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By wycowboy at 24,May,19 08:35
A mans butt/anus aren't really a turn on for me but I am straight so that makes sense. I do love a woman who will lick or stick a finger, or something else, in my ass when we are having sex.

By wycowboy at 24,May,19 08:34
I remember was gas was 27 cents a gallon

By wycowboy at 24,May,19 08:33
I think so. If it was I would be undressed in public quite often

By wycowboy at 24,May,19 08:31
I love being nude outside. Fortunately I live on the edge of the Big Horn mountains and can go hike nude, usually with a stiffy, all the time in the summer. My hikes almost always end up with a good jerk session and cum at my truck after, outside of course. I know I have been seen hiking nude and probably have been seen at my truck after. It's quite exciting to me.

By wycowboy at 22,May,19 08:18

By wycowboy at 20,May,19 08:38
I go out on my porch naked at night all the time. Usually late, midnight or later. I live in a trailer park so the chance of getting caught is pretty high. But....that also makes my cock harder when I do it. I know I have been seen a couple times. I always wind up jerking off and the orgasms can be really good!

By wycowboy at 20,May,19 08:34
I've had an erection in gym showers and also seen them. I never thought it was a big deal either way although my cock did get harder if I saw someone looking at it!

By wycowboy at 19,May,19 07:58
Jet on a hot tub

By wycowboy at 19,May,19 07:49
Beer bottle, handle from a large screwdriver, brush handles.....

By wycowboy at 18,May,19 08:25
If I am with my wife, which is rare, we do not have sex much anymore, no I do not use a rubber. When with anyone else, yes, a rubber goes on. These days it is a necessity. When I matured sexually in the 70's it wasn't a big deal and was mostly so you lessened the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Today it could mean your life.

By wycowboy at 17,May,19 06:54
I was about 16. I was giving a girl I knew a ride to her grandparents house about 150 miles away. On the drive she unzipped my pants and started playing with my cock. After a while she took it out started sucking on it. I came pretty quickly but it was intense. We never had any kind of sex after that although I tried. I guess she felt she owed me for the ride.

By wycowboy at 17,May,19 06:50
I caught my little sister when she was about 14, we enjoyed many a good mutual jerk session after that for a few years. I caught a cousin when we were both about 12 too.

By wycowboy at 16,May,19 08:22
I love it. I do it all the time

By wycowboy at 10,May,19 13:33
Nope, it isn't pee, not with my wife anyway. I've tasted it and smelled it when she squirted on my face while I was eating her. Wasn't even close to pee which I have also tasted.

By wycowboy at 10,May,19 13:32
It's a huge turn on

By wycowboy at 10,May,19 09:21
Debbie Does Dallas. My brother in law took me. I was 15. I came in my pants, hands free, about halfway through. I remember some older guys jerking off in the row in front of us and one man who stripped off his pants and dildoed his ass behind us.

By wycowboy at 10,May,19 09:18
I only dream about mine, usually in situations where I am naked in front of a woman I would like to see naked too

By wycowboy at 10,May,19 09:16
I used to play with my cock starting about 7 or 8 but didn't have an orgasm until later. One day when about 12 at my cousins house we were messing around naked most of the day. His cock was uncut and mine is cut, both about the same size. We both had a hard on at different times of the day. Late afternoon I went home and stopped at a pond we skinny dipped in from time to time. There were houses around but at a distance but I didn't care, I stripped down and got in the water for a bit, my cock was pretty hard. I went home about 30 minutes later, had supper, watched some tv and went to bed. I slept in an unfinished basement so I decided to get naked and was walking around and playing with my cock because it just felt so good. I finally got into bed and as I was pulling the sheet up it rubbed on my hard cock head and I had an awesome wet orgasm, my first. I didn't know it at the time but that was my first edging experience. I've been doing it ever since, over 40 years.

By wycowboy at 10,May,19 09:03
I was challenged to wash my car at a car wash fully nude in the daytime. I accepted the challenge. I spent about 15 minutes fully nude and harder than I had ever been doing it. I got several honks by cars driving by and one woman stood and watched most of the time. When I got done and was leaving the girl who challenged me jerked me off. I came before I got to the street in my car. I don't think I've ever cum so much and so hard before or since.

By wycowboy at 07,May,19 17:06
I'd like to but.......too old.....too fat dick just isn't long enough

By wycowboy at 05,May,19 08:23
I play with my cock all the time while driving on the highway. I love the looks on peoples faces when they look over and see my hard cock. I get caught cumming sometimes and the looks then are priceless.

By wycowboy at 27,Apr,19 08:10

By wycowboy at 26,Apr,19 10:00
I don't see a problem with it. I'd fuck a sister-in-law if both are agreeable

By wycowboy at 14,Apr,19 09:13
Depends on the plans and who is asking to fuck.

By wycowboy at 14,Apr,19 09:12
I was 15 and fucked one of little sisters friends on her bed while she watched and masturbated.

By wycowboy at 14,Apr,19 09:08
Walking around naked. I live at the edge of the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming so there is plenty of room to do my favorite activity. The thought that someone might see me has my cock hard the whole time. When I get back to my truck and good hard jerk session usually produces a big load.

By wycowboy at 13,Apr,19 08:12
Doesn't really matter to me but I usually go for older women. More experience.

By wycowboy at 10,Apr,19 09:03
I drive nude on occasion. Usually on the highway between towns, which is a lot of highway time in Wyoming. Sometimes in town. The orgasms are great.

By wycowboy at 08,Apr,19 08:28
My wife isn't much interested in sex either so masturbation is how I get relief too. Her reaction is the same as your wifes is. I just tell her I can always go out and get some strange or do this, your choice.

By wycowboy at 01,Apr,19 14:22
A lady friend of my uncle offered me some cash if she could watch me masturbate. Being young, dumb and full of cum and also because she was a hot MILF I accepted. She paid me several more times and often joined in. She wouldn't let me fuck her though.

By wycowboy at 01,Apr,19 09:16
I eat mine all the time

By wycowboy at 01,Apr,19 09:14
I usually don't shave but the few times I have I always wound up jerking off too.

By wycowboy at 01,Apr,19 09:13
Available is the perfect pussy

By wycowboy at 31,Mar,19 08:55
I don't care, most guys are bigger than me anyhow

By wycowboy at 31,Mar,19 08:54
Used to be every morning. Now it's just once in a while. I wake up in the middle of the night with a stiffy sometimes though.

By wycowboy at 31,Mar,19 08:52
I wouldn't be pulling my top down, it's off too, lol. I'd love to have a bus go by as I drive nude and jerking off. The thought that all those people might see me would probably make me cum buckets.

By wycowboy at 31,Mar,19 08:48
Yep, me too. Just ordered a new vibrating butt plug, can't wait for it to get here. Sometimes use a dildo too.

By wycowboy at 31,Mar,19 08:46
I drive naked all the time. Usually on long highway drives. One night I was driving home from another town 150 miles away. It was at night. I took my clothes off as soon as I got in the truck, drove nude through the town to the highway with a raging hard on and started home. I edged all the way home and pulled over about a mile out of town. I got out of the truck, walked around to the front and finished off in front of the headlights. Just as I was cumming an 18 wheeler went by. Great orgasm. Writing this has made me hard and now I want to do that again.

By wycowboy at 30,Mar,19 11:08
I got started wearing panty hose when I was younger. They helped keep my legs warm when playing football and hunting. I really liked how they felt so I wore them at other times too. I had many pleasurable orgasms with them on. I haven't worn them for years though. I wonder if my wife would miss a pair

By wycowboy at 30,Mar,19 11:05
I've done it, it was ok. I'd rather have someone else do it to me.

By wycowboy at 27,Mar,19 08:50
I'm 55 and still waiting for that day

By wycowboy at 26,Mar,19 08:44
I like it nice and smooth but I'm just too lazy to shave it every day so I leave the forest intact

By wycowboy at 26,Mar,19 08:43
I wore mine to work one day. It's a good thing my cock is small, I had a hard on all day, lol.

By wycowboy at 23,Mar,19 10:22
I used to be able to shoot 3-4 feet, now I'm lucky if i can get it 3-4 inches

By wycowboy at 23,Mar,19 10:19
I tried but even when young and flexible I couldn't do it. My cock just isn't long enough.

By wycowboy at 18,Mar,19 08:24
I've never needed lube but have found that it makes my orgasm much better if I use some. I prefer Astroglide.

By wycowboy at 16,Mar,19 10:38
Best was after edging for a few hours and then shoving a vibrator in my ass and setting it on my prostate, I've never come so hard or so much since.

By wycowboy at 15,Mar,19 18:30
I would love to slip my tongue in your ass and finger your cunt

By wycowboy at 15,Mar,19 08:37
30 years. I went to a high school reunion and ran in to an old flame from back then. We talked for an hour or more laughing and telling stories. We decided to take a walk and started kissing. The old feelings came back and we undressed and fucked on the ground. It was great.

By wycowboy at 08,Mar,19 09:34
5-6 hours edging, the orgasm was tremendous