?

By twiggy at 14,Sep,12 01:56 other posts of twiggy 
yes i was fitting on jeans with my **** in law in a store and only realised i was still wearing my lacy black panties when i saw the strange look in his eyes

By #281008 at 11,Sep,12 21:42
yep was caught in Woolies carpark in full dress with panties showing, was so turn on

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