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By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 15:25
Rocksalt, I live in Alberta, Canada and I'm a chef right in oil country so we were hurting before this shit and of course this only amplifies it tenfold. It's only coincidental that Saudi Arabia got into a price war with Russia over the price of oil at this time then of course demand as dropped like a rock because nobody is going anywhere. Lots of people in my family rely on the oil industry and have for years. I feel your pain.

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 09:19
Conversely, I don't know why guys with smoking hot cocks DON"T show their faces if they're just showing off their cocks. They should be proud of their beautiful cocks and want everyone to know who the owner is!

Hmmm does a guy really own his cock or does his cock own him?
-Deep Thoughts by Kebmo

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 08:29
Today is day six of quarantine for me, not because I'm in a high risk group but because I've become indefinitely unemployed and it's the right thing to do. I live alone with no pets and have always loved my couch time and I'm OK with my own company. I'm not lonely because I am in contact with my family and talk to my best friend Judy for an hour or two every day. Judy knows that I like to jerk off when we're on the phone because sometimes she goes on and on about something and I like to jerk off when she does. She knows I do it and tolerates it.
I have lots of food and toilet paper for when my body is done with the food.
Being a chef I've always had good hygiene habits (bordering on the side of OCD) and the last time I was sick was about 17 years ago so I feel that my immune system is pretty strong.
My parents are in their mid 70's and my Dad is a smoker so I have concerns about them but I know they know HOW to have good habits because they've had the (dis)pleasure of listening to me tell them about how important it is to wash their hands properly and not rub their eyes with their fingertips (my Dad had that filthy habit).
All in all I'm in good shape and well prepared to hunker down for over a month but as you mentioned 2nice, no sex except jerking off while Judy tells me a long story and I take care of things myself. Of course, like many of us, I'm spending a LOT more time looking at screens.

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 07:56
Well, how is it? I hope you're enjoying looking and showing off your nice cock.

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 02:31
Phart, if that would work wouldn't they do it for HIV and other diseases of the blood?

By kebmo at 01,Apr,20 02:26
Trevor Noah said tonight that NY Governor Cuomo's approval rate is a lot higher recently because of his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Trevor agreed and referred to himself as a Cuomosexual.

By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 14:26
This is not a discussion about Puerto Rico. I'm right and you're wrong and that's how you deal with it. Diversion. I wonder where you learned that tactic. Oh yeah, from Trump.

By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 11:25
I found it and posted this. /forum/thread.php?id=26116

By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 11:04
I didnít say that he said that things were going to be back open by Easter. Read what I said again. He did say that he hoped that the churches would be full of parishioners for Easter though didnít he? Yes he did.

He did talk at length about his TV ratings as his fellow countrymen lie dying though didnít he?

There are TWO questions for you there.

Oh, and this was on the holy grail of news sources, Fox News: only registered users can see external links

By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 02:08
Here's what happens when an adult runs the country.

"Why Canada's response to COVID-19 is so different from that of the U.S."

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By kebmo at 31,Mar,20 01:27
Well overeight, you can cancel your plans to be in a church full of fellow whatevers for Easter. I'm so surprised that Trump said something then had to walk it back because what he said was so outrageously stupid and he had to be told by someone with a fucking brain that it's not going to happen even though most of us knew that about a nanosecond after it came out of his shit spewing mouth.

But his ratings are great and at this time in history that's what's really important for him to be talking about isn't it? Well, that and the fact that nurses and doctors are slipping PPE out the back doors of hospitals after their 16 hour shift of taking care of people that are dying by the dozens and being stored in refrigerator trucks because the morgues are full.

By kebmo at 30,Mar,20 22:18
From Phart:

A unofficial research study has concluded that a woman can be satisfied by only 3.25 inches. Yep,you read that right, 3.25 inches.
Don't beleive me, measure your credit cards length before you hand it to her.

By kebmo at 30,Mar,20 21:47
Something like Obamacare? Oh the irony.

By kebmo at 30,Mar,20 20:47
If an American worker has health care benefits from work then they get laid off does that cancel their benefits too?

By kebmo at 30,Mar,20 14:41
Covid and Corona will be popular names for them!

By kebmo at 30,Mar,20 14:37
In Alberta, Canada they're all privatized and there's a liquor store pretty well within staggering distance of anywhere in any city and they're still open. I don't know if all are but there is no provincially mandated shutdown. I think that in the big scheme of things it's beneficial for maintaining social distancing so that if people really want or need to drink they won't visit their friends. Hopefully.
Of course I'm sure everyone knows of how the last time prohibition worked out in the US. If there's a buck to be made someone will go for it and if that means a 2020 version of the speakeasy it would happen which would be unbeneficial for social distancing.

By kebmo at 30,Mar,20 03:18
I predict a baby boom in January, February and March of 2021. C-19 babies.

By kebmo at 29,Mar,20 01:05
Although they wouldn't be on par with the sites you mentioned here, I have some blog stories about me and my cock sucking friends.

Warning: May cause

By kebmo at 29,Mar,20 00:56
This article was written by a journalist at the Ottawa Sun newspaper on about March 24th about how Canada and the US are handling the COVID-19 virus differently.

A million Canadians came home from around the world in a week because they know that when shit hits the fan, there's no safer place than Canada to be.

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By kebmo at 29,Mar,20 00:06
If they all get a bonus broken leg they won't be doing it to anyone else.

By kebmo at 28,Mar,20 05:51
Yes he is. Anything he says is... how you say.... bull shit.

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 19:18
Did you hear that Donald Trump sleeps with his daughter? Well I can't remember where I saw it but he does. There, you read it on the internet so it must be true*.

*Not true, just an example of how bull shit is spread by stupid people.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

Not true that I know of but everyone knows he would if he could.

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 19:09
Yeah, I call bull shit on your "facts". If you think I'm going to search a "News" site that I have never heard of to find your outrageous story when I can copy / paste ten reliable news sources that state she was at work yesterday, you've got another thing coming.

The bill has to pass the house and the senate. It passed the Senate early Thursday morning and the house today then it went to trump's office for a signature.

I'm sure you love CNN but here's a story from a valid news source for you to read then you can even fact check it all night but I'm not going to flog a dead horse here with you any longer. It got passed really quickly and that's a great thing. Canada did the same thing on a smaller scale. I already received my direct deposit funds.

Your statement that she took yesterday off for her birthday is bull shit because she was at work yesterday planning for today's vote.

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By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 16:22
Tell me more about her taking her birthday off and holding up the bill because she did. Did you read this somewhere? Just add a link from a reputable news source, I'd like to read it.

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 16:19
So you're just going to throw that out there with no NEWS link to back up your "facts"?
How Trumpian of you. Just say whatever you like with no source of your "facts".

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 15:11
Alternative facts?

By kebmo at 27,Mar,20 14:43
What are you talking about? Add a link of NEWS and I'll read it. She was at work yesterday and the bill was passed.
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

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By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 10:11
It will thank you. You won't get a card but it will be happy.

By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 09:14
Why do you think that I or anyone would want bad things to happen? I have family and friends and I care about their well being very much.
My point is that he said that he wants the churches full for Easter Sunday when he and everyone else knows that that is just not true. It won't happen.
If I got on a plane and didn't like the pilot I would still hope for a successful flight and a smooth landing.

By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 08:48
Dgraff, can't you go to another state to get your fix?

By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 08:08
This is a story from a Canadian magazine, MacLean's, that was obviously written by a Liberal but my take away was that a million Canadians came home from around the world LAST WEEK because no matter how warm and sunny it was there, they know that when shit hits the fan they think that Canada is the best place in the world to be. It's a bit lengthy but I know you have the time.

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By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 04:58
Dgraff, our liquor stores are still open in Alberta but I haven't purchased any liquor in eight years, eight months, one week and five days. But who's counting?

By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 02:55
Who wants to bet that Donald Trump will NOT be in a packed church on Easter Sunday?

By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 02:53
Phart, cabin fever will set in for sure. There are a lot of men, women and children who saw work and school as solace from abusive men and women.
The province of Alberta, Canada is offering a one time payment of $1400 for people holed up at home with no other income until the Canadian government's very relaxed employment insurance kicks in on April 01.
My niece applied for this $1400 and two hours later she received an e-transfer from the Alberta government.
The restaurant I work in closed it's doors today for an indefinite amount of time but I'll be OK and I'm entitled to employment insurance.
I am looking forward to a few days on the couch though!!

By kebmo at 26,Mar,20 02:37
All those fuckers who are now going to go home to where ever that is and poison their communities and families because the businesses wanted to make some money from their spring break in Florida visit. I shake my head at that shit.
I'm sure that as long as you guys are alone nobody is going to bother you for taking a walk on the beach or fishing (for your dinner). It's the big groups that are fucking it all up.

By kebmo at 24,Mar,20 15:40
So now you can loaf around in your loafers with a loaf of bread?

By kebmo at 22,Mar,20 06:42
Got some time to kill? You do? Are you a Stephen King fan? You are? Remember The Stand? You do?
It was made into a six hour mini series in 1994 and the whole thing is in one movie on YouTube. This is it. Of course you don't have to commit six hours in one sitting... but you just might end up doing that. I watched it over two days. Enjoy!!!

Mother Abbigail awaits you!

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By kebmo at 22,Mar,20 06:36
Invest in disposable diaper, stroller and car seat companies, for that matter, all things baby, I can assure you that in about nine months they are going to be in great demand!

By kebmo at 21,Mar,20 06:03
Do you mind? I have this curve.... /blogs/31791.html

By kebmo at 18,Mar,20 13:45
Every ding, dang time? Bella, please watch your manners. Is it an Apple or other? My Apple wouldn't charge yesterday but it was fine last night. It got down to 1% charge.

By kebmo at 18,Mar,20 00:50
I have a gallery FULL of them! Warning: May cause

By kebmo at 17,Mar,20 01:21
I'll try a far fetched guess. If you wear dry cleaned pants to work and switch to jeans it would alleviate the necessity of having another human to human contact. Jeans can be washed at home.

By kebmo at 14,Mar,20 05:12
Nice photo!

By kebmo at 11,Mar,20 05:00
Donít panic AM!!!

By kebmo at 10,Mar,20 05:08
Read this about formaldehyde. There's a lot of it in our homes.

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By kebmo at 10,Mar,20 02:03
Why are people buying toilet paper?

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By kebmo at 10,Mar,20 01:54
Watch for terms "assembled in..." and "packaged in...", they're purposely deceiving.

By kebmo at 10,Mar,20 01:33
I've got a nice, curved, HARD cock pic for you to enjoy!

By kebmo at 10,Mar,20 01:31
Always and only.

By kebmo at 09,Mar,20 13:53
It washes out.