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By Blade at 01,Apr,20 00:06
I had a cousin that was facinated with my dick. he slept over all the time during the summers. we would stay up late watching tv, and fight over the couch that faced, long ways, the tv. so we would end up fighting over it, and both lay there. only room for 1 & 1/2 of us, so your under or on the other whoever was on the inside.

first time he touched me, was when I was laying on top of him, and his head was stomach level to me. he starting pinching me and Ididn't move off the couch, and when it hurt I did it back to him so he stopped.

Then he threatened to grab my dick or flick it. I swore he wouldn't really do it, but he did. he started poking my dick, then my balls, and I warned him if he hurt me I'd do the same to him. In fact when I went to poke his dick he freaked and covered up almost violently so I stopped.

but he continued to touch my dick, from grabbing my whole package in his palm to lightly squeezing my shaft. (which I think he was gauging my size) He got me chubbed so I adjusted so my dick pointed up so it laid on my stomach. I pretended not to notice or care that he was poking or squeezing my balls and dick.

The next night I didn't wear underwear, and we did the same thing. again I was the one on my back, and he was on his side smooshed into the back cushions. soon he started grabbing me to the point where he was pulling my sweats tight against my chubbed dick to see the outline clearly.

without underwear, it was kind of itchy/tickly, so I stuck my hand carelessly down my sweats scratching my pubes so he could get a peek if he wanted. The second time I did it, he pulled my hand out and put his in and scratched my pubes. then he realized how much pubes I had and was facinated by that. he kept his hand in my sweats for the 2nd half of the show we were watching. he'd comb his fingers thru my pubes for a while, then play with my shaft, then gently massage my balls, back and forth, stopping with his hand on my package for minutes.

We were clueless, and it wasn't really sexual. he peeked at my almost hard dick when it would get harder. The next time we did this, we went right to pulling my sweats down to see my dick. I stopped him from doing this in case my parents came down. So later in my bedroom, I let him see me in the light. He wouldn't let me see him; he was defensive about it. I just looked at it like free massage, as I moved his hand to my balls most times because it felt good when he rubbed him in his palm

That progressed until he watched me cum one night, and then he stopped completely.

By Blade at 06,Feb,20 23:23
I do that all the time. Some times I really need to buy something, but want to be able to try it on without a hard on so I know it really fits.

many years ago, I was trying on clothes and there were 2 hot women giggling and trying on clothes across the way. I was in first room, so I could see across at an angle thru the crack in the door.

It was while since I last came so I knew it was going to be a giant load. when I came I closed my eyes and turned to shoot my cum up the wall. just as I finished I opened eyes to see I turned the wrong way, and shot my cum all over the shorts and shirt I had hung up to try on and buy. I was annoyed. but I was able to try on one of the shorts still, but soaked the inside with my still leaking dick. I sat trying to think what to do, letting my dick finish leaking.

then I got dressed and walked out with everything. went to where I got them and put them back on racks. I got another shirt and bought that. I didn't like the shorts, but I liked the shirt. the one i came on would have been fine, but how was I to walk to to cashier to buy it with ropes of my cum on it.

By Blade at 06,Feb,20 23:09
Me too!

By Blade at 12,Jan,20 22:36
love to hear the housesitting story.

By Blade at 01,Jan,20 23:54
upfront, I cum huge loads, especially if it's been a while. So that being said, I've cum in public hot tubs.

The craziest was when I came a huge load after over a week saved up. jets were on. I was only person in hottub. it was so nice to just cum carelessly and not have to worry about cleanup, etc. I just sat there after and let my hard on slowly shrink.

then a couple came over and got into hottub. young couple, 27ish. I reflexly put my dick back into my swimtrunks, but then thought I didn't need to do that. but left it. good thing because the jet timer finished and the jets turned off. almost immediately, I could see my cum swirling around in the water. it was all churned up, so it looked like egg drop soup contents. (look it up if you don't know it) I could see it all around us, and sticking/touching them. I jumped up & offered to turn on timer again, and tried to distract them from looking in water with conversation until I got jets on again. I seemed to suceed, because they didn't get out.

I stayed out. They were having fun and he endedup dunking her head under. she had long hair and I could just imagine how much of my cum stuck to it when she cameup. She then spits out water like a fountain, showing she took in a full mouth of water. Wow. she had my cum all over her and in her mouth. I'm clean, so no foul, but wow.

By Blade at 10,Aug,19 00:13
What exactly are poppers. I know what they are for, but physically what are they?

By Blade at 01,Jul,19 23:30
I don't think he was asleep. During a sleepover. He came over to my bed and pulled my dick out. I wasn't hard. he went back onto floor in sleeping bag. After a minute I went down to his sleeping bag. he was on his side, and I pulled his dick out, but he was huge and hard as hell. He didn't keep talking to me, so I think he was pretending to sleep? maybe embarrassed because he was hard? after checking him out I went back to my bed.

I've had friends who we showed each other and minor touching, but never peeking at them asleep. Prob just didn't think about it at the time.

By Blade at 30,May,19 23:17
I find jerking off in a parking lot is the easiest to do and not get caught. If busy I use my phone in one hand to make it look like I'm just standing there on the phone. Of course while pounding my dick with the other hand.

I'll cum on the side of a car while checking out women walking by.

This car just got a little of my 'spray':

By Blade at 23,May,19 23:26
Wondering if this turns out fun or scary....

By Blade at 21,Apr,19 00:46
Maybe not the very first but top 3 at least. Dickman and Throbbin.

By Blade at 22,Mar,19 22:01
Oh boy, I must have a couple posts on this from years back. Basically as a teen I got my friends into cum shot contests. Mostly all outside due to the mess. We'd shoot across the hood of a car to see who could shoot farthest.

By Blade at 03,Nov,18 23:16
Almost every single one of my childhood friends has touched my dick, and I touched theirs. And one cousin too. Mostly during sleepovers.

By Blade at 02,Sep,18 00:55
Now, you don't hear these stories very often, if at all. So is this a freak occurance or not? Or is this something they hide for the rest of their lives normally?

By Blade at 26,Aug,18 23:21
ok, but these dudes with stretched out asses... They go to take a shit.. it just falls out? I'm not trying to be funny, I'm really curious on this. I personally don't care, but its one of those things that make you go... hummmmm.

By Blade at 25,Aug,18 23:16
This is called shy blatter. I have it too. Its just an attention issue for me. If others are around, my piss turns off. I have to go to my quiet place to get the piss flowing.

Once I start pissing, its fine.

By Blade at 25,Aug,18 23:15
Thanks for the excellent response. that all makes sense. I'm a little hesitant to belive fisting doesn't do anything though. That seems so hard on the asshole.

By Blade at 12,Aug,18 23:32
As a teen I used to live in a very touristy area on the East coast. Old town with houses & cottages and cars crammed in every inch to maximize space. very old town, so it didn't have the street lights and parking lot lights like modern places. So at night it was mostly dark except for light coming from peoples windows.

I used to sneak around at night, and find places to jerk off. many of the places you'd imagine, like the beach bathrooms/changing rooms, or arcades.

but one of my most memorable times was crazy. There were cottages that got uppper class folks. they all had air conditioning, so they were all shut up, so I didn't have to be too quiet. Across the street some people moved in, rental. bmw and escalade parked on side of house. It was 2 couples, hot 25ish. The cottage next door was unrented. I snuck over and wanted to look in the 2nd floor windows. (1st floor was those sunken basement things, so really 1.5th floor window)

I climbed up the bmw to jump onto the hood of the escalade, then the roof of the suv so I could see right into the bedroom that had big windows. The one couple came to bed, and left small light on and fucked right in front of me. I had to sit to side a little so light from window didn't shine on me, but that was perfect because bed was to side so I could see perfectly at angle. I jerked off like no tomorrow. I came twice during their lovemaking.

I climbed up there every night. some nights I timed it perfect. one night they came home late and almost caught me sitting in BMW (was convertable) jerking off waiting for them to come home. I jumped out ever time I heard car come down road.

Move out day is Saturday, so that last friday night, I watched an amazing suck session and then fuck. they didn't park in a far with the escalade that last night, so I had to stand on hood to see in. but didn't matter as last night so I didn't worry about denting in the hood and leaving 2 loads on the hood and windshield.

I pushed my luck, and sat in drivers seat of bmw and jerked off there. But this time I let my huge load shoot all over the steering wheel and dashboard. only 3 loads, as I was young but that was my 3rd orgasm of night.

I have many more stories. it was a exhibishionist's paradise.

By Blade at 06,Aug,18 22:01
I just watched that too. Thought the same thing. Half the actors, mostly Ben afleck, are so horrible, it keeps reminding you that it's a bad movie.

By Blade at 30,Jul,18 22:45
Hahah, reminded me of when I was a ****. Around 12ish, we'd be playing, and pretend to be adults caught in mind control, and had to have sex, etc.

By Blade at 16,Jun,18 22:33
Makes as much sense as "Big toes, big nose", and that at least rhymes.

By Blade at 17,Apr,18 23:51
I left a bar and didn't take a piss when I left. Thought I would make it home, but I had to piss SO bad, so pulled into mall parking lot, jumped out and unloaded on the side of this car. I faced that way so I could see if someone was coming. At first I was pissing so hard you could hear my piss hitting the metal door. Had to look down to see if I was peeling off the paint like a power washer.


By Blade at 15,Apr,18 00:00
Can someone who knows what these are post like to them on a store website someplace?

By Blade at 14,Apr,18 23:59
omg ya, me too. So annoying to try on bathing suits, because I get hard as soon as the air hits my dick. then I can't tell if they fit or not because of my erections tenting them.

I precum a ton, and cum even more, so it's cool when you want to cover someones face, but annoying when you want to find a nice swimsuit.

By Blade at 02,Apr,18 22:35
#1 & #2 are not really true. My dick has gotten thicker over age. My length is exactly the same. My dick is exactly the same shape it has been since I first got hard. Pay attention. If you got fatter, your pelvis will protrude out around your dick. so if you measure or visually look, it looks like you got smaller, but that isn't your dick, its the surrounding body that is moved out around your dick. Push your skin tight against your bone, and you'll see what I mean. When you young, you are tight there.

Now if you had an injury, you may have a change in shape. I haven't, and I'm exactly the same.

Now #3 & #4 totally true.

So you get a 50% for accuracy.

By Blade at 27,Mar,18 23:30
My gf did that to me a few times when on vacation. traveling on croweded trains where you are squeezed in. If people had backs to us, she'd pull my dick out, and jerk me off until I shot my cum onto the backs and asses of whoever was in front of us. I have huge loads and totally would cover their backsides. One time she turned me as I came and I shot on 3 different people, two men and a woman. almost all these people had on suits.

By Blade at 14,Mar,18 23:05
My cousin. We'd have sleepover. lay on couch together watchng Sat nite live. He'd be 'brushing' my dick or outright poking it, so I would get a chub and my sweats perfectly outlined my dick.

eventually I'd let him stick his hand down my sweats and play with my dick. Hed do that for the entire show.

Soon after he wasnted to see how to jerk off, so we went to bed, sat indian style facing each other and jerked. he didn't cum, but I sure did, and I shot my cum all over his neck, and his top and bottoms of his pjs. I was aiming for his dick, but he moved so much when I started cumming.... he got mad, but I think part of it was he was insecure since he was so much smaller than me.

By Blade at 14,Mar,18 22:58
How could you have let her go??? no matter what her other faults are..?!?!!? inconcievable!

By Blade at 08,Mar,18 23:29
I would sacrifice myself, and feed everyone from my dick. I will die as the last of you suck the last 'nutrience' from my body....

By Blade at 26,Feb,18 22:08
When I was younger it was many feet. I could hit the end of the bed sometimes. jerking outside, I was in dark parkinglot of apartment complex, and was jerking off next to a car. I put my balls on the hood and shot my cum clear across the hood. I think some went over other side, but too dark to see it on ground or not.

By Blade at 03,Dec,17 22:58
Funny story. sleepover with a friend. We were sleeping in same bed. me ~15, he was year or two younger. We didn't have air, and it was super hot and still; no air coming in windows.

I was sleeping; fell asleep watching tv. My friend woke me up when he got up to go to bathroom. I was hard and let my dick come out the slip of my boxers I was wearing; he had whities on.

He came back into room, jumped into bed; it was a twin so we were already on top of each other basically. he turned the tv off with the remote so it got dark. then I rolled over to face him, letting my dick lay across his stomach. He had no where to move over and froze. then he turned on the tv again, so he had light in the room to see me. I pretended to be alseep. I pumped my dick across his stomach, and it felt really cool. After a couple minutes I came on his stomach.

After leaving a pool of my cum in his belly button, I pretended to wake up from it. Funny thing is he pretended to be sleeping. I got up and went to get tissues to clean him up. when I got back he was tenting his shorts. not sure if I didn't notice before or it just grew. I whispered please don't wake up over and over as I wiped him down, pulling down his shorts to wipe around his dick too, so I could sneak a peak while pretending to be cleaning up. what I really ended up doing, no intentionally, was rubbing my cum all over him and into his pubs.

He never spoke to that ever.

By Blade at 04,Nov,17 22:50
I love how they pick a dude that shoots most of his cum off camera....hahahahah

By Blade at 24,Oct,17 23:23
Dude, you've got to tell how this happened.

By Blade at 12,Sep,17 22:57
Was that the first time he did that? Was he drunk?

By Blade at 04,Aug,17 23:21
what kind of cock ring is that?

By Blade at 29,Jul,17 23:30
I was, and many friends, were hornballs at **** and young teen ages. I was a couple years older than most.

Late at night in the neighborhood or during sleepovers, we'd compare dicks. soft and hard. I was always bigger than my friends/cousin. but found out later it was prob because I was older.

then I hung out with friends my own age, and even though they were big dudes, they had bigger dicks than expected, that made me very insecure. One friend was 6'2 or so, and his dick was so thick I couldn't close my fingers around his shaft.

By Blade at 20,Jul,17 00:44
Anyone ever piss off a roof or balcony? did you care what you pissed on down below? Do you know what you pissed on or over?

By Blade at 20,Jul,17 00:37

Some of my cum on the car next to me.

By Blade at 05,Jul,17 23:52
Exactly. I was older than all my friends, and I was obviously a late bloomer. I mean I was growing and had pubs right away, but I was clueless about jerking off, etc.

I used to show my dick to my younger friends. especially my pubs. they thought that was cool more than my dick/balls. hahahh. my balls, dick and pubs were being examined and manhandled by 2 friends and a cousin, and I had no clue about jerking off at the time. Man if I knew it would have ended a lot more fun.

By Blade at 30,Jun,17 23:09
What cockrings are you using that are made of things around the house? What did you make them from?

By Blade at 29,Jun,17 23:09
Not only do I not like my nipples touched, its a little confomfortable. Like they are too sensitive, but not in a good way. Hey, I know it sounds strange, but they've always been that way.

By Blade at 27,Jun,17 22:56
I could always shoot farther than all my friends growing up. 4-5 feet on average. one could shoot a foot, and rest just poured out.

then in college I had a roommate who was very open. I came back early from a date gone bad, and he had a friend over, watching porn, jerking off. He was all embarrassed, but I was very cool aobut it and joined them. The roommates freind shot across the room hitting our windows. Must have been 10 feet. It was ridicuioous.

By Blade at 18,Jun,17 00:00
I think your 'plumbing' is set up to produce pressure when cumming or not. Plus your ureatra size may have something to do with it. I'm guessing a smaller one would cause it to shoot out faster, all things being the same?

As a teen a few friends used to fool around in the neighborhood, and I'd show them how far I could cum. About 6 feet then. My one friend could shoot 2 feet or so, and my other friend with the biggest fattest dick just poured out.

years later I still cum far, but only a few feet now. just like all else, body there doesn't perform as good as a ****.

By Blade at 17,Jun,17 23:53
Wow, lot of good info dude, thanks.

By Blade at 10,Jun,17 22:29
I wish you had pics of you wearing this. I'm built the exact same way as you with my tight balls.

When you get hard, does it hurt your balls since they want to retract up?

By Blade at 03,Jun,17 22:55
What about for beginners? Most of this pics look like the experts with their equipment. What is the easiest thing to use? Something around the house?

What is a good standard cock ring? I don't want metal.

By Blade at 28,May,17 23:39
I love it when she blows me when I'm still soft. I grow so fast, before I know it, she is doing the same thing trying to keep most in her mouth, and the sight of her lips stretching over my cock is the best ever.

By Blade at 08,May,17 22:59
I did this in friend's pool we used to sneak into at night. when I came I stood by the intake to my cum went right into filter, to eliminate any evidence.

By Blade at 29,Apr,17 22:53
Does it keep you hard or semi the whole day?

By Blade at 27,Apr,17 22:01
No, I'm the same way. if I have to go really bad I can go whenever, just like I did yesterday.

By Blade at 09,Apr,17 22:55
Ya, but no device can replace the excitement of knowing and watching someone sucking on your dick and eating your cum. The most erotic part of a blowjob is that someone is so cool as to suck on your dick and eat your cum.