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Curious in watching..

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Started by #270821 at 12,Jun,12 05:24
If you like looking at other men's dicks, are you curious? Or have you made a decision that you would like to take the next step?

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By oldbugle at 12,Jun,12 09:14 other posts of oldbugle 
It depends how you feel when you look at a handsome specimen!.......If you just appreciate it for what it is, rather like admiring a prize marrow in a vegetable plot,...or, if you surmise how good it might be for making love to a woman etc,...then, what's to even think about let alone worry oneself....??

.......If you look at cocks on this site and start to wonder what they are like to handle or stroke,...or more,...and if it turns you on such that you see other men/cocks as sexual partners or lovers etc,..then you might be thinking about taking further steps towards being 'curious' or even bi or 'gay'....

....There's a difference in being 'curious' to having curiosity about sex/gentialia.
By dreamer at 14,Jun,12 06:35 other posts of dreamer 
Very well said.

By lawrenceo at 10,May,18 02:14 other posts of lawrenceo 
I can't understand why size is so important; a small cock can be played with just as well as a bigger one and the end result is the same.
By pipcock at 18,May,18 06:23 other posts of pipcock 
I handled a big cock the other felt so god in my hand...the size and thickness all indicated strength!!! MMMn.

By lanser1026 at 10,May,18 10:25 other posts of lanser1026 
i agree horn man,,,,the line is there,,,crossing it is no big thing,,,getting there,,,now that is GOOD,,

By #271133 at 14,Jun,12 07:29
the male species is curious of the appendage of another male, just as male dogs sniff another males dog's rear. Why shouldn't we be? I think that the cock is the most unique body part of the male. Comes in all shapes and sizes and even if one has a quick sight of a cock hanging from another male (in the urnals) for example, hey go for it and tell the dude, what a looker he's got. he might thank you for the compliment.
By #295077 at 23,Aug,12 10:10
exactly!! i love watching others dick and love to rate them. i would like to show mine to them!! i love telling people the truth bout their assets! i also appreciate criticizing mine too!! i believe sharing sex experiences make u more experienced!
By #299180 at 11,Sep,12 16:27
We should skype sometime. I might be gay but I like watching guys (especially straight ones) play with themselves and knowing they are being watched is a huge turn on for me
By pipcock at 18,May,18 06:21 other posts of pipcock 
I do like to Skype and show off my sexiness and slutty side. Love being watched!

By ktalmipn at 22,Aug,12 01:05 other posts of ktalmipn 
I guess its just being curious its nothing strange looking at other guys cock
By lawrenceo at 10,May,18 02:13 other posts of lawrenceo 
Looking is one thing, playing with one is a different dimension.

By lawrenceo at 10,May,18 02:12 other posts of lawrenceo 
Lost my curiosity as a boy; it was so good feeling other cocks and getting them to spunk. Now, no curiosity but frustration that cocks are not easily cum by.

By spermkiss at 25,Sep,12 11:37 other posts of spermkiss 
ALL MEN like to look at other men's dicks. It's a guy thing. They may be gay and want to have sex with the other guy. They may be straight but curious about trying man-on-man sex. Or they may be totally straight and have no sexual interest whatsoever. But they like to look at dicks. Guys check each other out.

By 67malibu at 25,Sep,12 04:45 other posts of 67malibu 
If you like Cock you like Cock

By ekroft at 22,Aug,12 01:47 other posts of ekroft 
i have no intention of contact, nor a sexual anything towards other mens dicks, but i will look.. guess it's instinctive comparison.. it's great having a penis..

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