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By kebmo at 07,Jul,20 05:38
Angel, I'm really freaked out over this version of "Don't bring me down"!! I'm an ELO fan to start with but this is a HOT remix! It's on my Facebook and I put a direct link on my phone! It's not on Spotify... yet. I've heard it five times today and my ears are ringing because I just listened to it with my headphones and the volume at 11. I LOVE IT!!

Thanks for sharing!!

By kebmo at 07,Jul,20 04:39
Maybe they’ll even build a wall!!

By kebmo at 07,Jul,20 02:15
Ten of the twelve hospitals in Rio Grande Valley are now FULL. This is the sign that the COVID situation is getting tragic. Hospital capacity is the real metric of how bad things are and in the US things are BAD.

There was supposed to be a meeting between the Presidents of the US and Mexico and Canada's Prime Minister on Wednesday. Prime Minister Trudeau bailed stating that he had other important things to do but in reality, he just doesn't want to go! If he went, he would have to spend two weeks in self quarantine when he gets home (because it's the law in Canada) and since there's really nothing to say in person that can't be said on the phone he's staying home. I'm sure there's a real fear of catching it from Trump too.

The Canada / US border, still closed to nonessential traffic because CANADA is keeping it closed. Americans are not welcome in Europe. Mexico is seriously thinking of shutting it's border with the US too because California, Arizona and Texas have amazing numbers of Covid cases.

Way to demonstrate your leadership skills Lying Donnie.

131,197 dead Americans.

By kebmo at 07,Jul,20 01:04
Huh? Just read it and try to understand the straight forward message.

By kebmo at 06,Jul,20 23:34
So true!!

By kebmo at 06,Jul,20 10:45
I LOVE that song!! The girls were easy on the eyes too! A good way to start my day. Off to work now. Thanks!

By kebmo at 05,Jul,20 00:15
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By kebmo at 05,Jul,20 00:08
There are still many communities within Canada that prohibit the sale or consumption of alcohol. These are usually Indigenous communities and the reason is usually because many of them have high unemployment rates and rampant alcohol abuse which of course leads to a whole myriad of crime related issues. They are referred to as dry communities and are usually in northern Canada.

By kebmo at 03,Jul,20 01:33
I've seen other members with views of 60k or so and always wondered how that happens. I suppose you could spend thousands upon thousands of points putting your photo on the banner for a long time but why? That's a rhetorical question.

By kebmo at 03,Jul,20 00:23
How does that happen?

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 23:57
Justin Trudeau is not the President of Canada.

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 23:56
To put it in perspective, on June 30th, the entire EU with a population of 446 million had FEWER new COVID-19 cases diagnosed than Arizona, population 7.3 million.
Trump is on record about ten times saying that "it's just going to go away" the latest of which is today on Fox. Over 50,000 cases in the US were diagnosed TODAY. In Canada there were 67 new cases diagnosed today. Before you start talking about the amount of testing being done know this; Canada's hospitals are all pretty well back to normal. They're not overflowing with COVID cases. The number of people in the hospitals is the real metric of how things are going.
Maybe, just maybe the grand poohbah is wrong. He is turning the US into a third world country one lie at a time.
He just doesn't care.

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 16:37
Scorps, I don't think anyone is trying to erase history. That's just not possible. What these people are trying to do, I think, is to stop celebrating the people who's bad outweighed their good.
Perhaps 100 years from now it will be unheard of to eat beef. Will they remove all signs of people who ate beef in 2020? Of course not. Lots of people owned slaves but some of those people tried hard to make sure that slavery remained legal and that those slaves were never freed.
Nobody wants to forget slavery or scrub it from history, it's just not possible and when I hear that, it insults my intelligence.
Because cycling is Lance Armstrong's only claim to fame I think every building named after him should be renamed and every statue should be removed.
As an aside, I was watching Tattoo Nightmares last night and a guy had a big Lance tattoo on his leg to be covered up!

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 15:17
I sure as hell wouldn't take it down dgraff!!

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 13:17
Maybe we should have made the name part of the free trade agreement. NAFTA 2.0 comes into effect today.

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 08:11
A lot of things have been cancelled but fireworks can be seen from far away so in my city, with a maximum outdoor gathering of 200, there are many small spots that can all see the fireworks. More of a serious downsizing as apposed to an outright cancelation. My restaurant is closed so it's still a day off all be it a rainy and cool one. I foresee a lazy day interspersed with naps for me.

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 07:33
Consider this: Lance Armstrong Public School. Should the school be renamed? Should his statues be taken down?

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 07:12
Thanks Mr. Head Barbarian!

By kebmo at 01,Jul,20 02:41
Happy Canada day! 153 years young!

By kebmo at 30,Jun,20 18:49
Travelers from Russia, Brazil, the US and India and other countries are not welcome in the EU for at least two more weeks because of COVID-19 safety concerns.

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By kebmo at 30,Jun,20 04:18
This is a President that has shown time and time again that he’s just making it swampier.

By kebmo at 28,Jun,20 01:22
Phart, in the province I live in, Alberta, Wendy's, McDonalds and Tim Horton's donuts are giving a four pack of medical masks to any customer that wants them. These are being supplied by the Alberta government. In my city of 100,000 there is ONE active Covid case as of today.

By kebmo at 28,Jun,20 01:05
Brown liquor is dangerous in large amounts dgraff.

By kebmo at 27,Jun,20 23:50
I cut my finger at work today. I think I'll send him a strongly worded letter.

By kebmo at 27,Jun,20 16:21
You had me at the sandwich tree.

By kebmo at 27,Jun,20 15:17
Will have you been watching Fox "news" again?

By kebmo at 27,Jun,20 01:57
Well he's still here so I guess someone's attempt failed but you know, he's got NAKED photos of himself on his profile!!! Just all out there for anyone to see!!

By kebmo at 27,Jun,20 00:01
Phart, the EU and Canada are pretty well back to business as usual with the exception of big stadium gatherings for sports and concerts and these countries are testing like crazy and the hospitals are pretty well back to normal and the case count and death count are plummeting.
In the US the case count is skyrocketing and the hospitals are filling up again so please understand that there is something that the EU and Canada are doing right and the US is not doing it right. Please don't argue that point because I know you know I'm right and don't insult me by saying that more testing means more cases. That latter point is true to a point but the hospitals in the US are filling up again and that could only mean one thing; the US is getting worse while the rest of the world (mostly) is getting a lot better.
The EU will probably ban flights from the US soon and the Canada/US border is STILL closed to nonessential traffic because CANADA wants it closed. We don't want Americans in our country because we've worked very hard to take care of this nightmare but the US has really fucked it up and everyone in the world knows it.

By kebmo at 26,Jun,20 13:05
Thank you for your valuable input SrCums. Your obviously informed and educated opinions are always an insight to us all.

By kebmo at 26,Jun,20 12:58
No hope for a vaccine Phart? You're just going to accept the "fact" that everyone will get it eventually and the strong (and people with access to the best health care) will survive and the old and poor will die?

By kebmo at 26,Jun,20 03:40
Cut federal funding for community COVID-19 testing sites on June 30th just as 29 states are showing a surge in hospitalization, not just confirmed cases but more people in the hospital and worse, in the ICU.
What an excellent idea donny!! You’re so SMRT. Maybe the SMRTest president IN HISTORY!!!! End Canadian Sarcasm.

The border between Canada and the US is still closed to nonessential traffic because Canada doesn't want Americans to come here and spoil all of the hard work we've done to get Covid under control in Canada. We've worked hard to succeed. Any day now the EU will ban Americans from flying there because they will respread Covid there.
COVID-19 is getting WORSE in the US and your president doesn't give a fucking shit about it and you as Americans allow him to let your countrymen die by the thousands.
Every country except Brazil is getting better and fewer people are dying yet America has politicized the mask that can save your family's lives. Covid is not Democrat or Republican, it's not Canadian or American, it's not black or white, gay or straight and it doesn't speak English or Spanish . It kills everyone and when the simple mask is worn fewer people die. That's a fact.
Another fact is that the 25-40 age group is the fastest growing group of cases because they think that it's all over! Fortunately, they have a higher survival rate because they're younger.

By kebmo at 25,Jun,20 17:10
So SrCums did you just say that the number of deaths is going way down? Are people coming back to life? I didn't see that on any Canadian news, perhaps it was on Fox News. That's really amazing. I suppose Donald Trump himself is brining people back to life. Perhaps it's a new medication that he's flogging now that actually brings dead people back to life because that's the ONLY way that the "number of deaths" could be going down isn't it?
That's great news!!

By kebmo at 24,Jun,20 14:24
dgraff, just to clarify the duvet is the blanket (usually down filled) inside. The duvet cover is the outside protector which is indeed like a pillow case and the most wonderfullest thing. The duvet can't usually be washed in the washer so the duvet cover protects it and you wash the cover.
Mine is goose down and I did have it dry cleaned once.

By kebmo at 24,Jun,20 05:20
It was more fun to do naked too! Just a bonus.

By kebmo at 24,Jun,20 04:33
It took us five minutes!
--------------------------------------- added after 39 seconds

..,and it’s done properly!!

By kebmo at 24,Jun,20 04:05
This is a great, easy way to put on a duvet cover. It's easier with two people but can be done with one person. My friend Brad and I did it today after my cover came out of the dryer.
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By kebmo at 23,Jun,20 13:45
Scorps, since you mentioned it, every single one of the people I've seen causing a scene about this whole thing on ANY news source have been white. 50-70 year old entitled white asshole men.

By kebmo at 23,Jun,20 03:23
Brad Parscale is Trump's campaign manager. I predict unemployment is in his near future because its HIS fault that the whole campaign got fooled by a bunch of teens and hardly anyone showed up in Tulsa.
--------------------------------------- added after 48 minutes

"We've never had an empty seat and we certainly won't in Oklahoma."
-Donald Trump, June 15th

About 6,200 people showed up in a venue that holds 19,000 according to the Tulsa Fire Department.

By kebmo at 23,Jun,20 02:10
Yes Scorps, you're absolutely right. Everything you said is true. I'm sorry. For someone who doesn't care what I say, that's quite a loooooooooooooooong reply.

By kebmo at 23,Jun,20 01:40
People should understand that if any retail outlet says that you have to wear blue or green shorts in order to be served, they can. Retail outlets are private property and customers must adhere to the rules set out by the retailer.
As long as it's not discriminatory the retailer sets the rules. For instance you can't make a purchase at Costco (with the exception of prescriptions which might be a Canadian thing) without being a member.
There was the story about the baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple and it ended up in the Supreme Court in the US. The baker won based on the fact that it was against his religion to do so.
I live in a city of 100,000 and we have had 35 cases since the beginning, 34 of whom have recovered and one is active now. Nowhere is it required for me to wear a mask. They are the exception, not the rule. For that I feel very lucky.

By kebmo at 22,Jun,20 23:27
If it’s pro Democrat it’s fake news. No discussion, no exceptions. Right Love2show2?
--------------------------------------- added after 34 minutes

"Donald Trump is not done one thing wrong against our constitution he wants to keep all rights for freedom of
speech …"

Unless you're "Fake news" aka CNN, NYT, CNBC, WSJ or anyone else that disagrees with his (and of course your) point of view. He encourages his followers to disrespect the free press.

If he (and you and SrCums) don't have a reasonable retort to a point your first comment is "Fake News". The next time you think that "Fake News" is a reasonable retort, try to think of something intelligent to say instead. I really, really dislike that weak response.

By kebmo at 22,Jun,20 20:09
I thought that it was the biggest rally in HISTORY.

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 22:29
I have no point and no conclusion. I'm going to bed.

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 16:36
Donald Trump has a lot to do with me. For instance the Canada-US border is closed because of the inactions of Donald Trump. Are you aware of the reason the border is closed? Probably not. His actions have direct effects on the Canadian economy but of course you didn't know that either. The US is Canada's largest trading partner and Canada is the US's largest trading partner, but you didn't know that either did you? Most of the TV and movies that Canadians watch is produced in the US. Donald Trump is on Canadian news every night but of course you wouldn't know that either because you've never seen a Canadian news cast have you?

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 15:42
I’m the one manipulating you so who’s the dumb one here SrCums? 🤣🤣🤣

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 12:01
Rule #1:

If Trump doesn't like it, it's fake. He doesn't have ex-wives, he has fake wives.

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 11:18
I saw that on the REAL CANADIAN NEWS last night. The brilliant Donald Trump taken on by a bunch of kids. I actually laughed out loud!
Someone’s head is going to roll for that one!
SrCums did you laugh at that too?

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 11:13
Do you mean FAKE FOX “NEWS”?

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 03:47
Susan Rice as Joe Biden’s VP? That sounds VERY doable. 👍

By kebmo at 21,Jun,20 01:28
I just saw on the news that RVs and trailers are selling like crazy in North America because of Covid. People can't fly anywhere so they're buying these things for their family's summer vacation.

If you have an RV or trailer that you were thinking of selling, now's the time!