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Where are the thin average dicks at?

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Started by #304721 at 24,Sep,12 00:42
I love thin average dicks! Thick big ones do not tickle my fancy in the slightest way. I'm not entirely sure how to upload a picture, but feel free to go to my page to look at them.


Any good sources for small dicks in porn that are not humiliation based?

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New Comment

By pinkpan12 at 29,Jan,20 09:40 other posts of pinkpan12 
I have the same interests and a quite average/small thin cock.
Feel free to comment and to look at my pictures.

By Wbs1978 at 29,Jan,20 09:37 other posts of Wbs1978 

By thunder_black at 29,Oct,12 15:51 other posts of thunder_black 
another photo of it
By #436014 at 12,Dec,14 06:02
i wanna suck that

By pinkpan12 at 12,Dec,14 05:27 other posts of pinkpan12 
I think you all are bigger than me...

By john12 at 24,Jul,13 18:22 other posts of john12 
Mine is very skinny and I love it .

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 01:51 other posts of Bendy 
Long and thin... Prolly the worst combo... The result is a flimsy cock that collapses when erect,

By #384963 at 21,May,13 00:02
small and thin

By CreativeOne at 30,Sep,12 02:24 other posts of CreativeOne 

Is this what you like ?
By #304721 at 20,Oct,12 17:28
Yep. its in the style of what I like
By CreativeOne at 28,Oct,12 03:59 other posts of CreativeOne 
Awesome .... glad you like it and if you like this , by all means ... stop by my page and see more and say "Hi" I'm on here each and everyday !

By #308718 at 24,Oct,12 00:16
Check me out.

By longnlean1207 at 23,Oct,12 12:27 other posts of longnlean1207 
Check out my page and tell me what you think

By naked-porn at 21,Oct,12 17:46 other posts of naked-porn 
Photo of a shaft from naked-porn
By #304721 at 22,Oct,12 20:27
You have a very nice one! And a great pair of balls
By naked-porn at 23,Oct,12 09:10 other posts of naked-porn 
thank you!

By skinb at 23,Oct,12 03:24 other posts of skinb 
Not here. But I like em all

By naked-porn at 21,Oct,12 17:45 other posts of naked-porn 
average and a little too thin

By thunder_black at 28,Sep,12 19:08 other posts of thunder_black 

Average enough?

btw..i'm interested too in finding a good source for small/average dicks in porn..hardore/bj would be even better

By lahbr at 28,Sep,12 18:51 other posts of lahbr 
Average dick? Look at my one!

By dreamer at 24,Sep,12 05:40 other posts of dreamer 
I'm average for sure

By #277873 at 24,Sep,12 15:13
This is so sexy
By dreamer at 24,Sep,12 15:40 other posts of dreamer 
Thank you very much

By liketoedge at 24,Sep,12 14:51 other posts of liketoedge 
I have always thought average and smaller looked best. It is crazy how many guys feel a need to lie about thier size. I have always wished there was porn with just average guys as opposed to most of these porn stars. I think it would sell

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