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By Ray10754 at 16,May,20 17:10
For what????

By Ray10754 at 10,May,20 16:45
Are you aware your chatting with no one? Black numbers mean member no longer here.You also may want to check the orig date of the post. JUST SAYING

By Ray10754 at 06,May,20 13:40
Wendy's is not selling hamburgs due to the fact they are the only chain that uses fresh beef for their burgers, all the rest use that frozen junk, McDonald,Burger King and Araby's and the rest have stock.

By Ray10754 at 19,Apr,20 16:22
To the best of my memory, the song Wipe out belongs to the Safaris back in 1963-64 The Ventures are a completely separate group that dose a lot of the safaris music. And they do a good job doing so, IMHO Wipe out is done best by the Safaris hands down,But on the other hand the ventures do Pipe line like no other can. This is music from the good days!

By Ray10754 at 10,Apr,20 20:23
men at work

By Ray10754 at 22,Mar,20 06:33
With all the people in the world, you need to screw around with relitives? SICK!!

By Ray10754 at 15,Mar,20 18:02
Believe it or not , we are having the same shit here in Maine! cant find any thing in the stores, and all public gatherings are either postponed or canceled! All schools are closed for 2 weeks and all collages are going on line.Most stores are closing half a day and cleaning the other half.And we only have 5 confirmed cases as of today.

By Ray10754 at 09,Mar,20 12:40
Do you take any prescribed medications? if so ,from what they said last week about the corona issue, 95% percent of ALL medicines have ties to china in one way or another , There is not much that you purchase here in the USA that is not! Even if it states that is made in the USA some small part of it has been imported from there.

By Ray10754 at 04,Mar,20 19:44
black jelly Beans are available all year on amazon if you didn't sister gets them all the time

By Ray10754 at 01,Mar,20 19:41

By Ray10754 at 23,Jan,20 09:07
Sounds to me, someone is trying to take advantage of you! Should be repairable if it is actually steel.
As long as the holes are not caused from rust or rot and the surrounding materiel is solid and cleanable, a good welder should be able to make a patch repair,as dgraff stated. I would contact a reputable Welder in your area and see what they have to offer in regards to repair.

By Ray10754 at 13,Jan,20 21:39
The amount of stupidity that I run into on a daily basis!

No common sense any more!

By Ray10754 at 13,Jan,20 19:26
I remember when people in general did not act like assholes
and had respect for others.

By Ray10754 at 25,Dec,19 08:04
very simple dinner for me,3/4 inch ham steak,pineapple slices,mashed potatoes,green beans,garlic bread and a nice green salad,

By Ray10754 at 21,Dec,19 19:05
working fine for me

By Ray10754 at 17,Dec,19 20:04
(To Scorps) oh well, as they say every one has an opinion! and that, I guess is yours.

By Ray10754 at 16,Dec,19 16:01
Well stated

By Ray10754 at 08,Dec,19 16:50
Only hair on my body is my beard and my head been smooth now for many years and have no intention going back mine was removed by laser

By Ray10754 at 02,Dec,19 18:11
what the fuck is wrong with people???

By Ray10754 at 03,Aug,19 16:30
totally smooth neck down and love it

By Ray10754 at 31,Jul,19 19:08
tattoos have been band for may years in all services. but seems like most have them when they get out,over the years several of my friends have been rejected for tattoos,but from what I understand only if they are visable.

By Ray10754 at 19,Jul,19 14:34

By Ray10754 at 19,Jul,19 12:56
I have been voting for him ( 2nice) every day since he first put his photo on there, and I could never figure out how that system works, after voting it says for instance( 65 % and go back 20 min later and he is down to 40% )Just don"t understand I guess, all I know is I vote every day as often as I can for him.

By Ray10754 at 04,Jul,19 16:16
Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Holiday

By Ray10754 at 30,Jun,19 17:39
Same here, so happy I found (garlic pepper)blended in one bottle, use it on all my meat dishes

By Ray10754 at 04,Jun,19 14:25
i think indianguy needs a lesson in manners and most of all some glasses

By Ray10754 at 01,Jun,19 17:08
When and if you do so decide to try that method,PLEASE be sure to let us know how it works out for you,inquiring minds want to know!!

By Ray10754 at 16,May,19 12:59
only registered users can see external links

another great one from him

By Ray10754 at 12,May,19 11:56

By Ray10754 at 11,May,19 17:35
Seems as though she got bashful all of a sudden, all of her photos are gone from her profile! and her top image disappeared also ????? This place gets screwier and screwier every day

By Ray10754 at 11,May,19 12:15
Dion only registered users can see external links Runaway sue

By Ray10754 at 04,May,19 21:45
no we call them mobile homes here,I was just stating that I knew what the term static caravan meant.

By Ray10754 at 04,May,19 20:42
yes, I know what it is! I better know, I own one! It is my home, also know as a Mobile home. But not the kind you pack up and travel around with.

By Ray10754 at 04,May,19 07:43
Dude there are so many things that could cause this problem! My advise to you would be see your doctor for a check up,could turn out to be something simple to correct.

By Ray10754 at 01,May,19 15:28

By Ray10754 at 27,Apr,19 12:26
Please be sure to let us know how that all works out for you! Also keep us posted as to how your doing when the blisters pop and your head starts leaking puss from the burn

By Ray10754 at 26,Apr,19 17:34
As he already knows, I have been voting for him at the very least 3 times a day for the last two weeks, just can't seem to help him get over 28% as long as his photo is up I WILL vote

By Ray10754 at 20,Apr,19 12:22
12:20 here and I just sent out all my Easter gifts Seems to be working fine here!

By Ray10754 at 10,Apr,19 10:19
I have monthly repeat health supply purchases on Amazon,have not noticed any price increases on any of them as of yet over (2 yrs ) now. I have noticed that some things become unavailable though for undetermined amount of times, If your a Prime member you can set your profile for notifications when things change,(availability and price change along with sales)

By Ray10754 at 29,Mar,19 13:21
only registered users can see external links Bett Midler

Hero / wind benith my wings

By Ray10754 at 27,Mar,19 06:26
Queen only registered users can see external links Bohemian Rhaposdy

By Ray10754 at 25,Mar,19 06:21
the doors only registered users can see external links

By Ray10754 at 23,Mar,19 15:46
just threw it in there for fun

By Ray10754 at 23,Mar,19 15:32
only registered users can see external links Pegg March

only registered users can see external links The Playmates

By Ray10754 at 13,Mar,19 13:17
only registered users can see external links Tex Ritter this is an oldie had to dig deep for this one!!The Deck of Cards

By Ray10754 at 12,Mar,19 14:15
Hello and welcome

By Ray10754 at 10,Mar,19 11:04
only registered users can see external links Meat Loaf
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

only registered users can see external links Bruce Sprinsteen

By Ray10754 at 09,Mar,19 17:05
the monkeys only registered users can see external links

By Ray10754 at 09,Mar,19 06:52
James Ingram I belive only registered users can see external links

By Ray10754 at 08,Mar,19 06:34
only registered users can see external links great tune from the past!