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jerking off in public places?

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Started by #256100 at 13,Sep,12 02:58
ive always had a fascination of jerking off in a public area. well while i was at work today, i began to think of places to jerk off publicly in town and i had these places, one of the local motels in town and in the old neighborhood i used to visit. the whole day, i was just thinking about this. i got off work around 10:30 pm and i drove to the motel. this motel was in the middle of nowhere, so i expected nobody to be there. i was looking for the restroom in the motel, but they didnt have a public restroom.. so i just left so then, i decided i was gonna go to the old neighborhood! this neighborhood is very rich, but, the town never finished the neighborhood cause of the budget issues. so there was an unfinished cul de sac in the neighborhood that was perfect to jerk my meat! no houses, no people, just a road with lights on. i parked my car at the entrance of the cul de sac and i walked past the barrel that blocked the road. i was looking around to make sure that nobody was around (it was around 11 pm at this point). i took off all my clothes and i just laid down in the middle of the road. it was nice, a cool breeze and a great view of the sky. i got rally hard and i couldnt take it anymore. being in the middle of the cul de sac with a raging boner turned me on so hard. i started to jerk off while i was laying down face up. i pumped and pumped away till i couldt take it anymore.. i sat up and came! i just laid there for a while enjoying it. after my cock settled down, i got dressed and drove home what a night!

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By #633594 at 03,Jan,21 01:32
Riskiest place I jerked off was probably a public park. It had a long trail that people would often jog on. I went there specifically to jerk off. I sat down on a nearby bench and just pulled down my shorts. Id get pretty comfortable and pull down my shorts to my ankles and itd turn me on so much knowing that someone could just jog up the trail and take a peek at me. When I finished I shot at least 6 big ropes of cum. I wouldnt mind cumming loads on my shirt. Id just walk around the park with my cum stained shirt. Sometimes people would give me a look, but it never phased me. I came on that trail a few times and Id only ever been out right caught once. I just kept jerking off as a biker road by.

By #568188 at 05,Dec,18 04:32
I did it near a canyon/dam thing by my house once at midnight.

By #573042 at 04,Dec,18 11:24
I like to walk naked along a nature trail and will wank while I walk or if someone is walking along I will stand in front of a tree and Finnish off.

By LukeAtMe at 18,Sep,18 19:19 other posts of LukeAtMe 
I started tugging it in 'public places' when I was 12-13yo and still can't help myself occasionally 15 years later. I started near a road in the dark with my cock out, and the risk increased over time to being fully naked in broad daylight. I used to think I had some strange fetish or something, it's nice to see so many others do this kind of thing as well

By wycowboy at 15,Sep,18 12:51 other posts of wycowboy 
I started jacking off in public when I was about 12 or 13. The risk of getting caught was such a thrill that I always had a huge orgasm. I did it in parks at picnic tables, under trees in the park, beside the road with cars going by, on my front porch etc. I am 55 now and still love to go out in public and wank it and I still have the best cums. I've been caught several times but never been in trouble over it.

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 11:49
My most public place where I jerked was in my gym shower, but nobody was showering except me.

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 07:29 other posts of nakedjim 
I often went to a wooded area were I would find other guy, like me, wanting to show off the things we pee thru. At another portion side was a freeway with traffic hiding at the wood just B4 the road makes a slow turn. Standing at that point we guys could Stand & show off what nature has provide us with . More than once I was with other stiff manly men providing an afternoon show of mother nature other landscapes. We often helped one another bring each other to climaxing & squirting by hand or mouth. Never saw any of us getting fuck at that spot. It was so exciting to know, if they looked up just a bit they'd see one or more of us naked.

By yellowman at 13,Sep,12 09:48 other posts of yellowman 
So what was the point of doing this is a public place when you were absolutely sure that no one could see you?
By lawrenceo at 06,Jan,18 04:47 other posts of lawrenceo 
But can you ever be 'absolutely' sure. There are several sheltered beaches and dunes on Anglesey but there is always the chance that someone will appear round a corner of the rocks or suddenly appear on the top of a dune.

By lawrenceo at 06,Jan,18 04:44 other posts of lawrenceo 
Often did it as a boy/youth

By #455846 at 03,Jan,18 21:06
Ive got a favourite place where theres a forest next to a side walk path. The ground is a bit higher than the path, in the forest. So I stand facing the path where peoples heads are just about level with my hips, and sometimes get it out and have a wank , but never cummed. Sometimes I like to drop my pants even and swing my hard cock towards them. It s a wooded area , nobodies ever looked my way as I show off, which is a pretty exciting thought. I m sure lots of others do it there as it s a great spot, in Surrey, UK

By Darthshame at 03,Jan,18 12:29 other posts of Darthshame 
When i first started wanking off i was 13 and lived in the country. I didn't want to get caught in the house, so I went into the tall grass in a field. There was a busy freeway that went by there and I could always see the cars racing by. The grass didn't hide me completely. I got so hard from knowing i could be seen it hurt until I reached my relief blowing my load. Each time i got a little closer to the road.
As an adult I've done it driving down the freeway at night. So much fun in either way.

By anyfun at 28,Dec,17 11:12 other posts of anyfun 
I've jacked in public bathrooms and such. Hoped someone would happen by or notice but no.

By liketoedge at 24,Jun,13 14:33 other posts of liketoedge 
I definitly get the fascination with with public and semi public places. It has always been a real turn on for me ever since the first time jacking off in a stall in the boys bathroom in grade school. Since then I could list over 100 diffrent places I have done it. I have always wondered how many others are into the same thing.

By #222660 at 13,Sep,12 19:48
"Public wanking" is great fun ... but a deserted road in an abandoned estate is not exactly 'public" ... is it?

My Ex and I used to JO in all manner of "public places" ... it was a real high! We'd sit in the car and wank in busy parking lots (whilst unsuspecting shoppers walked within meters of the car). We often JO'd in the cinema whilst watching a movie ... that's a normal busy cinema ... not a porn cinema. We'd masturbate in the toilets at work and shopping malls all the time ... even under my desk at work a couple of times - and no, the office was NOT abandoned.

I still like to give it a tug whilst I'm driving down the freeway in broad daylight.

There's a fine line between "masturbating in public places" ... and "Masturbating in public" ... you may find yourself in something a lot stickier than a handful of cum if you're sprung.

Have fun ... be adventurous (take pics!!) and be careful.

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