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By kebmo at 15,Oct,19 02:36
Stuffing ✅
Devilled eggs ✅
Home made pies (pumpkin and apple) ✅

By kebmo at 15,Oct,19 02:27
I really feel bad for Rudy Giuliani. He really was America's Mayor after 9/11. He was a hero and showed great leadership during New York's and America's darkest hours.
I wish he had just ridden off into the sunset and never gotten involved with Trump.
I bet that Trump will throw Giuliani under the bus by Halloween.
What awaits him is unknown at this point but I doubt it will end pleasantly for Rudy. He will probably go down in history as an associate of Trump now. SAD.

By kebmo at 14,Oct,19 04:39
It was delicious! Turkey and all the trimmings. Pumpkin pie topped it all off. There were four generations of my family including my parents and their six great grand children. No religion, politics or drunken Uncles. A great night.

By kebmo at 14,Oct,19 04:20
I don't understand what you mean.

By kebmo at 14,Oct,19 04:07

By kebmo at 14,Oct,19 04:03
Wheather you are spicing food or having a heated argument remember one great rule. You can always add more but you can never take it away.


By kebmo at 13,Oct,19 15:12
TWM, just for the record, 10% of 200M is 20M and 10% of 300M is 30M.

Skittles, you are in no position to critique the grammar of others.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 05:39

End sarcasm.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 05:36
Admin, I just had a photo voted for and I did receive two points. 👍

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 05:18
Two weeks ago at my house. My profile recent pics shows the fun.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 03:52
I'm watching a show on the best pork meals in the US and this was #7 (I think) in the top ten countdown. I'd try it for sure!!
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One smoked dish elicited this comment: "It's like bacon and sausage got married and went on a honeymoon in my mouth."
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It's called "Man's Greatest Food: Pork"

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 03:21
Just two words. Bacon lasagna.
Now picture me doing a Homer Simpson drool.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 03:15
No. I read it in an article on CBC news referring to the upcoming Canadian election. I put it here because it refers to all politics...and measles vaccines..... and men walking on the moon...and the earth being flat or round...

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 01:29
Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 00:59
seven teen is also banned... seventeen WTF? Sixteen and eighteen are just fine thank you. Oh it's not banned any more. Wow, what progress.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 00:51
I didn't say I'm a betting man. As a matter of fact, gambllng was one of the vices that I didn't have to beat so I'll pass on the bet but I would be happy to offer a five pack of if I'm wrong.

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 00:32
Skittles: "Look back further Grandpa... it was Clinton and the Dems that fucked this in 2008 with this everyone can afford a house BS scheme.
They relaxed lending requirements to the point where a fast-food worker would get a mortgage for $500K. What could possibly go wrong?"

Skittles, who was president from January 20th 2001 - January 20th 2009?

By kebmo at 12,Oct,19 00:20
The fact that it was a FOX News poll is what caught my eye. Personally, I don't believe he will serve a second term because of impeachment or not being reelected.
Of course if I could predict the future I'd be into sports betting in Vegas.

By kebmo at 11,Oct,19 04:37
Admin, it's not working out like that. Scorps voted once for a photo of mine. My log says two but the math says one.

By kebmo at 11,Oct,19 00:01
I received one actual point but my point log says that I received two. Try it yourself Admin.
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Just to clarify, I didn't know how many points I had for the first vote but I did check the second one and I did receive only one point when Bella voted for my photo.

By kebmo at 10,Oct,19 19:53
Some FOX News Polls.

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By kebmo at 10,Oct,19 17:40
OK Rudy, get ready to see the underside of Donald's bus! It sure is getting crowded under there.

This is from FOX News.
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By kebmo at 10,Oct,19 01:39
dgraff, I'm not Russian but he was successful in making a full extraction from me.

By kebmo at 08,Oct,19 02:14
Phart, weather or not the US should be giving money to Ukraine is irrelevant. The issue is that it has been alleged that Trump told Ukraine's President Zelensky that Trump would hold back already promised money unless Zelensky investigated Joe Biden's actions. A constitutionally legal investigation is now under way to determine weather Trump's actions are an abuse of his authority.

By kebmo at 07,Oct,19 13:01
SrCums….really? Please not here.

By kebmo at 05,Oct,19 00:36
Bella, mutable is a real word and it means "able or likely to change". I've know that for about three minutes.
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By kebmo at 04,Oct,19 21:51
When you click on this page, read every "news" headline on the page. I don't think that this is a valid source of factual information.
Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true.

By kebmo at 04,Oct,19 04:44
Scorpio don't take it personally, he is rated as "Unfriendly". I wonder who all those women are though.

By kebmo at 04,Oct,19 02:38
Having the ability to mute.
"My ex wife talked so much! I wished she was mutable!"

By kebmo at 03,Oct,19 04:23
sinanff47, Canada never had slaves and American slaves escaped to Canada by the thousands and they were welcomed with open arms by total strangers via the Underground Railroad. only registered users can see external links
However the concept of blackface is insulting to many people of colour, mostly Americans, so I respect their feelings as long as they are sincere and not faked for personal gain. There's a lot of "Holier than thou" bullshit related to this story.
I don't think the average Canadian really gives a shit. I know I don't.

By kebmo at 02,Oct,19 21:55
In a list of China's 50 largest cities, the smallest one has over 1.5 million people.
The second and third largest cities have a combined population equal to that of Canada's.

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By kebmo at 02,Oct,19 16:43
Billy Beer! I remember that. I sure wouldn't recommend drinking it now though.

By kebmo at 02,Oct,19 01:04
Scorpio, I didn't say he was a great President; I neither know nor care. He's had 91 more years than that. He's done a lot of good things since then, especially his humanitarian work since leaving office.
Did you know that he has three Grammys? I didn't until today.

By kebmo at 01,Oct,19 21:21
Today is Jimmy Carter’s 95th Birthday. He’s the first US President to reach this milestone.
-PBS News
Happy Birthday to a great man!

By kebmo at 01,Oct,19 20:21
mr_blue, isn't that because Trump is under audit?
-End Sarcasm

For the record Trump is not obligated to release his tax returns. I'm pretty sure that he said he would at some time though.

By kebmo at 01,Oct,19 20:18
Phart, yes he did.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are presidents required to release their tax returns?
Presidents aren’t required by law to release their tax returns. Nevertheless, between 1974 and 2012, every president but Gerald Ford has made a voluntary release of the tax returns they filed while in office. Ford released no complete returns, but released 10 years of summary data including gross income, taxable income, major deductions, and taxes paid.

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By kebmo at 01,Oct,19 19:59
Phart, if their privacy (and job) is not protected then they might not report wrongdoing. This law is not a Trump thing it's a big picture government thing that most countries have in place.

Here's a hypothetical for you. If I was your boss in the military and I made a deal with Company X for tanks but they were going to give me $10,000 cash for every one our government bought (and you got nothing) wouldn't you want to report me to someone? If you reported me I would probably "downsize" your job and then you would be jobless and without the benefits, including health of course, that come with being employed with the government.
This law protects you from being fired or demoted.

By kebmo at 01,Oct,19 03:18
"The US Civil War killed more Americans than all other foreign wars combined".

-CBC News

By kebmo at 01,Oct,19 02:38
Phart, The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 was enacted to protect federal employees who disclose "Government illegality, waste, and corruption" from adverse consequences related to their employment. This act provides protection to whistleblowers that may receive demotions, pay cuts, or a replacement employee.

I think it's a great law. It was enacted by the 101st Congress under President George HW Bush in 1989. It covers a whole host of reasons that someone could, and should inform someone about what is happening at their place of work in the US Federal Government. Just have a glance at this Wikipedia article about what the basics are. Many countries, including Canada have their own version of these laws.

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By kebmo at 30,Sep,19 01:16
Scorpio, I was not aware that the whistleblower had made any public comments.

By kebmo at 30,Sep,19 01:04
I believe that he was born in Hawaii and that Trump was the one who made the "birther" scandal national . It's a known fact that Trump has always hated, yes personally hated Obama.
It is also a known fact that Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii. Some people choose not to believe that but trying to change their minds would be an exercise in futility.
Obama was President for eight years and now it's over yet Trump and his supporters continue to constantly talk about him and what he did while he was President. I wonder why that is, it's over.

By kebmo at 29,Sep,19 23:58
Scorpio, why would you question the credibility of the whistleblower?

By kebmo at 29,Sep,19 23:51
Scorpio, if Obama was born in Kenya why was he allowed to serve two terms as the US president? In order to be the US president you must be born in the US.

By kebmo at 29,Sep,19 14:26
You're talking about two different issues.
If the Biden complaint were validated that would be fine to investigate it but nobody has brought any proof of that to the table yet.
The Whistleblower complaint is valid that must, under US law, be investigated.

By kebmo at 29,Sep,19 13:38
Just the perception that Biden did something wrong in Ukraine is enough to cause his campaign harm. It's called a conspiracy theory and it is an effective tool to attempt to derail your opponent's campaign.

By kebmo at 28,Sep,19 02:08
You would probably be required to have curly hair to live there.

By kebmo at 27,Sep,19 02:50
No you can't and even concluded contests in the recent past that you've entered that photo will generate that message:

"You have already submitted this image in some other contest.

It's probably a good image and you are proud of it.

But it's boring for people to see same images in the contests over and over."

By kebmo at 27,Sep,19 02:39

By kebmo at 26,Sep,19 03:06
Never. Similar yes but not to the point where I thought it was mine. Mine is a one of a kind.

By kebmo at 22,Sep,19 17:35
In a double rainbow, a second arc is seen outside the primary arc, and has the order of its colours reversed, with red on the inner side of the arc. This is caused by the light being reflected twice on the inside of the droplet before leaving it.