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By kebmo at 26,Feb,21 01:00
Milesbferry: Preventative medicine.

By kebmo at 25,Feb,21 15:37
Phart, my colon was only clean until I started filling it again, a process that started about three minutes after I got home! Itís not designed to stay clean.

By kebmo at 25,Feb,21 14:50
Oh you Canadians! Always looking for attention. 😘

By kebmo at 24,Feb,21 06:39
Thereís a gallon of it to drink. Half the first day and half the morning of the next day and then you go for your inspection. No food from breakfast on the first day until after lunch when you get home from the hospital. I was starving.

By kebmo at 24,Feb,21 06:12
My biggest problem was that I had pizza in my fridge that I couldnít eat! I also couldnít have coffee in the morning which really sucked.

By kebmo at 24,Feb,21 05:29
Did you know that Ted Cruz was born in Calgary Alberta Canada? Itís true. When he was born I also lived in Calgary.

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By kebmo at 24,Feb,21 04:42
I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday and all was well. It was a follow up from one I had five years ago.
The slogan four prostate cancer advertising is ďDonít die of embarrassmentĒ. Itís not the exam that sucks so much itís the preparation of the 24 hours before hand that sucks! As everybodyís Grandma used to say ďan ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureĒ.
If your doctor tells you to do it then do it. Itís a worthwhile thing.

By kebmo at 22,Feb,21 19:22
True dat. The king of all scumbags. I took a lot of pleasure in pushing his buttons on the Trump page. It was so easy to do.
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He never did send me any gifts though.

By kebmo at 22,Feb,21 17:01
No. Iím pissed off!

By kebmo at 16,Feb,21 00:26
An angel asked God what he was doing. "Making Canadians" he said.

"Ah, they're so nice" said the angel.

"Oh yeah, watch this" God said as he dropped a hockey puck.

By kebmo at 08,Feb,21 17:09
Thankfully my walk to work is only two minutes and I have all the warm winter wear I need.

By kebmo at 08,Feb,21 14:46
Vehicles have block heaters and they get plugged in when theyíre parked.

By kebmo at 08,Feb,21 14:23
Ouch!! Where I live, this morning the temperature was -40* but the windchill was-53C which is -63F!
Now itís ďonlyĒ -28C (-18F) but the windchill is-40.
Itís a nice day to work in the kitchen. 😀

By kebmo at 06,Feb,21 22:40
A man goes into a grocery store and buys an apple, a banana and two eggs. The female cashier says "you must be single".

The man answers "Wow, how did you know that?"

Cashier: "Because you're ugly".

By kebmo at 05,Feb,21 15:45
admin, had you changed it to GMT you'd be dealing with the same questions.

By kebmo at 04,Feb,21 18:50
I bet you caused shit when you were younger dgraff!!

By kebmo at 04,Feb,21 15:23
dgraff, in Canada they tax the shit out of alcohol and tobacco. These are known as "sin taxes". The reasoning is that people who use these products are a bigger strain on on the justice and medical services that we all pay for.
If you do something stupid while drunk (drive, assault someone or end up in jail etc) you put a bigger strain on the justice system. If you smoke, you will put a bigger strain on the healthcare system so it's easy for governments to justify these tax increases.
Gasoline is another thing that they tax the shit out of because like shoes, everyone uses it.

By kebmo at 03,Feb,21 21:04
I wrote a blog story about it.


By kebmo at 03,Feb,21 20:59
Wow! You're crazy man!

By kebmo at 01,Feb,21 19:30
Yes, phart is right (as usual 😀.) They include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

By kebmo at 01,Feb,21 16:23
No snow in Canada this week. Nothing but blue skies and sandy beaches! End sarcasm. Right now where I live itís sunny and -5*.
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The Canadian Maritime provinces are going to get a visit from the storm after itís done in the US.

By kebmo at 27,Jan,21 18:33
Bella, and yet every time thereís a big drop in the price of oil the oil companies tell us how it has to get through the system before the price drop reaches consumers.
As an aside, the price of West Texas intermediate oil is about the same price today as it was a year ago.

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By kebmo at 27,Jan,21 17:16
I was wondering if a presidential dog is entitled to Secret Service
protection. This is a great read.

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By kebmo at 23,Jan,21 19:22
I bought a ticket for last nightís $60 million lotto max lottery in Canada. I havenít checked my ticket and I donít know if it was won so as far as Iím concerned I did win it.
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I could get by on $60 million.

By kebmo at 23,Jan,21 18:41
That's too bad. You can keep the bouquet of flowers I sent you anyways.

By kebmo at 22,Jan,21 15:21
Iíve never Ďcashed one iní.

By kebmo at 22,Jan,21 09:44
The trophy has a 100 point conversion value.

By kebmo at 22,Jan,21 02:56
Betty White is 22 years older than Keith Richards!

By kebmo at 17,Jan,21 16:32
In 2020 Appleís share price surged 80%.

-Chris Wallace

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 20:25
I have never seen a lizard in the wild. Iím OK with that.

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 20:21
Itís an important contribution of water for the soil. The snow in the mountains thaws in the spring and contributes to water levels downstream either east or west of the mountains depending on which side of the continental divide it falls on.

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More snow means happy skiers and happy farmers.

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 15:45
I have a big hairy problem but Iím going to shave tomorrow. 🪒 🤣

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 13:49
dgraff!!! Have you been dipping into the Yukon today? Agreeing with Bernie Sanders??? Say it ainít so!
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Correction: Kinda agreeing.

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 13:47

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 13:46
Here near Calgary Alberta weíve had a great January. I have an awesome Canada Goose parka that Iíve only used a few times this winter. Weíve even had enough snow to make the farmers happy!

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 13:35
I called them off.

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 03:44
ďWe are the largest military in the history of the world. Weíre spending $740 billion on the military and the idea that we canít protect the United States capital from a few thousand rioters is unbelievable.Ē

-Bernie Sanders

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 21:59
During his presidency he only came to Canada once. That was for a G7 conference in Quebec. His sons Don and Eric were here recently on business.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 21:55
About ten years ago a friend of my Dadís was in the process of moving out of town and about two weeks before they left they won $14 million. They disappeared out of town and weíre never heard from again. They were moving to a town where their kids and grandkids lived so Iím sure theyíre living happily ever after now.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 16:45
At least you didn't say (out loud) that it wouldn't be worth it.
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Did you buy a ticket?

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 16:35
There will be no nuking. Anybody in the arm services may refuse an illegal order from a superior and this order would be refused.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 15:20
$750M Mega Millions or $550M Power Ball. Do all Americans play? If I could I would! I could ďget byĒ on either.
When the border was open Canadians used to cross it to buy these tickets although Iíve never heard of a Canadian winning a big Powerball prize. If you win I will show you a picture of my dick for $1 million! 🤣🤣🤣

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 15:06
Persona non-grata.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 01:49
See update.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 01:39
phart I was wrong. He would never loose Secret Service Protection. The above article is inconsistent from this one. He has to be actually convicted of impeachment in the Senate and thereís a separate vote after that to determine if he can hold public office again to lose those perks but he would not lose his Secret Service detail.
If he is impeached by the house on the 13th he will not lose any benefits according to this article and something I saw on the news tonight as well.

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By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 23:57
This is a message from the joint Chiefs on us Capitol riot.
January 12, 2021.

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"On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief."

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 22:10
It wonít be. Itís a presidential pardon.

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 19:26
That doesn't answer my question.

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I have no sympathy for any of those terrorists. That 'poor woman standing there' was part of a riot trying to kill the vice president amongst others, "Hang Mike Pence!". The reason she was shot was because the Capitol police were trying to protect the elected people of the Senate and the House from terrorists. The fact that she is a veteran is relevant only in that she should have been protecting America not destroying it in a riot.

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 17:58
Phart, are you saying that you hope the Trump pardons the terrorist who murdered a Capitol police officer with a fire extinguisher? Really?

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 13:56
I think it would be risky to plan on a self pardon for Trump. If he "pardons" himself and it ends up in court it may not stick. The US Supreme Court may say that a President can not pardon himself. If that happens all is lost.
As I've said before, the Mike Pence presidency is also risky. The scenario is that Trump resigns and Pence pardons him. What if Pence has political asperations and decides that pardoning Trump doesn't fit with that vision? Pence could refuse to pardon Trump and all is lost for Trump.
If Trump pardons the terrorists, Pence will never pardon Trump. He couldn't do that and hope for a future in politics.
The irony of Pence pardoning Trump after Trump pardons the terrorists who stormed the Capitol chanting "Hang Mike Pence!" will be lost on no one.
I see no path for Trump to save face (or his ass) on this.