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Nickname for your Cock or Pussy ???

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Started by #19575 at 15,Nov,09 14:53
Do you or your S/O have a nickname for your own "Personal Friend" down there ? Just wondering how many different answers there are out there . Besides it would be fun to see all of your different pet name(s) for your "little friend" !!! BTW , mine , ... I call "Harley" , because it loves to be ridden ... LOL !!!

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New Comment

By kebmo at 05,Oct,17 00:46 other posts of kebmo 
Big Ben.

By submissivemartyn at 04,Oct,17 22:48 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex wife also my Mistress used to call mine 'Tiny Tim' which I found humiliating especially when meeting others or when doing a cam session.

By MrBone at 04,Oct,17 21:34 other posts of MrBone 
Mr. Bone

By licksipsuckit at 04,Oct,17 19:37 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l give all my cars a name, never really given my pussy a name, other than calling it a 'cunt' when its being smashed *lix*

By cutedick at 16,Dec,09 19:19 other posts of cutedick 
I call mine 'Little Roundtop'

By #38538 at 29,Nov,09 19:40
Colonel Dick Vanballsworth
By an0nym0u5 at 15,Dec,09 17:47 other posts of an0nym0u5 

By an0nym0u5 at 28,Nov,09 23:28 other posts of an0nym0u5 
Someone come up with a nickname for mine
By #26133 at 28,Nov,09 23:50
Sure...how about "blurry, dark, out of focus thing?"
By an0nym0u5 at 29,Nov,09 00:53 other posts of an0nym0u5 
funny :/ It's not NEARLY as blurry in some of my newer pictures.

By an0nym0u5 at 15,Dec,09 17:45 other posts of an0nym0u5 
By an0nym0u5 at 15,Dec,09 17:45 other posts of an0nym0u5 
Does anyone find this too blurry or out of focus? Let me know!

By oldbugle at 15,Nov,09 17:47 other posts of oldbugle 
One of my previous lady partners used to refer to mine as "George, the G spot prodder"...!!

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