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snowballing etc

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Started by #55241 at 09,Aug,12 10:46
cream pies snowballing or the white kiss. I enjoy kissing a girl who has sperm in her mouth and swapping it between each other and sharing it and licking pussy that has sperm in and over it. If its my sperm fine if its another guys also fine anyone else enjoy this delicacy guys your comments girls have you had a guy do this for you or would you like a guy to do this with you ?

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By Scorpio69 at 26,Oct,18 02:19 other posts of Scorpio69 
I've never heard of two of these phrases. WTF! Why do I ALWAYS get left out the loop...

By Goodtonguernu2 at 25,Oct,18 23:41 other posts of Goodtonguernu2 
Used to snowball with cocaine in semen and this guy would beg me ton let him drink my come. And put coke on tongue then lick out my semen of pussy and have girl swallow it that never ever would. So much coke in throat they be so high you do anything and they say ok. See ah !

By #520738 at 28,Sep,16 22:32
I do like when a woman snowball me with another guy cum.

By #508255 at 14,Sep,16 14:13
Lost count of how many times iv white kissed my gf not always my sperm in her mouth or eaten cream pies either so love it a lot hee hee

By licksipsuckit at 11,Sep,16 18:37 other posts of licksipsuckit 
thought that was 'come swapping' and rolling snow into a ball was 'snow balling' *lix*

By #518816 at 11,Sep,16 09:17
Lol I thought snowballing would be running naked outside while it's snowing
By #285354 at 11,Sep,16 13:41
Yes, I thought this was snowballing.

By stlman4all at 12,Jun,16 14:29 other posts of stlman4all 
I love to french kiss both male or female after they sucked me off and have a mouth full of my cum for me to enjoy
By #514308 at 12,Jun,16 14:46
Yes please!

By stroker11 at 11,Sep,16 07:05 other posts of stroker11 
How true...waste not! Love thy self first, and totally.

By spermkiss at 09,Aug,12 11:59 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, why do you think I call myself spermkiss? Since I'm gay as pink ink I'm not that big on kissing girls (though I've done it), but kissing guys, yes, Yes, YES!

It's great to suck a guy off and then with his sperm still in my mouth, give him a big, wet, spermy, French kiss so I can give his sperm back to him. I also like it when a guy kisses me when he has a mouth full of sperm, either my own or another man's.
By stroker11 at 11,Sep,16 07:01 other posts of stroker11 
I always tell her not to swallow...then we enjoy a wet slurpy sperm kiss and recycle my cum load. Worship your cum....its you at your best!

By #406907 at 21,Jun,16 02:05
I have gotten good at deep throating while gettimg face fucked. When my fuck-buddies cum, they pump it deep into my throat. Most of their load is swallowed, but some lingers. I prefer this rather than a nig mouthfull of cum. After they withdraw, some of them enjoy a deep wet kiss so they can taste and smell our sex. Only twice have I enjoyed mutual orgasms from oral and the cum-kiss after was so hot that it got us both hard again.

By #164428 at 09,Aug,12 11:00
I'd like a guy to do this with me. If I can ever get together with this dude in NY, we plan to do cuckolding, and he/we will be doing this!
By pornlover59 at 07,Jan,13 10:13 other posts of pornlover59 
i would most definately do it with you too

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