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any of your co-workers stand back and show their cock at the urinals at work ?

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Started by #296237 at 25,Nov,12 11:04
any of your co-workers stand back and show their cock at the urinals at work ? Or don't hide it ? Big cocks ?

Please Pvt to chat about it... share experiences etc... thanks

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By Ramil1 at 21,Aug,17 18:41 other posts of Ramil1 
during management meetings. When I started at my last company the "financial director" would follow me to the gents during a break in the meeting. With about ten piss bowls open, he d get next to me in and stand as close as he could. It seemed as if I could feel him trying to look and see my penis.

It actually seemed uncomfortable. Although I don t mind showing it to anyone at all, things just felt a bit unusual. I tried to sneak a look at what he had. He was at least 15-20 years older than me ,and I was curious to see also , after all his years of wanking. What it looked like! But I just couldn't t ever see anything. After about four meetings like this, I decided to get a bit more privacy and go in a cubicle. Weird. I ve never felt like this before, at a urinal.

By Scottbill69 at 20,Aug,17 08:20 other posts of Scottbill69 
Yes , I'm a gay gay and so always open to show or look . We had a younger guy start with us in the office about a year ago , on the first week happened to be stood at urinal when he came in and whipped out his cock , he stood next to me even although there was a couple of spare areas and just took his hand off to reveal what is a nice sized cock . I obviously let him get a view of mine . One Saturday when we were in doing some routine maintenance on computers , he asked if he could wank me off and so we did mutual jerk and some oral , finally shooting big loads for each other . There are a couple of other guys on the tele sales area that openly show cock in the urinals , but no further than stand for a while after finishing piss to let me see their cock .

By #535417 at 20,Aug,17 07:46
Yes yes i work for a plumbing company and this Latin guy work with named Jose with talk about his dick one Saturday we work together on a job on one esles was working we where installing toitlet and urinals and. he was talk his dick i was all ready on my knees tigth down a bolt i look up he was standing there with his dick out he asked if i liked is dick I said yes it was the biggest i ever seen 10 in he told me to open my mouth i he shoved his dick down my throat and make me gag on his dick for about 30 min and shoot his cum in my mouth and I swallow it and let piss in my mouth and I swallow it

By #112020 at 19,May,13 03:40
No but had a co worker aked me if I wanted take a hit off of it before he put it away. He was standing at the urnall.

By shrimp961 at 18,May,13 18:07 other posts of shrimp961 
Yes my co worker steps back to show off his nice big head cock and I do the same all for show though he just likes to show it off

By diamund at 25,Nov,12 12:17 other posts of diamund 
nope just me

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