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By CreativeOne at 18,Sep,19 09:18

By CreativeOne at 17,Sep,19 23:40
It all started when I started pulling down his pants .

By CreativeOne at 20,Aug,19 09:15
Never be nervous ... Nudity around others ... should be a very natural thing

By CreativeOne at 20,Aug,19 09:11
The "2" good things about losing you're memory are ...
Number 1 ... You make new friends , everyday !
Number 2 ... You can hide you're own Easter eggs

Number 3 ... Wait , what were we talking about again ?

By CreativeOne at 06,Aug,18 23:54
Red Dawn

By CreativeOne at 07,Jun,18 03:47

By CreativeOne at 27,Feb,18 17:49
I've been here since July 2009 and find this site to be the best. . So kudos to the admin for coming up with such a great idea as we are all one big happy family here

By CreativeOne at 23,Sep,17 03:07
S = Scrotum

By CreativeOne at 07,Sep,17 02:12
Thank you for saying that

By CreativeOne at 05,Sep,17 10:13
I enjoy playing with my thing a lot and usually find a place to do just that and nobody is the wiser !

By CreativeOne at 05,Sep,17 10:10
I'm 5'7" tall and my thing is 6.75 inches long when it's hard .

By CreativeOne at 01,Aug,17 03:44
Wide open

By CreativeOne at 21,May,17 15:06
No ! It actually feels wonderful when it's hard and ready for action . I Never heard of anyone feeling pain when they get hard .

By CreativeOne at 07,May,17 02:00
Nice Head !!!

By CreativeOne at 30,Apr,17 20:55
Wow ... I can see how you find that as your Favorite picture ! Very Sexy .

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 21:59
Niiiiiiice !

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 21:51
As usual ... You are so right about that . Well , I'm so glad I fall into the category of "Not Most Men" because I have total respect for women and value there well being and feelings !

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 06:29
Outstanding Picture !!! TY

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 06:28
Yes , I totally agree . Lighting is a definite plus . Very Nice picture

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 06:25
Very nice and Mirror shots ... like this are excellent! Thank You for sharing

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 06:22
Sweet looking !

By CreativeOne at 21,Apr,17 06:20
Very Impressive!!!

By CreativeOne at 14,Apr,17 16:32

By CreativeOne at 14,Apr,17 16:24
Outstanding outdoor picture !!!

By CreativeOne at 13,Apr,17 23:58
Fantastic shot of the two of you ! Do you ever get to play with her anymore ?

By CreativeOne at 13,Apr,17 08:30
Ok ... That's fair !

By CreativeOne at 13,Apr,17 08:29
Saweeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!

By CreativeOne at 13,Apr,17 08:28
Really Sexy Back porch !!!

By CreativeOne at 13,Apr,17 08:27
Niiiiiiice ! Looks like so much FUN !!!

TY 4 sharing

By CreativeOne at 13,Apr,17 08:26
Really Great Cum Shot ... Kudos to you !!!

By CreativeOne at 11,Apr,17 19:05
You always post such great pics

By CreativeOne at 08,Apr,17 21:19
Saweeet Picture !!!
Kudos and Thank You for sharing !

By CreativeOne at 08,Apr,17 21:18
Really Niiiiiiice Back Porch

By CreativeOne at 08,Apr,17 21:17

Here you go "3fdfd" ... You have to copy then paste the 3rd selection down .
1st click below the photo where it says "{Show in Blog or Forum}
2nd right click the 3rd option down to highlight {UBB code for most of forums} and simply Copy
3rd Right click comment and click paste then Enter ... Just that simple

By CreativeOne at 08,Apr,17 21:08
Outstanding Pics !!! Thank You

By CreativeOne at 08,Apr,17 21:07
Thank You "3fdfd" ... I truly am Honored you like this shot !!!

By CreativeOne at 06,Apr,17 20:23
Very Nice Closeup !!!

By CreativeOne at 06,Apr,17 20:19
Sweeet !!!

By CreativeOne at 05,Apr,17 00:22
Very Impressive

By CreativeOne at 04,Apr,17 13:22

By CreativeOne at 13,Nov,16 05:19
For the record ...
I actually started here as CreativeOne , July 30th 2009
Deleted about 2 years later ... changed username to 1XSpurt
Deleted again after a year and staying as CreativeOne forever
So in reality .... I've been a member here for over 7 years !!!

By CreativeOne at 30,Aug,16 02:48
Great answer

By CreativeOne at 29,Jul,16 22:25

Definitely a Grower here ... Just like a Magic Wand , Right ?

By CreativeOne at 25,Jul,16 10:45
Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st 1926 in Los Angeles, California and her Birth Name was Norma Jeane Mortenson . Oh and she changed it to Marilyn Monroe in 1956 .

By CreativeOne at 28,Jun,16 00:20
🎸 Guitar , 🎹 Keyboard , Drums and Harmonica 🎶🎵

By CreativeOne at 10,Jun,16 04:45
12 and it was great !

By CreativeOne at 09,Jun,16 21:54
Oh and 81 comments on mine so far !

This shot (Below) , only received 1 comment ...

By CreativeOne at 28,May,16 04:20
Great advice !

By CreativeOne at 13,May,16 09:50
I was 13 when I went camping with two friends and if the trees could talk ! It was the Best first time ever . We were naked most of the time that weekend in the deep woods .

By CreativeOne at 13,May,16 09:45
Simply go to Ebay or Craigslist ... I'm sure you'll do much better there than here . Good luck !