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Blew my friend, no regrets

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Started by mpmforce at 25,Sep,12 11:50  other posts of mpmforce
My friend is bi, but he doesnt know that Ive been wanting to epeiment for some time. After a few drinks, I lean over to my friend and start caressing the crotch area of his pants, it's massive. I didn't put much thought into the size of his dick but now hat I'm feeling the outline of it, I'm a bit intimidated. I unzip and put my hand down is underwear to pull his cock out, it to two hands. When it pops out I'm filled with a rush of extacy, I wrap my lips around his oversized uncut cock and take it as far as I can, and then a little further. As I'm sucking, I can feel it becoming stiffer, his breathing intensified. According to him he gave me a warning, but I was too busy enjoying myself that I didn't notice he was about to cum. Warm cum gushed into my mouth, overflowing and making a mess. Just when I thought he was done, 2 thick ropes of cum land on my face. I love women, but I also love cock

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New Comment

By #467242 at 02,Oct,14 16:33
Oh no look Just Turd has to add his lack of wit to the discussion. How about enjoying the story and shutting the fuck up you dry wanker.
By bigone21 at 02,Oct,14 16:38 other posts of bigone21 
i think the dry-wanker is mpmforce, who told us a story that never happened..!

By #303133 at 02,Oct,14 16:48
"SeanConnery...[has} more morals, ethics and integrity than you ever will." ~ JohnS.

Yeah, John, I see what you mean now...
By bigone21 at 04,Oct,14 16:20 other posts of bigone21 
never mind JohnS, he's a complete joke!

By Blago at 02,Oct,14 11:13 other posts of Blago 
Sounds like something I'd like to do

By cumonme1 at 02,Oct,14 10:45 other posts of cumonme1 
Did he return the favor, hope so

By Blade at 01,Oct,14 22:55 other posts of Blade 
You are one hell of a friend.

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