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Eating hot thick sperm!

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Started by #201367 at 02,Oct,12 01:08
I finally got to suck a cock for the first time. Didn't know if I would be able to swallow the load, but I gave it a try. I did it and I am hooked. I LOVE eating sperm now. Do you live near Tennessee and want your balls drained? Let me know!!

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By XxXKing808XxX at 01,Dec,20 22:45 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
Looks like we share the same addiction

By bonerboy at 01,Dec,20 15:47 other posts of bonerboy 
I love sucking guys that have lots of really thick creamy cum,i always swallow and take every drop

By #313136 at 16,Apr,13 09:40
do u like mine ?

By #201367 at 16,Apr,13 11:24
Mmmm, yes it looks delicious!!
By #313136 at 17,Apr,13 20:51
thanks , go ahead and enjoy it
By #201367 at 22,Apr,13 10:09
I would lick up every but of that delicious sperm!

By #358284 at 22,Apr,13 11:15
Just unload right in my mouth!!

By #1860 at 16,Apr,13 11:18
Like the other guys say "welcome" aboard. first few times I sucked a guy off I didn't swallow but when I did it was like nectar. Since then I always swill and swallow, sometimes cum swapping kissing in between. And I've been sucking guys a long time.
By #201367 at 22,Apr,13 10:08
I am having to play catch up, but it is a blast! I have swallowed several loads now and can't wait to get my next one. Mmmm, I love sperm!

By #370470 at 13,Apr,13 22:51
I live very near to southeast Tennesee and I very much would like to play with a cock and become a cocksucker! I have waited way to long.
By #201367 at 15,Apr,13 12:59
I would love to meet. Save me up a big load!

By #201367 at 16,Apr,13 17:20
Private message me and I will give you a call.

By spermkiss at 13,Apr,13 12:00 other posts of spermkiss 
First of all, let me say Welcome to the Club! You're a full fledged Cocksucker now. We Cocksuckers are a jolly good crowd because we get our pleasure by giving pleasure and sexual satisfaction to our fellow men. Sucking cock is a very old, honorable and nobel pursuit.

Now about eating sperm, I've heard it said that we Cocksuckers tend to look younger and more healthy than our peers because of all the sperm we eat. I've never given much credence to that claim (I rather doubt that a dick is the fountain of youth), but it sure is fun to bring a man to climax and take his sperm. So keep on sucking those cocks, draining those balls and eating that sperm. It's good for you.
By #201367 at 15,Apr,13 13:02
I have really gotten to LOVE it. Now that I have started, I can't wait for my next load!
By spermkiss at 15,Apr,13 18:07 other posts of spermkiss 
It's too bad you waited so long. Think about all the cocks you could have sucked and all the loads you could have swallowed if you had gotten started sooner. But now that you've begun, it's time for you to make up for lost time.

Please accept my best wishes that you spend many happy hours on your knees with a cock in your mouth shooting a nice creamy load.

By #358284 at 13,Apr,13 09:08
I once drank a pint full, yummm!!
By #201367 at 15,Apr,13 15:11
That's alot! Enjoy!

By #303133 at 13,Apr,13 10:23
No one ever asks about the cold and runny kind...
By #201367 at 15,Apr,13 13:01
Ha! It's always best hot from the spigot!

By #13219 at 14,Apr,13 23:02
Welcome to the wonderful world of cocksucking. Sure wish I was in Tn so I could suck your sweet cock.
By #201367 at 15,Apr,13 13:00
Me too! I would love to eat one of your loads!

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