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By admin at 03,Jul,20 20:01
I was not talking about google images, just about "default" google. When you search something in google you get links to pages, if you click on the link you get transfered to that page, opening it and you are viewing the page. It's a pageview and it is counted as such.

By admin at 03,Jul,20 17:17
All views are counted, not only from members.

By admin at 03,Jul,20 13:13
That pic appeared in google on "cum filled condom" request for couple of years. It still gets occasional visitors from google.

By admin at 24,Jun,20 11:07
This site was not designed as videohosting, I only added some basic video functionality because members almost begged me to do that. But this functionality is very limited and because of that videos are always for members only. It's impossible to change a mode of videos to "public" either with the batch feature or individually.

By admin at 07,Jun,20 20:29
only registered users can see external links

By admin at 28,May,20 10:13
It's a spammer promoting other site. They get paid for it, so indeed they know how to pick pics to attract attention.

By admin at 22,May,20 17:41
I'm really not that motivated to present you a thorough thesis that would tie up all possible arguments and questions. This would take many pages and many weeks of work. I suppose that someone already did all that job, I'm sure it's all in this book - only registered users can see external links (I did not read it, but it must be, judging from the digest)

You seems to be smart so you should be able to figure out how they are connected from history of 20th century. The only reason you don't is that you don't like it. Ok, name me one dictator who was pro-guns for everyone (not just elites or pro-government paramilitaries). Even Pinochet, who was right-leaning and whom I rather respect was for gun control.

As for linguistics that left seem to like so much - it does not matter how they call it, it does not matter how it's theoretically classified. It may be Gerontocracy or whatever, technically not dictatorship, but they all look like oriental despotism from inside. Linguistics won't ease your suffering if you happen to occur inside of one unless you will be one of the ruling elite class, indeed. only registered users can see external links

By admin at 22,May,20 09:24
Try deleting site-related cookies from firefox and then logging in. It's really a mystery for me. I use firefox as my primary browser and indeed I would notice if it was not working right with this site. Login page does not refresh, if you are seeing this behaviour it means your authorisation starts but the system detects that your time of login stored in current session is older than time of your last logout so it assumes the session was stolen or broken and forces you to login again. This can't be possible if sessions are working right.

By admin at 22,May,20 08:25
only registered users can see external links

Brazil has 4 times higher amount of firearm homicides than US, Venezuela - 5 times higher. Both have very strict gun control. In Brazil you can be arrested even for carrying a screwdriver if you are not a professional in need of carrying such tool.

Also, you can see that gun-related deaths in US are mostly suicides, not homicides while in Brazil and Venezuela suicides by guns are almost non-existent i.e. guns are mainly used for murder, which is natural, considering that they are used mostly by criminals.

This shows that just taking away guns from law-abiding citizens does not lower gun-related homicides by itself. However, it opens more opportunities to government to establish a dictatorship. Which has happened in Venezuela relatively recently.

By admin at 21,May,20 19:37
Once I saw a one-handed man riding a motorcycle (ordinary two-wheeler). His right arm was amputated almost up to his shoulder. This was in a third-world country. It was not some kind of challenge, he probably drives like this every day.

By admin at 19,May,20 12:52
If no one else experience this, then the problem is in her device which I can't help with since I can't see what's really happening there.

By admin at 16,May,20 21:54
What about it? I already said that I don't think consensual sex among adults is a problem. And if they can show talks about sex with a cousin on a family TV how the fuck a talk about it can be a problem for me on a porn site?

only registered users can see external links

You made me waste 5 minutes of my life for nothing and I don't appreciate it.

By admin at 16,May,20 21:03
I'm also you if you did not know...

By admin at 15,May,20 08:27
5.9 feet tall 15 y.o. with huge tits looking as 18 y.o. seducing someone twice older is a grey area. 16 y.o. guy having sex with 14 y.o. girl or boy is a gray area. A man in his 40es salivating over 5-13 y.o. girls or boys is not a gray area by any account. It's an obvious p@edophile.

By admin at 15,May,20 00:12
If you are interested in legal details which are somewhat complicated, you can read the article on wikipedia only registered users can see external links

But I lived long enough to know that predators are attracted to vulnerability, not just to youth. It shows in what they say and it's quite different from those who just like firm looks of young adults (late teens and early twenties).

By admin at 14,May,20 15:00
There are people who have sex with family members and there definitely are people who were abused in their childhood (usually also by family members). But both tend to keep their mouth closed about it. Most of stories that people post here about that stuff are fantasies, and many too obviously not true. I don't mind stories about consensual sex among adults, but salivating about sex with minors is a quick way to get banned from this site.

By admin at 05,May,20 08:54
She actually sent me several pics with not only her nickname but this site name too and from different angles. And though I can not be sure that outdoor pic from behind is hers, I was quite convinced the pussy pics are a match. Same shape, same dark spots.

By admin at 25,Apr,20 09:53
I think nothing I can say will change your mind. I doubt you will even understand what I can say.

Being competent and appearing competent are usually two different skills. You (and many other people, regrettably) like your president to appear competent and don't care or even notice if he really is competent. But we live in an era when entertainment, acting and image making are very high paid areas and quite enough people became proficient in these areas. So, they are good in creating appearances. Get a good actor and media support and you will have an excellent image of a perfect president. But an image is just an image. If there is no real competence and action behind it - all it achieves is fooling you, nothing more. Keep voting for shiny images and you will have your country ruined.

Trump does not appear shiny or even polished, he gets clumsy with words often, but he delivers, that's why I like him. I don't even live in US, it's just a pleasure for me to see for a change a relatively honest politician who does work for people and not for himself (at least how he sees it, not ideally, indeed). They are very, very rare.

By admin at 24,Apr,20 15:30
Did you actually watch the video? Trump did not suggest anything, he was just contemplating different possibilities and stressed out several times that he's not a doctor and this is for doctors to experiment with. Frankly, I think that anyone who have heard "I need to inject myself with disinfectant" in this speech and ready to follow up is brain dead and deserves to be injected with desinfectant and die.

But I really see no point of defending Trump, since normal person would not take his speech this way and I don't waste my time on idiots.

By admin at 21,Apr,20 10:27
I don't live in a first-world country at the moment, indeed, but don't forget, that what you call "poorly-organised shithole" is basically 80% of the world. Africa, South America, a lot of Asia - all will pay for this panic a lot and I'm afraid there will be more suffering from the quarantine than from the virus itself. I'm quite sure about dialysis, because in some parts even corpses (of people who died of other causes than covid) are left on the streets because the corresponding services workers quit their jobs being afraid of the infection. For the same reasons paramedics often don't arrive in time or at all, so people on a verge of death die, instead of being delivered to hospitals. To make it worse - in many countries public transportation is halted or restricted by passes to essential workers and people are prohibited from use of their own vehicles most of the week, in some places there is a curfew from 2pm to 5am (yes, 15 hours per day). It's insane. Not everywhere, but in a lot of third-world countries it's quite grim.

I'm quite sure though that in Germany, which is a first world country, most of non-life-threatening doctor appointments are cancelled too. Not speaking of that all surgeries and procedures for alien patients were cancelled because they can't get through the borders. If you don't know - some people go for complicated surgeries to other countries because they can't get adequate medical attention in their own countries. They all now will have to pass on those surgeries and some will die because of it, since it's mostly quite important - you do not go to other countries for medical help unless you absolutely have to.

By admin at 21,Apr,20 08:39
Personally I don't yet know anyone who died from covid, but I know several people already who died because they did not receive medical attention in time during the quarantine and one person who died because of sepsis after minor surgery that was written off as dead from covid so that the hospital is not investigated. I don't know may be it's different in USA, but where I am people can't receive chemotherapy or dialysis because all appointments were cancelled and part of doctors are mobilised to treat potential covid patients and other part simply stopped working because of fear.

By admin at 06,Apr,20 11:53
Because of many members voting erratically, per suggestion of Scorps (at least I think it was him) I recently limited panel participation to verified members only.

By admin at 06,Apr,20 09:33
Well, you can download the pics if you suspect they are stolen. If you think it's too much of a trouble - may be it's not so important for you then.

I have changed this to the way it is now because of genuine members who were upset that people they blacklisted kept visiting their pages. Indeed I understood it would make life easier for those who use stolen pics, but I thought that it was more important to please those few genuine women who are on this site than bother about fakes that are always in bigger numbers than genuine women no matter what.

By admin at 06,Apr,20 09:25
"Member posts stolen images from internet or that belong to other members" has been there for years.

Report pages are different for images and members because images can only have several specific problems and members can be abusive in more ways.

But as an active member of the panel you already know that in most cases reason is not selected properly anyway. People seem to think that if they select "illegal" it will give it more weight. Personally I just ignore most of abuse reports that do not have correctly selected reason. It tells me right away that reporter is either dumb and has no clue what he is reporting or he understands but is not acting in a good faith.

By admin at 05,Apr,20 23:34
You should see report abuse link on members page even if you are blacklisted. Also, I take it you send private messages to members with internet pics who blacklist you after that. So you can always open this page /recent_contacts.php (linked from private messages page), open chat page with that member - though you can not send messages to members who blacklisted you, you can still open chat page and see past messages, and there you have a report abuse link among other options.

By admin at 04,Apr,20 18:00
For quite some time you can see report abuse link even if you are banned from the member profile...

By admin at 03,Apr,20 09:45
From my observations yes, almost any "female" profile asking for tributes is a dude, but I can't stop keep wondering why...

By admin at 03,Apr,20 09:43
Well, some members can stay on top without 20 points votes and some can't.

By admin at 03,Apr,20 08:42
Someone probably voted for the top participant at the same time so that everyone else dropped down.

By admin at 03,Apr,20 08:41
Not true. Out of 1000 last votes 873 were free votes (that's 87.3%) that I gave out 3 points for and only 127 (12.7%) were votes that costed 20 points. The balance for these 1000 votes for me is -79. It may slightly differ, but most of the time it's close to 0.

By admin at 08,Mar,20 16:24
I grew up in a totalitarian country and I've seen a bunch of them after that. And from what I can see, it's democrats who's building new Orwellian anti-utopia in US. Not that republicans are much better, but at the moment they are more harmless. I too wonder, how people can't see this. I guess my experience gives different perspective. I grew up in a society with double-think where right and beautiful words were said all the time, but people thought and acted differently, so I never believe what politicians say, only what they do. And from what I can see, democrats mostly do not mean what they say, they only say it to manipulate their voters and their political opponents. Trump is not ideal, but he's neither self-obsessed nor a dictator. May be you use those words because you think they are curse words without meaning and you can apply them to people you do not like. But by definition of those words they are not applicable to Trump. Hillary, on the other hand was and is uncaring and self-obsessed. She's a psychopath (not an insult, just clinical definition) unable to feel empathy and lying and pretending without hesitation to get what she wants. Considering that Trump likes to troll his opponents I can understand why you could get this impression that he's self-obsessed. But from my experience, self-obsessed people can't be self-ironic. Trump can and does it all the time. Obama could not. I wonder how you can't see that people joke about Trump all the time and those jokes are not harmless at all, yet no one gets punished. During Obama comics who joked about him could get into real problems. And I can tell you - this is typical under dictatorships and totalitarian states, you can't joke about leaders in them without getting your life destroyed. So, only judging from this Obama was more of a self-obsessed dictator than Trump is. I could go on, but I know you do not want logic analysis, you just believe Trump is bad and any alternative is good. Corrupt Biden, crazy Bernie... duh... To be honest, I would not care what you believe, I'll let you elect those people and suffer the consequences, I would gladly laugh my ass off watching it, same as I laugh about Venezuelans, but regrettably US is a leading world power and if it succumbs to socialism all world will suffer and I will suffer too. Therefore I occasionally write posts like this one. Though I think it's mostly in vain anyway.

By admin at 26,Feb,20 20:15
It's quite obvious they are just for working people's money. All those project are nothing more than pipe dreams.

By admin at 09,Feb,20 08:29
It does not bring out anything that was not already there...

By admin at 01,Feb,20 11:49
Because it was not a private upload, just a link to a pic.

By admin at 13,Jan,20 10:37
I've considered it from the very beginning. And I might do this. But I'm not sure if I should.

By admin at 11,Jan,20 12:14
Good point. Most of people do not realize that most of technologies and drugs that are used today in government subsidized medicare systems all over the world were actually developed for profits in USA.

By admin at 29,Dec,19 07:21
We are talking about this page, right? /blogs/

May be it's too long for phones, though it really should not be the case, since many pages these days are 100 times larger than that page. But let me shorten it a bit may be it will help.

By admin at 28,Dec,19 21:55
40 seconds? For real? It takes 0.5 seconds for me and I have relatively slow internet at the moment. If it takes more than 5 seconds, something is not right. But I see nothing unusual.

By admin at 27,Dec,19 13:26
The code is very primitive on those pages I can't even imagine what may not work. I checked on my old android phone and it works for me without any problems.

By admin at 23,Dec,19 12:44
I forgot to renew ssl certificate for https. Nothing to worry about.

By admin at 17,Dec,19 10:30
This usually happens when a car runs rich on idle. If your car noticeably vibrates on idle - that's probably it and you should check your ignition system with a specialist.

By admin at 15,Dec,19 10:22
I don't care what paid members do as long as it is not a criminal offence. Occasional copyright violation is not a criminal offence and I can always throw them under the bus since I have their real data. I explained this multiple times, it will be their responsibility, not mine. Which is not the case with members who do not pay. You are either retarded and can't remember what I say or you just play your stupid games again.

I was always open that there are different standards. Some hide behind anonymity of internet and some pay and provide their real data. They are different and therefore different standards apply to them. I don't know why it's so hard to grasp. If you share an appartment with someone who pays a part of the rent and with someone who just lives there for free because you let them and you pay all the rent, you will treat them differently no matter what you may say about it. I'm not even pretending it is not so.

I can formulate it even clearly if it does not sink in - if you do not pay you have no solid rights at all on this site and everything depends on my mood of the moment. Despite that I try to be fair to everyone to the best of my human abilities this is true and I was always straight about it. You don't pay - you may be kicked out of here for whatever reason, for internet pics, for being stupid, for being annoying, for being rude to other members, etc.

You personally would be kicked out of this site hundreds of times already for stirring shit if you would not pay. And I can't stress it enough that a lot of people are also not content with this situation and think it's unfair double standard. But as I said - I never pretended that there are no different standards for paid and free members.

By admin at 14,Dec,19 22:29
We already established that you are horrible human being that does not deserve respect. I don't really care what you think. I answer you only because I want others to learn my position and understand that you are full of shit.

By admin at 14,Dec,19 09:51
The site is not supposed to have internet pics. And it's a violation of copyright laws to intentionally host copyrighted materials without their owners permissions. As long as they are occasional, within fair use, etc. - it's not a problem but for that they should not be a majority, just a minor portion. Also, I simply don't want this site to be something that it's not. It was made for people to share their photos. This site will be overwhelmed with internet pics if all members think they are ok.

If members want to share their favorite internet pics they can do it on their own page without placing them into categories. Or even for friends only.

There is an option in evaluation tab that says "internet pic". You know how many pics get evaluated as internet pics? After 10 years I'm yet to see one. May be someone occasionally presses it, but it requires several members to express the same consern to be flagged as "internet pic" and I have not seen a single one pic flagged like this in 10 years.

By admin at 12,Dec,19 10:25
There is no any special treatment in who moderates the groups. People who created them lost interest and moderatorial rights were passed to the most active member of each group accordingly. I rarely visit that section and if not for bella complains I would not even know who moderates them. And I must add that hers were only complains I received on this matter, i.e. everyone else just don't care. Not a single member wrote to me that they lost their group to lix and want it back. Bella seems to be having another episode of acute butthurt about lix, that's all.

By admin at 12,Dec,19 10:17
The only bullshit here is what you say, as usual.

I can't leave 500+ groups unattended, someone should supervise them and I can't monitor them myself. Would you prefer that instead of appointing a new moderator automatically I just delete the group ignored by it's current moderator completely? I can do this right away, but since lix watchers hers you will not get any satisfaction, instead a lot of groups of other members will vanish, so the only groups left will be the ones of lix and you will be even more butthurt. Which will be fun indeed but I can't throw other members under this bus just to have some fun on your account.

I have added this page though, but I'm quite sure it will not change anything. /group_reclaim.php

By admin at 22,Nov,19 12:32
* if the member who hits 1000 did not cast any excitement votes within past 2 days they do not receive the trophy, but instead the member who made them reach 1000 receives +20 points.

You got 20 points, I can see it - "+20 points for hitting other member's 1000 mark in the excitement game"

By admin at 15,Nov,19 07:53
This question is too vague. It depens on where exactly you posted it. Internet has become too huge. Some things stays almost forever, some get forgotten in several years and can't be found.

By admin at 05,Nov,19 14:40
My point exactly. You did not even know who she was and then your friends lost the game to her (which she won without using money I must add), and now you keep trying to kick her off the site because of that without any actual wrongdoing towards rest of the community, the site or me.

I don't have any "high regard" for her, she's just another member who tries to be popular exactly as a bunch of other members do. She only does it better because she has more time to dedicate to this site and that's, really, her only "sin". Yes, she may be not a model and of not refined behavior, but those things do not matter to me, because I'm not here to enjoy women or men, I just run things here. And from this point of view she is not worse than any other member who fight for popularity on this site (which by the way is basically nothing, puff of air). From this point of view she's better, because she manages not to annoy me during that quest for popularity, unlike those who oppose her.

You (I don't mean you personally, but a group of people you side with) can't beat her in the popularity on your own and try to use me so that I remove her as your competition. That's in the core how I see it. Let's even forget that this is not sportsmanlike behavior and I do not respect it, but this is quite annoying for me personally.

By admin at 04,Nov,19 18:43
Government takes care of itself. It's a pipe dream that government will take care of people. Usually it develops the same way - take from the rich and hard working, give 30% to poor, steal 20% and waste the rest 50% because of mismanagement. At first this creates an illusion that life of the poor improves, but then they run out of rich. It befuddles me, but a lot of people can't grasp the idea that the rich and hard working are not a renewable resource. No one is that stupid to keep working hard when the wealth you earn is taken away and wasted. And the rich can simply migrate. There is no country that could sustain this model for long unless it has wast natural resources and small population. Qatar is very fine for example despite that it's not a socialism and not even a democracy. But in Venezuela they fucked up so badly that not even their largest oil reserves can help. And in only 15 years. USA is much bigger and it will probably take longer, but have no illusion about it - if you go the way of socialism you will eventually end up like that. Or take Argentina for example. Before WW2 it was a 2nd largest economy in the world with only USA being bigger. But they played with socialism and now it's 30th by size and 76th by per capita and it seems there is no way up for them.