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Close ups

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Started by #277673 at 14,Aug,12 20:49
I really enjoy close-up shots of dicks entering pussies. if ya got any pics or vids, plz post them here.

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By leopoldij at 30,Jan,19 19:29 other posts of leopoldij 

By #563509 at 30,Jan,19 12:13

Do you like mine

By #446733 at 01,Feb,14 10:20

By #188813 at 03,Mar,13 15:15
I imagine this is kind of what it looks like as it enters a hole

By Ray10754 at 01,Mar,13 20:05 other posts of Ray10754 

--------------------------------------- added after 46 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By #234509 at 27,Feb,13 08:51
By #277673 at 01,Mar,13 20:00
nice close up, but not what i meant

By #277673 at 24,Feb,13 17:00

Clone vs Clone

By #277673 at 08,Feb,13 22:15
anyone got any good ones?

By #91029 at 15,Aug,12 03:54
Check out my pic
By #277673 at 15,Aug,12 15:13
nice atomic. Any more?

By #277673 at 23,Jan,13 02:06
wish i could sex her up

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