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By admin at 25,Feb,21 11:49
Well, indeed I only remember what was affecting me directly. I may had banned him from the panel then, but strangely I do not find any fuss in his forum comments preceding his deletion. So may be I just refused to block someone else from the panel who did not allow him to reign freely there.

By admin at 25,Feb,21 07:39

I kicked him because he implied that it was impossible to cancel payment. I doubt he really intended to leave the site, I think he just wanted to make a drama. He was quite meticulous and I'm sure he would have found how to cancel if he really wanted to. Or at least he could have asked me, because he kept sending his reports to my private chat. I probably blocked him from the panel at that time for something he did there, but this part I don't remember already. Anyway, he had chosen to make a spectacle instead of writing to me privately about the matter, which he had no problem doing about other matters at that moment.

Porn industry was known long ago for it's shady billing practices. In the beginning of 00es there was a lot of porn sites that asked for credit card number to verify age and promising not to charge it, but having a small print that they will charge it after several days if the member does not cancel and was doing so, charging sometimes even several dollars every next day, so it could add up to $70-$80 before user would notice it in their bank statement (which at a time users could not see online, only got it in paper mail next month). There were sites that promised a lot, but had just a couple of videos inside. Some sites had cancel link hidden or absent. And some other scams. I never used any of those shady practices, was always abundantly clear about what user gets if he pays, never hidden cancel links, etc. Also, by 2016 I could not do most of the scams even if I wanted, because payments for porn sites were already heavily regulated. In fact it's about 10 times easier now to run some kind of billing scam under non-adult billing than under billing that processes adult sites. Still it was more important that I never wanted to do anything shady and always tried to be as direct as possible about billing and cancellation process. So naturally I was very annoyed by Johns implications and kicked him out.

By admin at 22,Feb,21 11:34
Admin would say that the verification script has error messages for every kind of outcome so the question "why" is ambiguous.

By admin at 06,Feb,21 19:09
I have added time settings to the account settings page /editsettings.php

You now should have timestamp (if you chose it in settings) translated into your timezone automatically. If it does not work correctly i.e. id you see that timestamps do not correspond to your local times - let me know.

By admin at 06,Feb,21 13:00
I should probably make a separate section for that...

By admin at 06,Feb,21 10:15
I don't remember and I'm too lazy to check. It's sure no more than 5 days. May be 3.

By admin at 05,Feb,21 14:32
So that I can feel a little better about it, obviously...

By admin at 05,Feb,21 13:37
For you two wise asses I made a quick fix. Enjoy your dates.

By admin at 05,Feb,21 11:04
Too much trouble for too little effect. I'm quite sure only a dozen of members would be able to find it in the settings anyway.

By admin at 05,Feb,21 11:03
Because I was having a hypomanic episode + I was asked to do it + almost every huge social site (facebook, etc.) displays it this way and I strongly suspect they did it because most of people prefer it this way.

By admin at 05,Feb,21 08:28
The only question is why would you need to know exact date of what someone wrote more than 1 month ago on a porn site?

By admin at 05,Feb,21 07:40
No it's not "oops", it required some effort. I had been specifically asked for it. People who are not in the same time zone as the server often get confused about how long ago the messages or comments were posted. Let alone that some don't even know what date is it today at all. I can always change it back, indeed, but so far I was thanked by several people for doing that.

Also, I got tired of people uploading 10 seconds videos that take up 50Mbytes of space and made the system convert everything that it can to 480p quality. Most of videos have crappy quality anyway. So now most of the 30 seconds videos will be less than 2Mb and will not require points to watch.

By admin at 28,Dec,20 10:24
It's on an another image hosting site.

By admin at 28,Dec,20 08:15
I see no problem with the situation you described.

How would you have sofa delivered into this:
only registered users can see external links

By admin at 28,Dec,20 06:34
Well, where I'm from they have a saying "Who served in the Army, does not laugh at the circus". After all the places I lived in, I can't laugh at many jokes since I've seen people actually doing them.

By admin at 27,Dec,20 21:43
Aside from being considered uneducated behaviour, throwing a 20+ pounds pine out of 11th floor balcony may be quite dangerous, you can't be sure where it will land. It may be blown by wind into someone's window, break street light wires or crush some pedestrian's head. Which may cause administrative fines or criminal charges. Some still do this, I've seen it. But I'm not that kind of person.

By admin at 27,Dec,20 21:16
Probably that I was raised in a family of teachers and engineers... But I'm quite sure it was my laziness what made me wait so long and not the height of the building. It had 2 elevators anyway, one of which was quite ample.

By admin at 27,Dec,20 19:30

By admin at 27,Dec,20 13:21
Once I made an 8 March present to my then girlfriend by finally taking out dried up new year pine out of our appartment. Then and there people used real trees rather than artificial and celebrated New Year rather than x-mas, but you get the picture, I was too lazy to throw it out for more than 2 months.

By admin at 23,Dec,20 16:34
1. The point is that people who make the ruling should have extended experience with the site and what happens on it.
2. I've seen this going bad on other sites repeatedly. You can imagine yourself what Johns could have done if he was elected to such role with a bunch of his supporters. Which he could easily have done considering his accute interest to be someone important on this site. The point is to always have some opposition and to do not give complete control to either of the opposing factions.
3. See #1.

By admin at 23,Dec,20 13:10
Nope. 1 foot = 12 inches. 3.375 inches - long side of a standard credit card.

By admin at 23,Dec,20 09:32
To those who think it ends with pornhub only - it does not.

By admin at 22,Dec,20 17:14
I honestly don't remember already.

By admin at 22,Dec,20 10:14
Sure, 3.375 inches is enough to satisfy any woman.

By admin at 22,Dec,20 08:19
If you try sites like Tinder you will find out that women rarelly respond there too, they are spoiled by men's attention too much. You should also understand, that aside from that women are generally not that interested in men's genitals as men are interested in theirs. They are wired differently.

Also, some straight men here get furious when receive comments from men and blacklist them. So if you specify that you are very straight, be prepared that gay and bisexual men will be less inclined to comment on your pics since they probably met bad attitude from straight men on the site in past.

By admin at 22,Dec,20 07:48
I agree with most that you have said, but NYT is not far right, it's very left.

By admin at 21,Dec,20 16:58
That's the whole point of crypto-currencies - to make it an equivalent of tangible cash, only not controlled by any government. People's cash. Regrettably it does not work like it was intended.

By admin at 20,Dec,20 21:49
You still need to exchange your fiat money for bitcoin and it is complicated in most of locations. In some countries it's straightforward outlawed. I accept bitcoin but almost no one pays with it.

By admin at 20,Dec,20 21:25
They got fucked up by VISA/MC. They disconnected pornhub from card processing. Supposedly for hosting videos with minors, violence and non-consensual sex. Hence all the fuss.

By admin at 20,Dec,20 16:24
IF it was widely adopted paying with cryptocurrencies would not be difficult. You would just scan QR code with your smartphone, confirm the amount and be done in 10 seconds (usually it requires some time for confirmation). For security reasons it would be unwise to carry all your digital cash in one wallet on your phone, but it's not really a problem, you can make as many wallets as you want and divide your money as you like. Easier than having saving and checking accounts and passing money from one to another. But as I said, sadly it's unlikely to happen anyway.

By admin at 19,Dec,20 13:00
I don't know, I did not even read all the articles, just read discussions on some adult channels. But I don't think there was a lot of videos with minors on pornhub in the first place. Some videos definitely had very doubtful descriptions suggesting they have minors in them, but really most depicted adults, just young looking. Everyone in this business had learned long ago to stay away from real minors and I don't think pornhub people are stupider than the rest. Videos shot without consent on the other hand are not so rare on porn tube sites. For example, some even have hidden camera footage from public bathrooms and though some probably staged and produced with all the paperwork necessary, there are quite obvios some that were shot without knowledge of the "participants".

It's also possible that Visa/MC just overreacted. Corporations these days are afraid as shit of bad public opinions. You can see that twitter cries from SJW and other snowflakes can bankrupt businesses. It's sad that society has come to this, but this is how it is.

I can tell you though that it was always problematic to process payments for adult industry and probably who will suffer most from this decision are humble sex workers from third-world countries who try to get by by monetising their videos and webcams on pornhub. The alternative for many of them in their countries is straightforward prostitution.

I'd really wish people started using payment methods not connected with corporations and not controlled by governments, something like bitcoin, but sadly it will probably never happen.

By admin at 19,Dec,20 07:27
If they don't restore visa/mc payments they will probably be out of business quite soon.

By admin at 07,Dec,20 17:14
Guys, I'm tired of answering this question. It was always like this, 80% of new members abandon their accounts in couple of weeks and they get deleted automatically after several months. Also, even old members leave from time to time. No one can stay on a penis site all his life. People change, get other passions and hobbies, swap priorities.

This site at its best moments did not have more than 3500 active members. At this time google again decided to drop the site even further in their search results so less new people register, therefore there are less new accounts appearing than old ones being deleted automatically, hence the drop in the total number.

By admin at 30,Nov,20 19:28
You can learn stock market basics from youtube videos, like what's what and how brokers and exchanges work. But forget about learning how to make money. You won't be able to do this from youtube videos. Or from any paid course or book for that matter. Market is constantly changing. You need to develop a sense of it and you can only do this by years of practice. And only if you have a certain type of mentality. Trading the markets is utterly boring if you do it right. Basically it's endless waiting and repetition of same simple actions most of time without any significant outcome. And if you want it to be exiting you will lose. It's cheaper and more fun to just to go to a casino.

By admin at 25,Nov,20 07:56
It's a manner of my speech. I'm not sure what is alarming for you in that.

By admin at 25,Nov,20 06:35
It's not possible to join a group if you are blacklisted by the moderator. It's possible, however, if you have blacklisted the moderator, but are not blacklisted by them.

By admin at 09,Nov,20 10:22
It was made so by design. I did not want the deletion reason shown more than one month after deletion.

By admin at 07,Nov,20 15:29
It's a bug, ok, but it's usually not black but brightly colored, hence the gay meaning only registered users can see external links

By admin at 07,Nov,20 10:36
Mayate in Mexican slang usually means homosexual. Not sure what meaning it took in US.

By admin at 05,Nov,20 20:06
Don't you know that you and Bella are both my fakes?

By admin at 04,Nov,20 12:38
I'm afraid you are right but converting into Venezuela does not happen overnight. It takes 15-20 years. For a country as big as US may be even more.

By admin at 01,Nov,20 07:25
Well, you know how this site is...

By admin at 01,Nov,20 06:50
I see no indication that those accounts are related.

By admin at 29,Oct,20 17:16
Don't know what you mean, it works in any browser from what I can see. If it does not it's not a problem with video format but rather with software/device you are trying to play them with.

By admin at 29,Oct,20 07:21
Not sure what the question is about, he seems to be using mp4 and it seems to be working, aside from their size being somewhat too big for their timelength. But making videos small is about skill and knowledge, not about format. mp4 is usually the smallest anyway. To further reduce it, he needs either to lower recording resolution in his devise, if it's at all possible, or process his videos with some kind of video-editing software.

By admin at 28,Oct,20 22:09
To the best of my knowledge you don't and did not have any shell accounts.

But you know that common site rumour is that you and I are the same person, so this statement does not have much weight for local conspirologists.

By admin at 08,Oct,20 19:37
Decriminalisation and legalisation are two different matters. Decriminalisation means they won't put you in prison for 10 years for owning an ounce of pot, but it still does not mean that you can puff it in front of WallMart. That still well may be a punishable misdemeanour.

By admin at 07,Oct,20 00:24
One rating increase per hour if I remember correctly, no matter how many photos you like. The uploader still gets a notification for every liked pic.

I did not turn anything off, I just got a notification that you mentioned me.

By admin at 05,Oct,20 15:46
If it's a one time joke it's ok. If the page is filled with images like that - it does not serve the site's purpose.

By admin at 01,Oct,20 12:44
Probably was called as photoshopped fake or something. People leave when they do not get the reaction they expect.