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Ladies - What age were you when first masturbated?

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Started by #21481 at 21,Oct,09 15:31
I wonder what the average age is when a female first masturbates. Were you on your own, or was it with or done by someone else. What the first time was like. Post your experiences.

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By licksipsuckit at 20,Jun,18 07:31 other posts of licksipsuckit 
cant remember, but l know lve loved my pussy for a very long time ... and played with it since l can remember *lix*

By #21481 at 22,Oct,09 18:55
There?s a bit of a story behind this, but I would like to know if first time masturbation and losing virginity at aged 19 is average or is it late. I seemed to miss out on the sex and pregnancy course in the last year at school because I was in hospital at the time, and my mum was not the type to talk about such things until marriage, which is a bit old fashioned I think. So I never had thort about exploring myself, so I didnt know what a clitoris or g-spot was or where exactly they were. By 19 I wanted to loose my virginity so I met a man, bit older than me and who had plenty of sexual experience with women in the past. I told him I had never had an orgasm before and didnt know how to masturbate, and he was very keen to give me my first, so he asked me to undress and lie on the bed with my legs apart and to hold out my pussy lips, and told me that after this, I will end up regularly playing with myself.
He showed me where my clitoris was by placing his fingers on it and he ran his fingers round it in several different ways, not that I could feel anything yet, until after couple of minutes my pussy started to feel different and full of pleasure, then it felt like something was going to explode from it, so I told him to stop, but he wouldnt, and then I had my first orgasm that lasted several seconds dispite trying to resist it hence the nervousness, and he knew exactly how I liked it done, and that experience as you can imagine had really changed my life for the better.
By slipper at 22,Oct,09 20:48 other posts of slipper 
Thank you for your candor, and what a beautiful clit it IS, btw. I hope your teacher or someone soon after introduced it to their tongue!!!

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