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Flaccid to Erect

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Started by #267489 at 07,Jun,12 17:00
Put Up a picture of your flaccid then erect cock.

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By Earlybird at 30,Mar,18 20:05 other posts of Earlybird 


By #289712 at 28,Dec,14 01:04
ready for battle

By #289712 at 28,Dec,14 01:01
soft one..

By Vita at 18,Dec,12 10:48 other posts of Vita 

By 3fdfd at 18,Dec,12 10:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
what a beautiful cock
By Vita at 22,Dec,12 13:56 other posts of Vita 
thank you very much 3fdfd for the reference !

By johnwish at 27,Dec,14 09:47 other posts of johnwish 
4 great photos.Love to see you flaccid and getting more excited until you are erect! Thanks.

By max212 at 21,Dec,14 11:41 other posts of max212 

By drew at 21,Dec,14 08:36 other posts of drew 

By metalraven13 at 20,Dec,14 20:52 other posts of metalraven13 

By #77499 at 15,Sep,14 22:38
Photo of a lizard from bplsn12

Photo of a hot dog from bplsn12

By bigone21 at 13,Sep,14 16:57 other posts of bigone21 

By #466467 at 09,Sep,14 08:30

wasn't quite flaccid - but then, it never is
By ChocolateDevine at 10,Sep,14 22:28 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Very nice!

By #285354 at 12,Jul,13 13:34

By 3fdfd at 08,Sep,14 12:49 other posts of 3fdfd 
what a wonderful cock
By #285354 at 10,Sep,14 20:31
a change of season

By i20tax at 08,Sep,14 18:34 other posts of i20tax 

By Odin_york_pa at 08,Sep,14 10:21 other posts of Odin_york_pa 

By #204902 at 17,Dec,12 12:17

By 3fdfd at 18,Dec,12 10:52 other posts of 3fdfd 

By JeffinKS at 08,Sep,14 07:50 other posts of JeffinKS 

By stinger432 at 12,Jul,13 06:47 other posts of stinger432 

By kapooraryan21 at 22,Dec,12 22:43 other posts of kapooraryan21 
Photo of a middle leg from kapooraryan21
--------------------------------------- added after 79 seconds

Photo of a pecker from kapooraryan21

By Narcan at 22,Dec,12 20:21 other posts of Narcan 

By #277673 at 18,Dec,12 01:16

By meatplunger at 17,Dec,12 22:43 other posts of meatplunger 

By Donni at 12,Jun,12 12:39 other posts of Donni 

By oldbugle at 12,Jun,12 09:17 other posts of oldbugle 

By #196618 at 11,Jun,12 14:39
You want to see mine grow from tiny flaccid to full erect, check out the video on my page. /xjn8hffsx2kipic.html
By 3fdfd at 12,Jun,12 07:33 other posts of 3fdfd 
great video of a great cock - you are still pretty thick when flaccid

By mobiusdick at 08,Jun,12 05:21 other posts of mobiusdick 

By 3fdfd at 12,Jun,12 07:30 other posts of 3fdfd 
you are pretty big flaccid

By niginni at 10,Jun,12 13:07 other posts of niginni 

By slick81 at 10,Jun,12 12:01 other posts of slick81 
Photo of a hot dog from slick81

Photo of a hot dog from slick81

By MoeJoe at 08,Jun,12 05:11 other posts of MoeJoe 

By lahbr at 07,Jun,12 22:40 other posts of lahbr 

By jhman201 at 07,Jun,12 17:11 other posts of jhman201 
Photo of a love stick from jhman201\

Photo of a boner from jhman201

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