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Started by #23136 at 23,Oct,09 07:57
a man with 2 dicks, is real or just fake??

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By #3251 at 23,Oct,09 09:36
probably 2 dicks are possible as some type of "birth defect" - possiby a malformed twin - people have been born w/ 3 legs, for example. Late 19th-early 20th "freak shows" at the circus "side-show" had all sorts of oddly shaped people, who in those days had little opportunity to earn a living out side of the circus. So, if a person could have 3 legs, I suppose a guy could have 2 dicks - but even in the side-shows of the time, I doubt he'd be allowed to display his "special feature" - but who knows ? This might be a topic for a google search. Today, I'd say, most examples are probably photoshopped fakes.
By slipper at 24,Oct,09 23:13 other posts of slipper 
Yes, there are several such birth-defects. There are some pix of fairly well developed (though not nearly as large) second penises on a few of the medical sites.

By MoeJoe at 24,Oct,09 09:47 other posts of MoeJoe 
I have enough to deal with having one penis.....can't imagine trying to satisfy two!

By admin at 23,Oct,09 12:12 other posts of admin 
There is a commercial paysite on the net, I'm not sure what's the name - don't remember, it shows men with 2 dicks, girls with more than 2 tits, and other kind of freaks. It all fake, indeed, but well done

By #11431 at 23,Oct,09 11:47
snakes have double dicks .. so I suppose a man with 2 snakes is feasible.

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